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November 1, 2016

Damage, Prayers and Blessings Characterized Hurricane Matthew's Trek across Edisto

From the Senior Warden:

What a month! I think all of us have now experienced Matthew in a whole new way. Harriet and I evacuated to Winston Salem and watched the progress of Matthew as it slowly worked its destructive way up the coast. As I watched, I silently prayed for our island, its residents, our church, our members, and our friends. We are thankful the storm was not stronger as it came ashore and the damage was not greater than it was. The damage we did see on national TV was heart breaking. We saw the Mayor of Edisto Beach, Jane Darby on national TV as she walked up Palmetto Blvd. and heard the heart break in her voice as she talked of the damage to the beach and the island.
The Episcopal Church on Edisto will work with our local community helping when and where we can. October 30th will be a fifth Sunday collection, which was committed to the Edisto Island Community Association’s Scholarship Fund. Thad Daise talked with Curtis Morrison and I would like to share the email I received from Thad.

“I spoke to Curtis late Sunday evening and he said that we should provide assistance to families in need.  He thanked us for considering the EICA but said it was more important to support the families on Edisto.”

The Mission Council has designated this Sundays plate collection to help our island neighbors in need. I ask all of you to please support this collection and help the people of Edisto. These are our neighbors that do not have the resources we have, PLEASE SHARE.
To those in our church that sacrificed their time to help others during and after the storm, I thank you.

From Father Paul

            Whew! As I glanced at the weather map recently, hurricane season was drawing to a close. We’ve avoided it again, I thought. I was wrong. Hurricane Matthew arrived as the most damaging storm in 27 years.
            Now I’ve been through a lot of hurricanes beginning with Hurricane Carol in 1954. Hurricane Betsy crept up our street on the south shore of Long Island, but never reached the house. There were a procession of others over the years and even three storms at once lurking offshore South Carolina in 2004. It took quite a while to clear up the tree damage but that was all it was. Nevertheless everyone draws a nervous breath when the season arrives. This year we got hit.
            I never remember being more anxious about a hurricane as this one. Thanks to the slow and unpredictable advance, the hysteria of the Weather Channel was our constant companion for almost ten days. Then it was a decision: evacuate or not. We chose to stay. Others were compelled to go and it was a good decision. Now there are floods and other inconveniences that will last some time. There were only a few deaths, although one is too many, and much damage to housing and infrastructure. The insurance companies call events like this an act of God. If this were so, God would be inflicting suffering on thousands of innocent people. I don’t believe this was an act of God, but the unbalancing of our planet’s equilibrium caused by numerous factors including climate change. The act of God was the way communities have come together to plan their recovery and the numerous acts of kindness needed to survive a disaster like this.
            I’ve been reflecting on the difference between anxiety and fear. Big storms like a hurricane do cause fear. Anxiety, according to theologian Paul Tillich, lurks in the foundation of human experience. It’s not attached to anything in particular except to our basic humanity. Anxiety eats away at our confidence, our self-image and our will to live fully. Fear arrives with events, circumstances, and changes. We can identify them and plan our responses accordingly.
            The angel Gabriel at the Annunciation tells Mary to “be not afraid.” Easier said than done. Jesus tells us to “be ye not anxious.” Yet we are at some level anxious and sometimes afraid. It’s a part of the human experience. Being in community eases the effects. Trusting others to know the deeper part of ourselves builds a bulwark against fear and anxiety. It takes a lot of spiritual trust to let go of fear, to let go of anxiety. It’s a life’s work but necessary if we are going to live in the Kingdom of God. Not even Jesus was free of those worries; just re-read the story of the crucifixion. But God knows us and gives us a promise of love and acceptance.  Now, that’s bread that nourishes us, and aged wine worth drinking.

