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New editions of books by Sergio Aragonés and Charles Schulz

Here at About Comics, we've unleashed several new editions of existing books this week. First off there's Bridge Mix: The Bridge Cartoons of Charles M. Schulz. This selection of cartoons from "It's Only a Game", a newspaper series that Schulz did with Jim Sasseville, has gotten into the hands of thousands of bridge players since it was released in 2012. So what's special about this new edition? It's in color! Sure, the black-and-white edition is still available for $8.99, but for a mere dollar more, you can get a full color edition from Amazon in the US for a mere dollar more.
And for fans of the great Mad Magazine cartoonist and Groo creator Sergio Aragonés (and who isn't a Sergio fan?), we put Sergio's first solo book, Aunt's in Your Pants, back into print earlier this year after it had been off the market for half a century. Unlike most of Sergio's original books, this one isn't pantomime work - it's a series of single-panel gags about an overly-aggressive lustful older woman, most of which have captioned dialogue. Now we're making this book available in languages other than English for the first time! There's a Spanish edition, Gallina vieja hace buen caldo: Recuerdos de una viejita libidinosa, translated Juan Carlos López Enríquez with input from Sergio himself; a German edition, Grannys Tagebuch: Erinnerungen einer unanständigen alten Lady, translated by Martin Kranwetvogel; a Portuguese edition, Titia é Soda: Memórias de uma Velha Assanhada, translated by Junior Almeida; and a French edition, Cougar à toi!: Mémoires d’une vieille cochonne, translated by Philippe Lhoste (who also did an excellent job replacing the English-language signs in the cartoons of all four translations.) All four of these editions are available through Amazon around the world, each priced at the local equivalent of about US$10, and on Kindle for substantially less.
After over 20 years of publishing, this is the first time that About Comics has offered non-English content (which you could probably guess by the way that we're incompetently announcing all these books in an English language press release.)

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