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About Comics celebrates with free comics

Nat Gertler, the one man behind the one-man publishing company About Comics here. My birthday is April 30, according to Wikipedia (and, well, also my birth certificate.) I was thinking about celebrating by giving out some free downloads of comics collections and comics-related books. But then I realized that two days after that would be Saturday, May 2, the originally planned date for Free Comic Book Day, another one of my favorite days of the year, and a due to its delay lots of you will be missing your free comics, so maybe that would be a better day to give things out.
But being the indecisive soul I am, there was only one choose that I could make: to create a three-day celebration! One each day from April 30 to May 2, I will be releasing three more titles, with all books available for utterly free downloads, no strings attached, through Sunday May 3. And thus I create: Free Comic Birth Day!
The first three free titles are:
Fusion: The Soulstar Commission. This complete graphic novel, written by New York Times best-selling science fiction author Steven Barnes and drawn by Steve Gallacci (Albedo Anthropomorphics) and Lela Dowling (Alice), tells the tale of a cargo ship and its crew of humans and genetically-engineered creatures ready to handle the most dangerous of shipments. Fans of Guardians of the Galaxy or Firefly should like this one. (It does have a small amount of risqué stuff, so perhaps not for the kiddies.)
Fanmail '66 is a collection of letter sent to the battiest show of the 1960s and to the comics that they were based on. Originally published under a different title in 1966, this is a reminder of how over-the-top the reaction was to that campy moment in hero history. Compiled by best-selling book creator Bill Adler.
Jenny's City: This is an odd duck of a book, with something for both those who want to read comics and for those who want to see how comics are done. Jenny is a girl who wakes up one morning and finds that she is for some reason the only person in the city. The book includes two wordless short comics about her exploring the city on her own... plus scripts for two more short stories. The lovely art is by Tess Fowler (Rat Queens, Wonder Woman '77), and the writing is by two-time Eisner Award nominee me, Nat Gertler. (Hey, it's my birthday, I'm allowed to celebrate!)
The download links are at
The Friday and Saturday free titles will include books for both comic book and comic strip fans, kid friendly material as well as some of an adult bent. To find out about them hen they're released, follow me on Twitter: @NatGertler

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