Fall Foyers
Fall foyers are off to a slow start because of Hurricane Matthew and the resulting clean up and associated hassles.  So far I don’t think any group has been able to get together.  Foyers are intended to be enjoyable and fun, so if there isn’t time for each “couple” to host before the end of January that is no problem.  Also if it is a huge challenge to coordinate calendars for everyone it is permissible to have someone miss a get together. (Hopefully no more than one miss and this could be an occasion to invite someone from our congregation not in a foyer to join the group for that meal.) 

Everyone who indicated interest has been assigned to a group and hopefully the leaders will be in touch soon to set up a first meeting.  I am listing the groups so that everyone knows their other group members.  Those names in bold are the folks assigned to get the group together for the first time and to keep the group on track.
Taylor and Nancy Skardon: Elizabeth and Greg Galadia, Jack and Lee Early, Bubba and Ellen Unger and Olivia Padgett
Ginny King and Sarah Sturm: Billy and Emily Cox, Bubba and Catherine Main, Jim and Harriet Gettys
Paul and Janet Oakley: Bubba and Mary Ann Foy, Brenda and John Nickerson, Hal and Alberta (Bert) Looney 
Sophie Sanders and Billie Roop: Liz Tucker and Jimmie Waldrop, Shelagh and Dennis North-Coombs 843-869-7932; Pat and Jeff Neuman 

If anyone has allergies (food/pets) or food issues please let the group leaders or hosts know in advance.    Thanks and hope all the groups are able to get together soon.  If you have questions or concerns please contact me ( or 843 743-8883) or Nancy Skardon ( or 808 782-2334.  Thanks Ginny

Special Announcements


You are invited to join the many members of The Episcopal Church on Edisto as they participate in the 226th Diocesan Convention.  Please visit the diocesan website to register as a visitor.  

A Time for Giving Thanks

There will be a community-wide Thanksgiving Service on November 20 at 3:00 pm.  The Episcopal Church on Edisto will host the event this year at our home, The Historic Sanctuary of The New First Missionary Baptist Church.  Please join us!

Special Guest Coming Soon

Our new Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Gladstone B. "Skip" Adams, will be making his annual visit to our church on Sunday, December 11.  Mark that date on your calendars!


Parish Meeting!

The Mission Council has set November 20th as the day designated for our annual Parish Meeting.  We hope you will mark the date as attending because during the meeting we will: 
1)      Approve the 2017 Budget
2)      Elect two delegates to represent us at the 2017 Diocesan Convention
3)      Elect two new members to the Mission Council to replace Denny Jerwers and Taylor Skardon

To support this meeting, we request your cooperation in doing the following:

  1. Consider serving as a delegate or member of the Mission Council, especially if you haven’t served before.  If you are interested, please let one of the Council members know. 

  2. If you would like to nominate someone to serve on the Council, please speak with them first and ask them if they are willing to serve.  If they say “yes”, then let a member of the Council know.  What we would like to avoid is putting a member on the spot without advance warning.  The By-Laws require we provide members the opportunity to make nominations from the Floor during the meeting, which we will do.  We are just asking that you give whoever you want to nominate an opportunity to say “no” to you in private instead of in front of the entire congregation.

  3. One of the key events is approving the budget.  So you don’t have to absorb it in a 5 minute period, the Finance Committee will present the budget and answer any questions you may have on the two Sundays prior to the meeting (November 6th and 13th).  Please join them on one of the Sundays following the service after getting something to eat at Front Porch Fellowship.


    And don't forget the Parish Work Day, Saturday, November 19.  Work will begin at 9:30.  Be prepared to work until noon--then lunch will be served!



