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The Cruise Ship Comedy You Demanded (We Not Release)

Here at tiny specialty publisher About Comic, we have shown a great ability to misread the moment. has never been as evident as with our latest release, the cruising-themed cartoon collection Bon Bon Voyage, by Bill O'Malley.
This was a collection of new cartoons when it was originally released by Prentice-Hall, Inc., in 1958, when cruise travel was seen as an interesting way of getting places and not, as it is now, a way to be trapped in with thousands of people bearing diseases from around the world. And let's face it, even if it wasn't for that fact, how many of us are going to be thinking in the coming days, "you know what'll conquer that lockdown feeling of being confined to my own house for months? Being confined to one floating building for a week or so!"
The cartoons in this book aren't only of the shipboard experience. There are also plenty of cartoons about planning the tripe at travel agencies and about the time spent at ports of call.
This is not the first book of Bill O'Malley cartoons that we've reprinted. His book Two Little Nuns was the book that launched an explosion of nun cartoons in the 1950S, and we reprinted that two years back as part of our nun cartoon launch. O'Malley ended up doing a bunch of well-crafted books of cartoons, including ones about golfing, health, and pregnancy... but here we are, reprinting the one about cruise ships. Go figure.
Bon Bon Voyage (ISBN: 978-1949996159) is a 96-page paperback with a suggested retailer price of $7.99. It's available for immediate order from Amazon. Other retailers interested in carrying this book despite everything should contact us at

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