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By Friday afternoon I was mentally exhausted and running on not enough sleep. I closed my computer, drank some water, and took a walk down our gravel road and back. The chill in the earlier air out hunting in the shadows for the moment.  The sun speckled through the trees like a trout. I let the quiet sink in and bleed to my edges and push out the static. I came back to the porch, gathered my things to move out to the yard to work. Change of scenery, let the dogs find a new sunbeam, watch the wrens explore the hurricane-felled shed in the pasture. I sat out under the pecan trees next to a deep rut, drawn long across the green like a worry line, from the machine that took down one of their brethren.

After a stretch of time of moseying dogs and minimal work, but feeling a stillness that was needed, I quickly became un-still. The small scruffy one, Mavis, suddenly had hurricane fence between her and I, and nothing between her and the cows. And their shit. 

Sometimes we get distracted. Because the grass is greener. Or the shit is fresher. But eventually we’ll be splashed back to reality by the bathtub. Washed clean of the spontaneity that propelled us, quick as the calling of our name in the distance, under the fence in a celebratory army crawl.

But then there’s a fluffy towel held by hands that hold everything together, and a renewed energy from a feeling we’d forgotten. And we tear around the house, full of hope and dopamine, as if daring the dark to catch back up to us.

This is not a drill. Distanced in-person show SAT 11/14 in Houston!
We miss you all, so much.
If you’re in the Houston area, we’re going to be there too this Saturday, for our first in-person show since March. We’d love to see you, from afar, if you’re comfortable attending a very limited attendance, socially distanced concert.

Rusty and the crew at The Mucky Duck have been taking every precaution from the start, and have found a way to continue the music and keep their staff working, while keeping everyone as safe as possible.

The show will also be live-streamed to the Duck's Facebook & Youtube pages if you are not comfortable attending in person or if you aren’t in the area. 

Tickets are sold as tables of 4 so that families/groups already in contact with each other can sit together. There will be a maximum of 4 tables sold, which will be spread out, and masks are required to enter. 
Get limited Mucky Duck tickets here
// Music & Merch //

After releasing our new single on 10/30, we decided to channel some anxious energy into something shareable. New video here 

Our new single 
"Let Me Tell You What I Think"

is available everywhere now ❤️ 

Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, or iTunes here
Listen on Bandcamp here
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We've expanded our web store!

In addition to our CDs and poetry books, you can now order T-shirts, tote bags, and personalized handwritten lyrics or poetry.

OE Unedited
This is the section where we share an unedited journal entry or object write. 
(Object writing is a daily 10 minute writing exercise, where you write to a particular object in a sensory stream of consciousness kind of way. You can read more about it here.)
Object write topic: candle

flicker in the dark, throwing light against the walls like paint
flicker in the dark, throwing shadows on my face
it dances yellow and warm
like a kid bouncing through their days
an eye for truth and a heart for hope
beyond what we can remember
most times

wax is pooling like water around a burning wick
blackened and singed
but hanging on and giving life to the tiny flame
giving it a place to rest its light

heat rises and turns to smoke and disappears
like fear leaving a fighter
who is finding freedom on their own

Specific links to register are below, but can also be found at our website here.

This Saturday 11/14 @ 7pm CST
(will also be live-streamed)
 Mucky Duck - Houston, TX
Tickets for in-person show here
Watch stream on the Duck's Facebook or YouTube

11/20 Zoom - Austin Empty Bowl Project - Austin, TX
5:00 PM CENTRAL - Tickets for Zoom link
All proceeds go to help feed Austin families.
Thrilled to share this night with Betty Soo, Terri Hendrix & Lloyd Maines, Jeff Plankenhorn, Carolyn Wonderland & Shelley King, Susan Gibson, Jaimee Harris, and Bonnie Whitmore.

11/27 Crowdcast - Time Out Duo Show
7:00PM EASTERN - Register for event here
Word on the street is we'll be sharing the night with
The Accidentals, Freddy & Francine, and Lily & Madeline
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See you down the road,
Crystal & Pete (who is shaking his head at his computer, but sends his love)
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