Soar bronze. 
Rebecca Newnham


We are thrilled to introduce our latest bronze: Soar.


Once touched, it rocks gently until it reaches its final resting position, unless secured.

Soar is a sculpture which appears different from every angle which is why we chose to photograph the bronze with two plaster casts, showing many views at once. Soar has taken just under a year from conception to models and final completion.
Soar at foundry


Seen here looking at the first casting of Soar.
When Rebecca chose the patina, she wanted to be able to see the bronze material through the surface colour, to celebrate the permanence of the metal. "I enjoy the contrast  of the ephemeral concept of the sculpture and the history of the material".
Soar at Quenington Hall


The Fledge sculptures turn on a concealed bearing, each sculpture capturing a freeze frame in a flight.
Seen here at Quenington, England, as part of Freshair 2011


Fledge at Salisbury Cathedral

Fledge; Increments of Flight.

Fledge; Increments of Flight was conceived as a response to 'Liminality', a pioneering sculpture exhibition in Salisbury Cathedral curated by Jacquiline Creswell. Soar considers the point where a bird takes off from the water, the reflection and the wings coming together to create the form. The reflection assumes equal physical importance, manifesting the Liminal journey in a single sculpture.

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