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Concrete creator regains Salimba rights


Small (but mighty) comics publisher About Comics has transferred all rights to the comic book Salimba back to award-winning comics creator Paul Chadwick, who had co-created the character with writer Stephen Perry in the 1980s. Salimba, noted as the first comic book character in the "jungle queen" tradition to be Black, originally appeared in comic books published as part of the Blackthorne 3-D series.
"Salimba had fallen into my hands through sad circumstances," explains About Comics publisher Nat Gertler. "Stephen Perry had fallen on hard times, and Paul had given him his share of the rights. Stephen then sold the rights to me in February 2010." Perry died later that year. "So it feels good to get it back into Paul's hands. Frankly, it felt a little odd owning the rights to the creation of someone who was still alive. I was never sure whether to sell them off, to do new stories, or what. This is the best of all possible outcomes."
The rights transferred include not only all underlying character rights and the full rights to the three published comics stories, but also to "Baby", an original Salimba prose story that About Comics had hired Perry to write, the final story he would ever create.
And with that taken care of, About Comics can get out of the rights-trading business and back to what it does best: reprinting works both beloved and obscure, with an occasional dash of new stuff (look for a new comic book adventure of Bernie Mireault's The Jam in 2022!)

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