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Zero Foodprint Asia Monthly  |  28 January 2022

Zero Foodprint Asia
January Newsletter

Dear Friends of Zero Foodprint Asia, 

It’s been exactly two years since covid-19 rocked this boat called Mother Earth and still two years on, we can hardly fathom that here in HK, we've returned to a similar state as to when and how all of this started. As tough as it is to operate (food) businesses under restrictive circumstances, the more frustrating part is how the pandemic has drastically slowed down progress on the sustainability front. And while we’re here, one can no longer talk about “sustainability” without addressing climate change and how it’s exacerbating the effects it has on poverty, malnutrition, climate migration, supply chain disruptions, and what else but the health of our entire ecosystem.

Earlier this month, Dr. Billy Hau from
HKU School of Biological Sciences announced HK’s first and largest study on the Potential of Forest Carbon Sequestration. Why is this important you ask? HK’s current climate plan takes no consideration into nature-based solutions - even with three-quarters of Hong Kong’s landscape being countryside covered by open grassland to woodlands, which can take up and store large amounts of carbon thus slowing down climate change. We believe that this is a huge uptake by the university to demonstrate the importance of preserving and regenerating HK’s native forests, orchards, grasslands, mangroves, and arable lands - such that nature is helping us meet the city's carbon neutrality targets.

solutions are all laid out in front of us. We just need to get out of our tunnel vision, look up once in a while, and awaken to the idea of collaborative, shared-value, systems design thinking. Otherwise, should we continue to choose to not pay attention, we’ll miss this only opportunity to lessen and mitigate the impact climate change will have on all of us.

So climate is changing. Why aren’t we?

 Our Year in a Nutshell - Progress Update

2021 was quite the year bringing the Zero Foodprint non-profit to Asia. It’s not always “smooth operating” building a movement and an NGO from the ground up.  Hence why we wanted to take a moment to reflect on, celebrate and share our accomplishments and milestones achieved in the past 8 months. And of course, we can’t thank all of our participating restaurant partners, donors, and working partners enough; for sharing their platforms, aggregating impact, and mobilizing funding to help our farmers restore our soil and grow better food locally!

To meet our biggest impact goals for the remainder of the year, we are now preparing to open up grants for HK farmers to apply for the ZFPA Restore Fund!

If you have yet to join the ZFPA movement, do reach out and see how YOU can also contribute to climate action! We look forward to making space for what 2022 has in store for us and will work hard to continue to scale and mainstream regenerative agriculture for a cleaner, stronger, and fairer food system! 

So you’ve learned about regenerative practices from our IG 101 series, but how are HK farms putting this into practice?

Cheong Gor’s Farm 康苗有機農場 - 昌哥

We spent the day at Cheong Gor’s farm for a fun project which you will soon hear more of on Grassroots Initiatives’ IG, but for now we simply want to show you more of his beautiful farm at the height of the winter season! From a field full of matrimony vines, cauliflowers, root vegetables, a multitude of salad leaf varieties, to beautiful flowering zucchinis and cabbages; Cheong’s farm is an oasis for ladybugs, pollinating bees and butterflies! Since experimenting with regenerative practices over 3 years ago, Farmer Cheong takes his cover crops, dried mulch and crop-rotation work very seriously. Something as simple as growing red clovers around the bed of zucchinis can provide multiple benefits such as fixing nitrogen (N) to meet the needs of the veg itself, helps keep the soil cool and protected from erosion while it also competes for space from unwanted weeds!

Eva’s Farm 新鳳農莊 - 王桂鳳

Healthy soil that’s full of life grows healthier food. We should all know this by now. But guess what? Healthier soil also produces MUCH tastier fruits and vegetables! This is no joke as demonstrated by the samples we often get to taste from Eva’s fully regenerative farm. In just a short year, Eva has learned to mix and apply her own ferments, build her own compost pile using dried leaves from her fruit trees, produce peels, farm waste & mushroom substrate. To say that regenerative knowledge has allowed her to grow some of the rarest varieties of fruits and vegetables would be an understatement. A farmer who replenishes soil health successfully manages pests the natural way, AND grows food bursting with (photosynthetic energetic) flavour is truly a farmer warrior we’re all proud to uplift and support! 

Click on the feature video below to learn more about Eva’s farm!

Farmer's Market

Are you in Hong Kong? Then we have got some exciting news for you! 

Hong Kong Farmers Pride and ourselves will be bringing #VeggiesBack with two pop-up stall dates, organized with our friends at Mercato and Meraki Hospitality! The first farmers market is already happening tomorrow, the 29th of January!

Mercato Gourmet Stall - Jan 29th | Sat | 11 AM - 4 PM
Bedu Stall - Feb 5th | Sat | 11 AM - 4 PM

Bring a bag, your friends, family, and your neighbors to this amazing chance to load up on delicious organic produce - and to learn more about the community of farmers who grow them!

 Meet our Folks

You’ve heard us mention Hong Kong Farmers Pride but who is actually behind this organization? Well, it’s headed by the youthful Farmer David Leung, along with Farmer Cheong and Farmer Ping from Zen, and we are lucky to have a gem like him sit on our board. David has been working in the farming industry for years and not long ago, owned his own farm - Greenwish Organic Farm! David now acts as a medium between local organic farmers and the Hong Kong public through raising awareness of organic farms and farmers and making their produce more accessible to all.

He is also our Crops to Shops program partner and an integral part of helping make this work smoothly for both farmers and chefs. Make sure to give his friendly face a hello when he’s doing his delivery rounds around town and follow him on Instagram

In addition, the Crops to Shops program is gaining momentum and Farmer David Leung needs a helping hand. We’ve got volunteering and/ paid PT positions to fill and will need a bilingual speaker (Eng & Canto) who can help with order and delivery, is hyper-organized, fancies paperwork, and most importantly for us, respects this work dearly. Email us for more deets if you’ve got what it takes!

 Industry News 

Land to Market by Savory Institute is the world’s first verified sourcing solution for regenerative agriculture and it’s currently monitoring 2.5 million acres of land around the world! They work directly with farmers and follow a scientific protocol taking soil, water, air, and animal ecosystem health into account.

It’s exciting to see a leading number of brands granted the Land to Market seal which will help businesses meet their environmental targets, participate in climate action and encourage the public to purchase climate-smart products.

“By changing how we eat, also demands a change in how we treat our farmers and our planet, two things we depend on.”


Regreening the Planet
Restoring a desert? Fighting ecological destruction? Yes, we can! “Restoration is not a hobby, it’s a new industry we have to establish”. A must watch on how restoring ecosystems not only generate ecological profits but also restore whole economies.

We highly recommend watching Ecosia’s series “Can food save the world? Regenerative Agriculture specials:
Part 1: Climate Justice
Part 2: Scaling Regenerative Agriculture
We cannot wait to see what part 3 has in store!

Thank you for sticking around and stay tuned for more news!
Let's solve climate change with good food!
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