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Introducing Healthy Foundations Massage Therapist!

Seana Collins Mander joined the Healthy Foundations team in August of 2012. She is a recent graduate of the Sir Sanford Fleming College Massage Therapy program. She has enjoyed meeting the many people who frequent the clinic, and looks forward to meeting many more.  While she is new in her field, she feels blessed to have had a wonderful group of teachers, inspiring only the best in their students. She has learned a myriad of up-to-date techniques and is excited to put them into practice.
Seana loves her job, and relays how she is very fortunate to have an occupation where she can come in, and work in a way that benefits other people and helps improve their quality of life.  Her goal has always been to help people, and massage therapy is the perfect way for her to do that.
Massage therapy is a tool that has been used for centuries to benefit people’s health. This encompasses many things from decreasing stress levels, to treating impairments so that people can return to their activities of daily living.  Massage is used to treat sports injuries, sprains, and strains but is also used for things like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, repetitive strain injuries, whiplash, regular aches and pains, headaches, and a wide variety of ailments.  It can be deep enough to affect the deepest layer of muscle in a body builder, and yet gentle enough for a pregnant woman or even those with osteoporosis (who can’t have intense pressure on their bones).  She particularly enjoys treating prenatal mothers, any kind of orthopedic injury, “regular” aches and pains, and any sort of chronic pain that she can make a difference with!  Each client that comes into her clinic gets an individual assessment, coupled with an individual treatment plan for them.  Seana strives to provide quality, client-centered treatment to correct impairments and improve quality of life.  She also desires to provide a safe, and calm environment, free from prejudice.  This is one of the reasons she love working with Healthy Foundations. She feels it is inherently is a safe and calm environment at the clinic, where one need not worry about judgement.
Seana is recently engaged to her boyfriend (now fiancé) of 6 years.  She will be getting married in the summer of 2014.  A huge part of her life is karate.  She started taking karate when she was six years old and loves it to this day.  She has had her black belt for two years now, and loves teaching kids and adults of all ages.  She recently started rock climbing as well, and while it is difficult she enjoys the challenge.  It is one of her goals in life to stay active, as it is a huge part of wellness.
Seana looks forward to her time at the clinic, and is excited for the many exciting times to come.

Our Top 5 Supplements to Benefit Health of all Ages!

At Healthy Foundations Naturopathic Clinic, we take great pride in choosing the best quality supplements to recommend to our patients.  We carry only high quality, professional line products that use nutrients that are easy for the body to break down and absorb and are free of preservatives, sweeteners, fillers, and artificial colors or flavoring.
All of our Top 5 supplement recommendations are safe for anyone and can complement any protocols that people are previously on.
Fish oils have an important role in overall health and development, including cardiovascular health, mental health, inflammation and autoimmunity.  Fish oil supplementation also powerfully benefits mood, focus, concentration, and memory.

 to continue reading more about the amazing benefits of fish oil, and what to look for in a supplement.
A good multivitamin-mineral complex can help prevent deficiencies that can contribute to chronic conditions.  It can also preserve healthy brain function, increase the body's energy production, support immune function, balance hormonal pathways, support tissue repair and much more.
Probiotics help to keep the harmful microbes in check and therefore can benefit many areas of one's health.  They are wonderful for digestive health, urinary health, women's health, allergies, and immunity.

A good quality organic greens powder is an excellent way to provide your body with potent antioxidant
protection to help combat the effects of aging and promote healthy growth and development. 
Digestive enzymes are used by our body to break down the foods we eat into the nutrients that our body needs to function in a healthy manner.  They are formulated to provide digestive support for various conditions including irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, constipation and diarrhea, as well as to ensure optimal nutrient absorption.
Stay tuned for future newsletters and posts describing the other top supplements in more detail.

Coming Soon!

All patients of Healthy Foundations are welcome to join us for a FREE talk on Detoxification.  This talk includes the risks of toxin exposure and how they can affect our bodies.  It will also cover the importance of detoxification and what options one has to support their body naturally through the detoxification process. 
April 10th, 2013  at 7:00pm.

Please contact Polly at our office to reserve your spot today!
705-243-5163 or

What's New!

We have started a new Healthy Foundations Blog on our website!  Please visit to check out our blog - we hope to provide you with more information on health, exercise, natural therapies, delicious recipes and much more.
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