Creating an Economy

Encouraging Entrepreneurs
South Sudan's almost singular focus on developing an oil industry has created an anemic economy. Limited transportation infrastructure makes importing essential goods from other countries difficult and expensive. Entire regions of the country have little access to products needed for everyday life, including food, medical and education supplies, fuel and clean water. 

At Abukloi School, students are encouraged to look at the problems facing Rumbek and consider ways to tangibly address the issues. Using skills they learned in the classroom and creative ideas generated in group discussions, they submit business plans for products and services that address local needs.
So far, students have submitted 11 business plans for ideas to improve quality of life and provide needed services and products. Over the next few months they will vet each others work, conduct feasibility studies, and fine tune their ideas to create proposals that can result in real operating businesses.

Compounding Success

Business incubation produces more than a single product or service. Each business created:
  • Teaches skills transferable to the creation of any new company
  • Employs people, generating income which creates new consumers
  • Creates and supports complementary businesses that support new jobs and industries in areas such as construction, transportation, IT, vocational instruction, and more.
Abukloi's Small Business Initiatives are literally creating an economy where subsistence living is difficult, giving hope and purpose to hundreds of families.

Self Reliance

All of these efforts lead to the ultimate goal of economic independence and self reliance.

These businesses, run by students, will give them the income to support their school, become productive members of society, employ others, and become strong leaders within their community. 

You Can Help

Your donation to Abukoi Inc. will enable these businesses to grow through the start-up phase and reach a point of profitability and sustainability. By helping these companies get established, your gift will grow exponentially by creating local revenue streams for Abukloi School from it's students and surrounding community

Please consider donating today. 

And if you can, a monthly gift of $35 or more will help us budget more effectively and give us the confidence to enhance our already excellent academic programs. 

Thank you for your support in creating a new generation of peaceful leaders in South Sudan and for sharing our work with friends and family.

The Abukloi Board

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