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Not religious any more?

No religion – get the truth

Dear friend of the AFA,

Have you ever wondered how the information collected in Australia’s five yearly Census is used?

The truth is that governments and planning bodies make all sorts of planning and funding decisions based on how Australians answer the Census questions.

That’s why I’m worried about the question about religion in the next Census, coming up in August of this year.

To my mind, just because someone was baptised or brought up in a certain religion a long time ago doesn’t necessarily mean that their church is somehow entitled to something more from the average taxpayer.

Put simply, just because you were born into a religion, that doesn't mean you have to tick that religion on the 2016 Census.

Do you agree?

That's why I am writing to you today. The AFA needs your support in an awareness campaign to promote the consideration and importance of marking 'No religion' on the 2016 census. We hope to get a better and more accurate representation of how religious Australia is.
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As a free thinker I don’t think there is enough credible scientific or factually reliable evidence for the existence of a god, gods or the supernatural.

So I want all Australians who share that view to understand what marking the “No religion” box on the census actually means.

That’s why we’re launching a campaign to raise awareness about this issue. 


I want the truth about religion in Australia. And I need your help to get it.
An example of the campaign in a tram stop.
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What your gift can do

$10,000 Can get our message on a billboard in a major city for the month leading up to the Census.

$1000 – Can spread the word across buses or trains in one major city

$250 – Can reach 25,000 people on Facebook. People from all walks of life, all across the country

$50 – Will go towards a social media campaign with the aim of reaching 2 Million Australian adults.
Chip in to get the truth
This is an opportunity to tell the Australian public what it means to mark the “No religion” box. It’s an opportunity to get to the truth about the practice of religion in Australia.
Will you chip in to help this awareness campaign, to give Australians a real choice?

Kylie Strugess
On behalf of the Atheist Foundation of Australia

PS. ‘No religion’ doesn’t mean you are an atheist. It simply means you don’t currently practice a religion and have no inclination to do so. Let’s get the facts straight. Your gift today will give Australians the opportunity to make an informed choice.
Chip in to get the truth
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