New Custom Fashion Sunglasses Now Available!


I hope this email finds you well and looking forward to the spring and summer!

We have been quiet at JOIUSS lately because I've been working on a HUGE project to enhance our fashion sunglasses offering.


Many of our customers like something a little out of the ordinary and the ability to customise products to reflect their own personality. 

We wanted to bring that to the world of sunglasses too.

SO, we put a plan together to offer as many different lens types and colour options that you could possibly dream of!

BUT, the challenge was to deliver it in a simple customer friendly way:
  • All in one page
  • When selecting the colour show how the product looks imediately
  • Be mobile phone friendly
  • Show the changing price as each product is selected
  • Allow the customer to virtually try on to see how the colour looks on them.
  • Style the selector so it blends with the current website
  • Fashion Colours - 30 options to choose from including 10 colour variations in 3 shades.

  • Sunglasses - 3 traditional colour options all at 80% absorbtion and 100% UV Protection.

  • Mirrored - 5 different mirrored sunglass options to choose from, all  80% absorbtion and 100% UV Protection.

  • Gradients - 10 coloured options in a gradual dark to light tinted lens

  • Polarized - 5 lenses to choose from with 3 standard colours and 2 mirrored options

  • Transitions - 6 lenses to choose from with 3 standard options and 3 new Transitions Colors that go from clear lens to fully tinted when outside in the sun.  

  • Transitions Mirrors - 4 stunning clear lens to mirrored options available.

    Click on any product and you can play around with all the options available!


As always happens during a project we took the opportunity to update our website to make your customer journey even easier.

We have made it look fresher by decluttering the catalogue pages to provide easier navigation and a cleaner look throughout, adding some subtle styling touches to buttons and the home page.


We have moved the button to the top left of the product pictures in our catalogues to avoid mis-clicks when trying to view products in more detail.

We also added the TRY ON TOOL to the product pages.  We had to do this for the CUSTOM SUNGLASSES pages and thought it was useful for anyone wanting a final check before purchasing.


At times it felt like I had bitten off more than I could chew for real this time!

To program the page options took a few weeks to complete with many stumbles along the way to get it working correctly.

Then we made over 6,000 images to show each lens colour option show when clicked and seamlessly change when the customer selects each colour for each style.  

We added another 3,000 to the TRY ON tool.  To show how each colour may look when wearing to help you decide which will suit you the best.

As many of you may have seen on Instagram it took me over a month to complete the images.

The likes and comments on our stories kept me going when it got a bit monotonous THANK YOU!

As well as having some upbeat tunes on while I was completing the task OF COURSE!

But I have to say it was well worth spending the extra time getting these right because the finished look is amazing, I hope you agree?


The hard bit now is selecting the ones you like the most!

I think we have created the widest selection of colours and lens types available online today!

Our aim is to continue to offer you the greatest choice, quality and value available anywhere.


NEW STYLES > I am placing orders for SIX new styles that should be launching around August this year.  I will be sharing photo's, booking our fashion shoot and scheduling PRE ORDERS soon.

SHIPPING > Our collaboration with DX is over as their service was not upto our high standards.  

We are using UPS for tracked orders exclusively in the UK and both Royal Mail Tracked or UPS for international orders.

IDEAS FOR 2022 > Send in any vintage glasses styles you like from the 60s & 70's as I'm going to be designing styles from that era to add to the JOIUSS collection in 2022.  If there is anything you really love or can't find let me know.

THANK YOU again for sending in pictures wearing your new glasses.  It truly is the cherry on the cake seeing so many of you looking fabulous in them and really helps promote our business!

Warmest Regards

Paul Gibson

P.S WE NEED FEEDBACK on this new feature.  Do you like it?  Is it easy to use? Is there anything you don't like?

Just drop me a message via social media or email us at with the subject RE: Custom Sunglasses Feature Feedback
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