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G'Day Rebooters,

Here's one thing I've learned in my years devoted to juicing: it really works! Drinking juice regularly can help people shed pounds, improve their health, boost energy levels and provides a ton of truly amazing benefits. But — and you knew there'd be a "but," didn't you? — these benefits only occur if you keep the juicing habit up. I'm always drinking juice, even when I'm overwhelmed, tired or traveling. No excuses!

When I’m traveling or I know I won't have the time to make my own juice, either I find a local juice bar or reach for a bottled version. Many people wonder if they can drink bottled juices. Yes you can! You just need to take some care in choosing between brands and types of bottled juice.

Buda Juice is a great option, and today, Buda Juice is offering Reboot with Joe subscribers a special discount — get 10% off the 1-day or 2-Day Buda Cleanse or 20% off the 3-day Buda Cleanse*.

Why Buda?
Buda Juices are carefully formulated to give your body all the vitamins and nutrients you need (just like the recipes I use at home, and those we share on Reboot with Joe), but without the time required to shop, prep and clean. Buda Juices are:
  • Certified organic — Buda Juice gets all ingredients straight from organic farmers. All produce is USDA certified organic. You won't find any pesticides or GMOs blended into a Buda Juice. And Buda Juice's direct relationships with farmers means that all this produce is super fresh — the veggies and fruits go straight to their presses, without sitting on trucks or supermarket shelves for days or weeks!
  • Cold-pressed — All Buda Juices are cold-pressed at 35° in their state-of-the-art kitchen. All ingredients are kept refrigerated from farm to bottle to you, so that there's an unbroken cold chain. This helps keep the juices super fresh and maximizes the nutrients.
  • Glass bottles — No BPA risk here. Buda Juices come in beautiful glass bottles, so you won't come in contact with any chemicals from plastic. Glass bottles mean a low environmental impact, and also help retain the flavors.
  • Raw and Unprocessed — There are no preservatives in Buda Juices; you're getting living, natural juice, just as if you made it yourself at home in the kitchen (but without the shopping trip and clean-up).
Buda Juice's 1-day, 2-Day or 3-day cleanses* are the perfect way to keep up healthy habits in between longer Reboots or when you're on the go: for each of these cleanses, you get 4 16-ounce glasses of cold-pressed juice per day, a bottle of almond milk, and a raw basilato soup. The juices are a mix of sweet and spicy, refreshing and smooth. Every one of them is delicious, filling and jam-packed with the vitamins and nutrients you need to keep you going.

Give Buda Juice a try with today's special discount for Reboot with Joe subscribers: visit, and use code Reboot10 for 10 percent off the 1-Day or 2-Day Buda Cleanse*. Get even bigger savings — 20 percent off — with the code Reboot20 when you try the 3-day Buda Cleanse*.

Juice On,

Joe Cross

*Disclaimer: The 1-Day Cleanse , 2-Day Cleanse and 3-Day Cleanse were developed by Buda Juice LLC. and are not associated with Reboot with Joe.
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