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For immediate release:
Free e-books for e-verybody!

I'm finishing up my three days of giving away downloads of About Comics books with a whole lot of fun.

The first freebie for today is Alice, a fun graphic novel adaptation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland with beautiful Lela Dowling art. It's a great all-ages book, and it's a 35 MB PDF file for you!
And back in 1958, a bunch of top newspaper cartoonists got together to create You Don't See These Sights on the Regular Tours, a book of cartoons teaching Americans how not to perpetrate the Ugly American stereotype when traveling overseas... and when I say "top names", I mean Charles Schulz, Hank Ketcham, Milton Caniff, Rube Goldberg, Al Capp, and more. Each single-panel cartoon was matched with a shot of the cartoonist's famous character commenting on it... only I didn't have the right to use those famous characters. So for this edition, all those famous characters have been replaced by my own character, the heroic Mister U.S., and artist Scott Roberts did an amazing job in aping the original artists' styles. This semi-forged bit of history is yours for free download in an 8 MB PDF.
And if you like the idea of reworking old material, you can get in on the fun. The Most Adjective™ Romance Comics Ever takes material from classic romance comics and turns them into a fill-in-the-blank game, where you ask your friends for nouns, verbs, and so forth to insert into the dialog to make the wacky tales. Go grab your 28 MB PDF download!
This is the last day of adding releases for Free Comic Birth Day. The files will be available through Sunday, May 3. Thank you to everyone who downloaded books. and everyone who told their friends about it!
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