TORONTO, August 3, 2013
Five whistleblowers speak out against Barrick, court documents reveal

Court documents filed by Labaton Sucharow LLP on August 2, 2013 related to a class action lawsuit on behalf of shareholders of Barrick Gold reveal the testimonies of five former Barrick employees. These confidential witnesses confirm that Barrick top management knew that construction at the Pascua Lama Project was contaminating nearby water sources and breaching environmental conditions that led to the suspension of the project. These witnesses also testify that at a time when the company was estimating that the Project's cost would be between $2.8 and $3 billion, Barrick already had in its possession an engineering report estimating costs for the Project at nearly twice that figure.

The law firm alleges that Barrick made false and misleading statements, and concealed material information relating to the cost and time-to-production projections of the Pascua Lama project, causing the shares of the company to trade at artificially high rates.

See the witness testimonies, compiled here.

Download the entire document here.

ACTION! ProtestBarrick will engage in street theatre this Monday, August 5, to bring attention to this newest revelation in the class action lawsuit against Barrick Gold and encourage investors to participate in the action.

Earlier this week, ProtestBarrick sent out an e-mail action alert to teachers and retired teachers in Ontario, asking them to contact their pension fund, the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan (OTPP), and ask them to join the class action against Barrick. The OTPP lost approximately $100 million due to their investments in Barrick Gold during the time period that qualifies for the class action.

Contact: Sakura Saunders, editor. 647-606-7468,

Barrick Street Theatre



Corporate Knights responds to criticism, concludes that ProtestBarrick is "exactly right"

In response to an editorial written by ProtestBarrick co-editor Sakura Saunders, Corporate Knights has admitted that their "corporate citizen" rating system has "important omissions, most notably human rights performance and major environmental or community transgressions."

In a letter to Now Magazine, the self-styled "clean capitalism" outfit admits that it is "oblivious to Barrick’s controversial human rights record."

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New Report! "Debunking Barrick"

As Protest Barrick completes its sixth year of working with communities impacted by Barrick Gold, we are publishing a different kind of alternative annual report. We have noticed over the years that despite some of Barrick`s major abuses coming into light, the company has been able to maintain – within select circles – a reputation for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Meanwhile, around the world, Barrick’s name is still associated with corruption, abuse and environmental harms.

This report intends to explain this disconnect. With information provided for us by front-line communities, we will attempt to reconcile their truth with Barrick’s lies.

Luckily, throughout the years, Barrick has been caught misrepresenting themselves, hiding information, and engaging in cover-ups and acts of intimidation to hide their human rights and environmental abuses. This behaviour has improved Barrick’s image with the CSR industry as much as it has emboldened movements against Barrick’s corruption in the countries in which they operate.
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