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About Comics Releases Angels Everywhere!

by Nat Gertler

I swore that I was getting out of the business of reprinting booklets of 1950s nun cartoons a couple years back. But like any near-retirement movie cop or headed-for-home soldier, I knew that I had one last mission to complete. 
In the mid-1950s, specialty publisher Abbey Press had released a trilogy of books about the travels of Sister Celeste and Sister Veronica, a pair of young nuns created by writers Margaret Carroll and Jerry McCue.  These are the same writers who had created an earlier trilogy about a the members of one Catholic community, drawn by the NCS Award-winning Al Kilgore (and which I collected into a single volume as Kilgore's Catholics.) Kilgore was not on board for this other trilogy; instead, the art is by one Don Cornelius, who does a spectacular, very 1950s advertising art style... and about whom I can learn nothing else. I can't find any other credits for him. None of the comics historians I've run this by recognize the name (well, not as a cartoonist. I have indeed investigated the question of whether this could possibly the same Don Cornelius who founded Soul Train, but having talked to a prominent cartoonist who knew that Don, I am now convinced it's not.)
Publishing this collection has taken a long time due simply to the rarity of the original material. I had reprinted the first volume, Angels Abroad, about their trip to Europe, on its own. I had my hands on the final volume The Angels and the City, which depicts their visit to New York City. But, while I could prove it existed, it took me years to hunt down a copy of the middle volume, Angels on Campus, to reproduce him. Once I got my hands on a copy of that book. I rushed the collection into print.

Angels Everywhere! (ISBN-13: 978-1-949996-22-7) is a 240 page 6"x9" paperback with hundreds of black and white cartoons. It is available for immediate ordering from Amazon, and will soon be available through other online bookstores and for special ordering through your favorite local bookstore.

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