Dancers and Fuse Mirrors. 
Rebecca Newnham

Dancers sculpture in progress
 and FROMGLASS TM Fuse mirror range

Dancers Sculpture


Dancers are destined for the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The two figures are 3.5m tall, the taller piece will be finished in silver mirror and the smaller in bronze mirror. Work is going well and will be complete mid December. Each sculpture has a reinforced steel skeleton and a 10mm steel foot plate.  When the glass skin is complete each tesserae will be polished individually to remove sharp edges; that will keep us quiet for a bit!

New FROMGLASS TM Fuse Mirror Range

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Fuse Mirror range.


Carefully selected clear or coloured glass pieces are fused and fire polished to create FUSE glassmirror frames FROM|GLASS TM.

These delicate designs have wonderful light reflecting properties and are available in a wide range of colours, styles and sizes.

Look out for the new FROMGLASS TM website coming soon


Dancers will be viewed from 360 degrees. We work on the sculptures whilst they are lying down so frequently stand then up and walk around them to get the full perpective. The way the lines of mirror travel over the surfaces has a huge impact on the final result.

FUSE Clear Water


The environmental benefit is integral to the design concept of the FROM|GLASS TM range. First, we respect our glass, handling it with the care it deserves by refining it in house. Then we source and manufacture in England using only sustainable materials, without any compromise on quality. Even the packaging is fully recyclable.

Blue Lotus Edition

1m tall

Blue Lotus is an Edition of 15 cast forms, each covered with a skin of lapis blue, hand painted glass. It's a response to working with editions in bronze; each can be from the same mould yet have it's own personality.
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