Dear Faithful Donor,

You listened to the dream. 
You planted a seed.    
And now look at how it has grown. 
     Ten years ago, Abukloi Secondary School was a distant dream of the Rumbek community in Sudan. War-torn and tired, there were virtually no roads and a lot of damaged buildings. There were no adequate hospitals, a handful of elementary schools, and even fewer secondary schools. 
Yet, people had so much hope
     People like Angelo Maker, a Lost Boy refugee who returned to Sudan in 2009 to build something positive in a land that took his mother, his siblings, and his childhood. It was not a natural disaster:  This disaster was all man-made. And Angelo and his community knew that it would take all the people coming together to repair the damage. 
     What would be the foundation of a nation trying to rebuild itself? Quality education. And so, we began the arduous task of raising funds to construct a school. A task we knew would take years to accomplish.
But God had other plans. 

    School buildings not in use were given to us. It was an answer to our prayers. But a building is not a school without teachers, students, and supplies.
That’s when you answered our prayers. 

    You understand the need. You know that educating a community inspires creativity and leads to peace. You know that educating a country benefits the entire world. You believe in South Sudan. 
You believe in students like Kano Laat Maguet. 
Kano is 17 years old and beginning her secondary studies. She has family in another village but lives with a friend in Rumbek to have access to the best education which she feels is at Abukloi. Before beginning the two-hour walk to school, she walks to the borehole thirty minutes away to get water for the day.  There is never any breakfast. Her only meal is soup she will prepare late at night.  Kano makes good grades and her favorite subject is chemistry.  She would like to be a pilot.  She is grateful for the education she receives at Abukloi and sends her thanks to you for giving her hope.
A few years ago Kano’s dream would have been unimaginable. But your gifts to Abukloi School are making dreams like this possible.
Give Hope
     Your gifts made it possible for volunteers Rev. Marg Kutz and Bev Nelan to go to Rumbek and start classes for students before we even had teachers or a building. 
     Your gifts
allowed us to turn empty buildings into fully stocked classrooms waiting for eager students. 

    Your gifts provided the income to hire first 4, then 6, then 14, then 18, then 22 teachers who have made Abukloi one of the best secondary schools in Lakes State. 

    Your gifts have given over 700 students access to quality education and opened their hearts and minds to dream about a future that was once impossible.  

    Your gifts are the roots of a free and prosperous South Sudan.
     And because of your generosity, we keep growing.

     In 2019 alone you added solar power to our classrooms that had no access to electricity. You built a kitchen to prepare for a future daily meal program. You are building a solar-powered water tower to support that meal program and create a healthier environment for our students and staff. You created a transportation system to help teachers avoid the long journey to school early in the morning and late at night. And you provided 8 students with small business loans so they can help build the local economy and employ community members. 
     Abukloi’s roots are growing deep thanks to the nurturing care you give. We are so excited about the future and so is the community. This year, our enrollment grew from 350 to 575. Clearly, people believe in the power of education to create a bright future. 
Your continued investment in Abukloi will have a huge impact.
    Investing in our teachers will expand their capacity to extend and deepen the curriculum making it relevant to the unique needs of our students.

    Investing in a meal program will give students who subsist on only one meal a day the nutrition required to thrive and succeed academically and socially.

    Investing in a science lab will impact the entire community by bringing to Rumbek resources and knowledge currently not available. 
    Investing in new classrooms will give our teachers the space they need to maintain reasonable class sizes as the demand for larger enrollment increases. 
    We know you want to invest in tangible benefits. We also know you have many opportunities to donate to other charities. By investing in Abukloi Secondary School you can be assured every dollar you give is going directly to the school in South Sudan. 

Your school in South Sudan.
Obviously, we can’t meet all the needs of an entire country. But look how much your gifts have had a positive impact on hundreds of people who a few years ago had nothing to count on. Like seeds buried in the ground, they were full of potential but the soil was barren. You are providing the nourishment needed to empower them to grow into their full promise.

These students want to take responsibility for making South Sudan a great nation. David Modol wants to be a teacher at Abukloi. Samuel Mayen wants to bring light to South Sudan as an engineer. Sidonia dreams of being a doctor. Regina Mayom wants to be governor. 
You can help make these dreams a reality.

By the time you read this letter, Abukloi will have celebrated the graduation of 92 students. Your spirit was right there celebrating with them. 

With Deepest Gratitude,
          The Abukloi Team
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