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South Louisiana sunset at Lake Martin. 
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Our living room is a lumberyard again. A sign that we've been home for a bit, and back at building physical things alongside those that live in the ether. 

I love how the weight of a project distributes itself into balance when the right people are involved, and when there is trust. There is coming together and then working separately and then together again. There is building and then breaking down and then putting back together. 

With the van it's been hours of planning and drawing and erasing side by side, then figuring out what parts of the process we each contribute to best so we can go do that, and then put all the pieces in place, side by side again. A dance of jigsaws and drills and sandpaper and paintbrushes to create cabinets and cubbies, craft instrument storage, and install a heater so we won't freeze in New Mexico next month.

With the music (here's the little bit of big news!) it's been widening our circle to create permanent versions of what's been floating from our mouths and hands. 

There will be a new album. 

And there will be a whole other component to this project that feels both parallel and intersecting and is very new to us, but also feels right and exciting. 

We don't know much about the details of a timeline, just that there were songs asking to be a collection, and that the right people are willing to create something with us. And we trust them. And the weight is working itself into balance right now. 

So stay tuned. We can't wait to share more as things fall into place. Patreon will be the place where we'll share things first, and in the most detail, if that's something you're interested in. It's also where we share weekly poetry (every Wednesday) and new songs as they find us, in their first iterations (we've got one that will be posted later today).

And lastly, we'd love to see your faces if you'll be along our route. We've got a couple of Louisiana shows near home with our dear friends Clay Parker & Jodi James this coming weekend, and then after Folk Alliance International, we'll be hitting the road to TX, NM, and CA. Tour dates and details below!

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Latest public video 
"Relic of the Rain" is over on A Song Catcher's YouTube page.
This is a still shot from the video a new song we'll be posting over at our Patreon later today.

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Dogs and the swamp.
OE Unedited
This is the section where we share an unedited journal entry or object write. 
(Object writing is a daily 10 minute writing exercise, where you write to a particular object in a sensory stream of consciousness kind of way. You can read more about it here.)

unknowing but not stupid
smarter than all of us
with our to-do lists and schedules
and goals

children don't have the time
to bother with these things
but we're the ones
actually running out of time

I sit in a humming house
clean from anxious work
to declutter the space
for a too-cluttered brain

to give it even the smallest of chances
to think like a child
which is maybe to not think at all
but to just do and be and laugh and smile

a small dog is melted into my hip
in the crook of this brown couch
trust sleeping heavy in her head
eyes dreaming of exactly where she is

dogs and kids

our best teachers
if we let them be
they only know
how to be themselves
***Details/advanced tickets links for all events below can be found here.***

1/27 St. Francisville, LA - Temple Sinai w/ Clay Parker & Jodi James

1/28 Opelousas, LA - The Whirlybird w/ Clay Parker & Jodi James

2/1 - 2/5 - Kansas City, MO - Folk Alliance International (Official Showcase 2/2)

2/10 Houston, TX - Burlinghall House Concerts

2/11 Ft. Worth, TX - Southside Preservation Hall

2/12 Norman, OK - The Depot

2/16 Pampa, TX - Woody Guthrie Folk Center

2/17 Corrales, NM - Old San Ysidro Church

2/18 Santa Fe, NM - Tumbleroot Brewing

2/19 Las Cruces, NM - Cruces Creatives

2/24 San Diego, CA - San Diego Folk Heritage

2/25 Santa Monica, CA - McCabe's

3/1 TBA

3/2 San Francisco, CA - The Lost Church w/ Kacie Hill

3/3 Chico, CA - Chico Women's Club presented by KZFR 90.1 FM

3/4 Santa Cruz, CA - House Concert

3/17 Smithville, TX - House Concert

As always, feel free to hit reply and say hello, or let us know if there is something in particular you'd like to see in our newsletters. Thank you for your support!

See you down the road,
Crystal & Pete (who is right next to me, and sends his love)
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