For November:

Elouise Daise 
Braurer Dowd

Mr. & Mrs. Fraid
Jim Garner
Jim Griffith
Carla Harrison
Ann Hatch
Bert Hatch
Tommie Hughes
Sid Joseph
Billy Kemp

Eric King
Catherine Locatis

Stephen McMillan 
Bubba Powers
Phil Stanley
John Stewart
Sarah Sturm

Richard Waid
Gordon Watson
Skip Wharton 

Faithful Departed

Butch Hatfield
Burnet Maybank

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

November 6:  Grace Church Cathedral, Charleston, The very Rev. J. Michael A. Wright, The Ven. Calhoun Walpole, The Rev. Cn. John Zahl, The Rev. Cn Caleb Lee
November 13:  East Cooper Episcopal Church, The Rev. Judith Ewing
November 20:  St. Thomas, North Charleston, The Rev. Dr. Jim Taylor, The Rev. Charles Jett
November 27:  The House of Deputies of The Episcopal Church

November Birthdays
November 13:  Lee Early
November 15  Bubba Foy
November 24  Denny Jerwers

Always In Our Prayers:

Margaret Arnett
Carl Becker
Don Beitsch
Robert R Bruner IV
Michael Clayton
William Cooper
Diane Craig
Maria Demos 
JR Dowd
Cathy Duffy

Marion Dwight
John Eichorn
Ted Evans
Bill Goad
Georgianna Harrison
Bryant Heyward
Robin Hoerner

Jim Hughes
Cam Lewis
Catherine Locatis

Gordon Locatis
Jane McCollum
Elizabeth Neustadt
Michael Ohr
Jack Phillips
Cotton Richardson
Patsy Sheahan
Nat Smith

h Smoak
John Stover
Chrissy Terry
Marty Tucker
Elizabeth Webb

Lee Webb

Anglican Cycle of Praye
November 6: The Lusitanian Church, The Rt. Rev. Jose Jorge De Pina Cabral
November 13:  The Reformed Episcopal Church of Spain:  The Rt. Rev. Carlos Lopez-Lozano
November 20:  Falkland Islands, the Rt. Rev. Nigel William Stock
November 27:  Diocese of Kansas, The Rt. Rev. Dean Wolfe

Mission Committee Contacts
Members of the Mission Committee are ready and willing to address any questions or concerns or hear about and present your ideas at the monthly meetings.  Each committee  member has an area of responsibility, but any one of them may be approached on any matter.
Contact information is as follows:
Jim Gettys, Senior Warden, Worship tel. 843.906.7767,

Louis Gentry, Junior Warden, Finance  tel. 910.316.5259,

Taylor Skardon, Communications, tel. 843.754.4494,

Thad Daise, Stewardship, tel. 202.552.9131,

Catherine Main, Christian Education, tel. 843.327.9068,

Denny Jerwers,  Out Reach,  tel. 419.615.8418,

Sophie Sanders, In Reach, tel. 843.271.0684,

 November 2016 Service Schedule love and serve... with gladness and singleness of heart... 
Sunday of the Month Nov. 6, 2016
(Daylight Savings)
Nov 13, 2016
Nov. 20, 2016
Nov. 27, 2016
Priest or Lay Leader Rev. Fred Thompson Rev. Paul Gilbert Rev. Paul Gilbert Rev. Paul Gilbert
Chalice Bearer Taylor Skardon Jim Gettys John Nickerson Jo Ann Liles
Ushers Paul & Janet Oakley Pat & Jeff Neumann Thad & Betsey Daise Ellen & Bubba Unger
Lay Intercessor Nancy Skardon Pat Neumann Louis Gentry Taylor Skardon
Epistler Janet Oakley Gretchen Smith Cheryl Van Metre Jim Gettys
Flower Guild Bruce Nellsmith Mary Ann Foy Sophie Sanders Nona Rowcliffe
Prayer Partner Nancy Skardon Brenda Nickerson Pat Neumann Jim Gettys
Altar Guild Susanne Nash Carroll Carter Zillah Cribb Catherine Main
Front Porch Fellowship Skardon Family Ellen & Bubba Unger Main Family Nickerson’s
Counters Shelagh North-Coombes & Taylor Skardon Cheryl Van Metre & Annette Jerwers Thad Daise & Bob King Ginny King &
Jo Ann Liles
Mission Com. Open church Taylor Skardon Jim Gettys Thad Daise Sophie Sanders
Lay Eucharistic Visitor
Looking Ahead
(Assignments are tentative until December 1)
Sunday of the Month Dec. 4, 2016
Dec 11, 2016
Dec. 18, 2016
Dec 25, 2016
Priest or Lay Leader
Rev. Fred Thompson Rev. Paul Gilbert Rev. Paul Gilbert Rev. Fred Thompson
Chalice Bearer Pat Neumann Jim Gettys Nancy Skardon Taylor Skardon
Ushers Paul & Janet Oakley Pat & Jeff Neumann Thad & Betsey Daise Ellen & Bubba Unger
Lay Intercessor Pat Neumann Taylor Skardon Louis Gentry Nancy Skardon
Epistler Janet Oakley Gretchen Smith Cheryl Van Metre ??????
Flower Guild Ginny King Mary Ann Foy Sophie Sanders Everyone
Prayer Partner Pat Neumann Nancy Skardon Brenda Nickerson Nancy Skardon
Altar Guild Susanne Nash Carroll Carter Zillah Cribb Catherine Main
Front Porch Fellowship Diane Leake & Carroll Carter Jerwers/Rowcliffe Lee & Jack Early TBA
Counters Shelagh North-Coombes & Taylor Skardon Cheryl Van Metre & Annette Jerwers Thad Daise & Bob King Ginny King &
Jo Ann Liles
Mission Com. Open church Denny Jerwers Jim Gettys Thad Daise Taylor Skardon
Lay Eucharistic Visitor

