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Free Comic Birth Day continues

Day two of our celebration of the About Comics founder Nat Gertler's birthday and the original date for Free Comic Book Day 2020, with three more books available as free PDF downloads!
XVI Short Stories (56 MB PDF) is a collection of short comics stories by Bernard Edward Mireault (sometimes known as BEM). This includes the original appearances of his popular alternative superhero character The Jam, as well as a range of creative and fun tales.

Happiness is a Rat Fink and Unhappiness is a Dirty Dog (7 MB PDF) in 1963 when the Peanuts book Happiness is a Warm Puppy was on the best-seller lists, the best-selling humor publisher launched not one but two parody books, taking their much more adult (and very male) stab at the topic in books filled with a snide worldview and bits of cartoon nudity. Half a century later, About Comics brought those books back in print in a single volume... and then took them right back out of print because of some reproduction problems. But the PDF looks just fine!

Small World (26 MB) is a collection of Sam Brier's obscure 1950s comic strip. Is it about two kids playing house, or is it about two adults portrayed as children? That's for you to decide!

Three more books coming tomorrow - check the press release email, or follow @NatGertler on Twitter for announcements!
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