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Comedy Writing Super-Duo Have One Final Novel

Sol Weinstein built his name writing the satirical tales of Jewish superspy Israel Bond, Agent Oy-Oy-7, first in Playboy and then in full novels. Howard Albrecht got his start writing for The Jonathan Winters Show. When the two became a writing team in 1971, they started making material for some of the era's great entertainers like Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Bob Newhart, and Sammy Davis, Jr. Their writing resumé looks like a listing of the decade-defining shows of the 1970s, including Maude, Three's Company, Love Boat, Chico and the Man, Barney Miller, and The Jeffersons. Their work on TV specials won them a Writer's Guild of America award (for Alan King's Energy Crisis), and they wrote for some of the classics of the form, like The Paul Lynde Halloween Special. Amidst all that, they wrote four popular parody novels: Jonathan Segal Chicken, The Exerciser, The Oddfather, and Oh Henry! But those were the only books they would write together... or so everyone thought.
Last month, Howard Albrecht contacted me (this is About Comics/Combustoica publisher Nat Gertler writing) with an unpublished manuscript, something he and Sol had been working on late in Sol's life. This book, while a comedy, was not a parody like their previous four. Grab It! is instead the tale of Marty Mulvane, a young man who comes to 1970s New York hoping to get his foot in the door as a novelist, to get his foot in the door with big city publishing... and with big city women as well. When success comes, it was in ways that he was not expecting, and was very much not prepared for. The book sends up publishing and promotion in a wicked way.
When Howard asked if I wanted to publish it, of course I said "yes!" After all, under the Combustoica imprint of About Comics, I already reprint all four of the Weinstein/Albrecht parodies as well as the entire series of Sol Weinstein's Oy-Oy-7 books. I never thought I'd get the chance to publish an original Weinstein/Albrecht book. While I miss Sol (he would call me quite frequently long distance from his retirement site in New Zealand for a while before his death in 2012), I feel privileged to have the chance to bring out something new. I expect fans of Howard and Sol's work will enjoy this greatly.
Grab It! (ISBN:
978-1-949996-16-6) is a 196 page 6"x9" paperback with a list price of $14.99. It is available for immediate order both in print and for the Kindle through Amazon, and should soon be available both through other ebook platforms and for special ordering in print from your favorite independent bookstore.
Combustoica is a prose project of About Comics, a publishing and creative services company which first appeared in the market in 1998. Work done under the Combustoica banner includes original novels, reprints of classic work, and audiobooks. More information is available at

Cover by Jim MacQuarrie
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