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For immediate release:
It's The Blank™ Comic Book time again!


Tiny California publisher About Comics is successful at, well, nothing. And we're returning to our greatest comics success, The Blank Comic Book, which is exactly what it sounds like – 24 blank pages, between blank cardstock covers. This may sound like a stupid idea, but we sell them by the caseloads. Literally, that's how we sell most of them: whenever we're doing a new production run, we take preorders for full cases from comic shops, libraries, schools, and other customers, at a nice discount. Right now we're putting together the first new production run in a couple years, and you can preorder a case of 150 copies for a mere $140, postpaid to anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia.
Now, an utterly blank comic book is obviously a really stupid, bad idea. But people can turn them easily into good ideas. You can use them to draw custom covers on. You can give them out to kids, and watch them turn quickly into non-blank comics. You can throw them at ducks. Of course, you shouldn't throw them at ducks, that is also not a good idea, but once you've paid for them, we really have no say in the matter.
To get your caseload, Paypal $140 to by March 7, 2021. (For shipments to California. include a sales tax number or add $10.15 for sales tax.) Remember to choose "payment for goods and services", not "money for a friend. The cases should be shipping by the end of that month.
Don't need that much nothing? Ten copies can be had for $25, or 50 copies for $70, and that includes quick shipping to all fifty states, DC, and Puerto Rico.
Queries about payment by check or credit card, or any other questions, can be sent to
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