Mid-January Update
PHOTOS: Yameena Israel Fellowships Returns from Two-Week Trip to Israel!
As YJC ends its inaugural year, we are proud to announce that in only one year we succeeded in bringing 70 politically active young Jewish conservatives/Republicans to Israel on our flagship project, Yameena Israel Fellowships. This is in addition to hundreds more that joined our programs in the United States.

These student leaders and activists are our future, and we invite you to join us as we support  them  in the fight for Israel and conservatism on their campuses.

Nationally syndicated talk radio host Mark Levin adressed Yameena Israel Fellows via skype. He delivered a lecture on the constitution and sent each fellow a copy of his best selling book Liberty and Tyranny.

Some additional speakers of note included:
Gil Hoffman, Political correspondent for the Jerusalem Post
Minister Yuli Edelstein, Minister for Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs
Ruth Leiberman, American and Israeli political consultant
MK Yariv Levin, Chairman of Knesset Housing Comittee
Itamar Marcus, Palestinian Media Watch
Lauri Lowenthal Marcus, Founder and President of ZStreet
Yitzchak Pindrus, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem
Plus many other diplomats, politicians, security experts, and Rabbis
Ben Markowitz (Harvard University), Lila Chertman (University of Miami School of Medcine), and Alec Rubinstein (University of North Caroline) pose during a briefing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Tamar Kosowsky (Barnard College) and Katharine Skupsky (University of Judaism) spar during Krav Maga martial arts training
Howie Keenan (Dickinson College) poses with a Kassam rocket during avisit to Sderot
Harrison Furman (ACCC) plays with children in Sderot in a specially reinforced recreational facility built to withstand rocket attacks
Rabbi Ben Packer leads a tour of Jewish neighborhoods in Chevron
Josh Offenhartz (Phoenix School of Law) during a tour of the Knesset
ATVing in the Golan Heights along the Syrian border.
Yvette Essakhar (UCLA School of Law) at Save a Child's Heart, an Israeli organization that brings children from third world countries with heart ailments to Israel for treatment.
Henry Sanders (University of West Virginia School of Medicine) celebrates his Bar Mitzva at the Western Wall!
Yameena Israel Fellows visit the Samaria town of Neve Aliza and meet with members of the local security team. Thank you to our friends Tom and Shelli Weisz for hosting a dessert reception in our honor.
Yameena Israel Fellows planted olive trees near Itamar in memory of Harry Grandis. We acknowledge the family of former Yameena fellow George Grandis Copeland for making this possible.
Join YJC at our second annual SHABBAT AT CPAC! Click here to read about last year's historic weekend! 
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