Happy Birthday! Your church family wants to celebrate with you on the occasion of your birthday.  We are requesting that members sign-up so we can acknowledge and pray for you on this special day.  There will be a sign-up sheet in the back of the church on Sundays for your name, month and day (No, we are not asking for the year!)  Also you can forward this information using  "contact us" on our website:
See you in church!  

Lay Eucharistic Visits:  “When you can’t come to church (the faith community), the church (the faith community) comes to you!”  There are times in our lives when illness or difficult circumstances prevent us from doing things that we want or going places where we wish to be.  This can be true of “attending church.”   I really do not think “attending church” is the correct term.  We are “the church.”  When we gather, we are the faith community.  When I am not present, part of the Body of the Christ (the faith community) is missing.  This is why we pray for our absent members, but we can do more than this.  We can gather the absent by sharing our Communion with them.  To this end, we are asking our Lay Eucharistic Ministers to take the Bread and Wine of our Communion to our absent members.  We need your help.  Please let the church know (by telephone or email) when you are unable to be with us on a Sunday morning and would like Holy Communion brought to your home or hospital room.  Your response will be a blessing to us and (I believe) a blessing to you.  
Front Porch Fellowship: We have been enjoying our fellowship immediately following the service--the goodies, the drinks, and the fellowship. If you are interested in helping out, contact Sophie Sanders (843-271-0684).
Care Giver Support Group:  A support group for caring people who offer the heavily laden work of tending to chronically afflicted family members and friends meets regularly at 10 AM on Thursdays at the parish hall of the Methodist Church on Palmetto Road.  It is open to anyone of any creed who could use a little support and understanding from fellow travelers. To learn more, please call Susanne Nash at 869-4063 or simply come and join us.
Food Pantry:  Good News @ 11 collects donations on Sundays for the Edisto Food Pantry. On the list of needs we seek to provide are cans of soup, meat stews, and cooking oil. Of course, dollars and any other food stuffs are also welcomed.

Interested in helping us out?  We would love to have you sign up as an usher or an epistler.  Please contact Jim Gettys (869-1329).   Also consider joining the choir, the altar guild and the flower guild. For more information on these and other pledges of time and talent, contact a vestry member.

To learn more about us:  Please visit our website,  for vestry names and contact information. Donations and correspondence may be sent to PO Box 239, Edisto Island, SC 29438.Our Church Office phone number is 843-631-5040, a local call on the Edisto exchange. Visit for diocesan news.
Also check out our Facebook page: Episcopal Church on Edisto.
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