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About Comics publishes nothing once more


About Comics is once again returning to lack-of-print the ever-popular The BlankTM Comic Book, These are pretty much what you'd think they are - 24 blank pages within a blank white cardstock cover - and are used for a range of creative projects, whether it's for doing sketch covers, for laying out a comic book, or for kids making comics of their own. Small specialty publisher About Comics has been producing these for a decade, mainly selling them to comics retailers in bulk.
Whenever it's time for a new production run, these are offered at a substantial discount. While during most times About Comics will sell 50-packs, currently priced at $70 postpaid, when gearing up for a new run they sell caselots at a substantial discount: 150 copies for $140 postpaid to anywhere in the 48 contiguous US states (and the District of Columbia, of course.) Preorders need to come by March 31, and the cases will arrive by April 30, shipped directly from the production facility. This deal is available not just to retailers, but to anyone wanting 150 of these pristine beauties: schools, artists, presidential candidates, anyone.
To preorder a case, please Paypal $140 to , or send a check to About Comics, 1569 Edgemont Dr., Camarillo, CA 93010, or request an online credit card invoice by emailing
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