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Webster's Poker Book: Poker Cartoons of the 1920s

The first About Comics release of 2021 is a classic. H.T. Webster, the master cartoonist now best remembered for his creation of "The Timid Soul" Casper Milquetoast, was known among card fans as dealing out great funny insight on those who played. We launched 2020 bringing the long-out-of-print Webster's Bridge into paperback for the first time. This year, we're turning our sights on the more popular world of poker with first ever paperback edition of Webster's Poker Book.
This esteemed volume matches fifty pages of Webster's cartoons (both single-panel a full multipanel comics) with text from some writing heavy-hitters, making it, in the words of Martin Harris, "equal parts educational and entertaining."

American Heritage called the book's text "nearly as amusing as Webster’s cartoons," and it' easy to see why with the heavy hitter contributing to it. There'a a forward by George Ade, the chronicler of classic Chicago. After that comes many pages by pulp master George F. Wort and Algonquin Round Table wit Marc Connelly, a few years before he won the 1930 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, covering such topics as "Bright Sayings of Poker Players," "Poker Wolves,: and "Dealing with the Little Woman." Rounding out the pages is the rules to playing poker with practical tips, provided by Hoyle's author R. F. Foster.

Webster, known sometimes as "Webby", was such a popular cartoonist that he even made the cover of Time (November 26. 1945). Comics historian Mike Lynch notes that the cartoons in this book "concentrate on human nature that still read true now"

If you're wondering how much money you have to throw into the kitty to get this 128 page volume (ISBN 978-1-949996-29-6, 6"x8"), it's available right now at Amazon for a mere $8.99. Retailers interested in wholesale copies should contact

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