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February 2, 2020
Career & Success

Mastering Communication

If there’s one skill every job requires, it’s the ability to communicate effectively. In a new podcast series, Stanford GSB lecturer Matt Abrahams and his colleagues discuss tools and techniques to manage anxiety, explain complex subjects, and keep audiences engaged. In this first episode, he discusses impromptu speaking — those day-to-day spontaneous conversations that can trip us up so easily.

Serial Entrepreneurs Outpace Their Novice Counterparts

New research shows that experience matters when launching companies.

The Secret Life of the Supermarket Shopper

We spend $600 billion each year at the checkout. What influences our buying habits?

Irv Grousbeck: The Power of “I Don’t Know”

The longtime management professor discusses personal qualities that can lead new CEOs to success.

Creating a Better Ad Algorithm

U.S. advertisers spend $100 billion a year on online marketing. Research shows how they can get the best returns.
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