CPAC and Purim Update!
Over 150 Jewish Conservatives gathered for the 5th Annual Shabbat at CPAC program!

In addition to providing an invaluable opportunity for dozens of young Jewish activists to network and reconnect, Shabbat CPAC also featured special guests, including Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Rep. Mark Meadows, Rep. Marlin Stutzman, and many others!
(The picture above is of a portion of the attendees after shabbat)

Thank you to all of our sponsors, supporters, and
volunteers for making this program possible!


CPAC Saturday
Eric Golub,

"Across the street from the Gaylord Convention Center where Rubio spoke, the Young Jewish Conservatives hosted a special Shabbos lunch speaker of their own. Glenn Beck is one of many devout Christians who has a warm relationship with the Jewish community. Unlike many politicians, Beck refuses to pander. Politicians who speak to Jewish groups frequently spend their entire time talking about Israel. The Young Jewish Conservatives love Israel, but they also deeply believe in politically conservative ideas in the U.S. Beck understands this.

After wishing the room a “Good Shabbos,” Beck said that he was not going to stick to Jewish issues. Beck has a couple of influential religious Jewish advisors who have educated him on the Hebrew faith. Beck made it clear that he knew he was in front of a conservative group and would give a conservative speech. The room was appreciative.

Beck spoke about one key distinction important to defining who we are as individuals and as a society. We should not act in the “national interest” because interests change. We should stick to our core “national principles” because principles never change. If we stop acting out of our interests and hew to our principles, we can save America.

Beck was calm in his remarks. The use of a microphone is prohibited on the Sabbath, so the room stayed quiet as Beck spoke serenely. But later, when it was time for his closing keynote address to several thousand rabid CPAC supporters, Beck dialed the volume up past the point of known decibels."

CPAC Jews Choose Cruz
Jacob Kornbluh, Jewish Insider

"Across the street, over 150 young Jewish students and activists attended the 5th annual Shabbaton hosted by the Young Jewish Conservatives, a grassroots coalition that unites politically active conservative young Jews...

...Team Cruz was on full display throughout the weekend. At the morning meal, attendees heard from Glenn Beck, a prominent conservative radio host who endorsed Cruz for president. Radio host Mark Levin (who has not endorsed any candidate in the race – JK) and Cruz’s senior advisor Nick Muzin stopped by on Friday to schmooze and Cruz’s Jewish chief of staff, Paul Teller was spotted mingling with the group after dinner on Friday night. Dr. Alan Berger, a frequent attendee who was recently appointed to serve on Cruz’s Jewish leadership team, treated the crowd with a heimish delectable chulent.

Rubio was represented at the CPAC Shabbaton by Martin Sweet, his recently announced Director of Jewish Outreach. “Had a great time this last weekend at CPAC, meeting a great group of young Jewish conservatives at the Shabbaton,” Sweet wrote in an email to Jewish Insider...

Speakers at the Shabbaton included Congressmen Mark Meadows (R-NC) and Marlin Stutzman (R-IN), a candidate for Indiana’s open Senate seat; Brian Mast, a U.S. army veteran and a Republican candidate in Florida’s 18th Congressional District; Phil Rosenthal, New York’s Congressman Jerry Nadler’s Republican challenger; Jason Bedrick, a former NH State Assemblyman and now policy analyst for CATO; Harold Rhode, who worked as an analyst at the Pentagon on the Middle East for 28 years; Michael Ledeen, an American historian and foreign policy analyst; Howie Slugh, an attorney who writes for national review, who shared his personal experience with the late Justice Scalia; and comedian Eric Golub.

“The incredible energy of Shabbat at CPAC’s 5th year highlights the existence of a robust community of hundreds of conservative Jewish activists who proudly embrace their religious heritage while playing a leadership role in the activities of political Right,” Yitz Tendler, YJC‘s co-founder, told Jewish Insider."

    Our Washington, DC chapter continues to grow, with several events planned for the coming months. Additionally, we are excited to share the creation of a book club which meets regularly to discuss conservative writings, including, most recently essays by the late Justice Scalia, as well as books on political and historical topics. To join Young Jewish Conservatives- DC Chapter please join their group on facebook, or email the chapter chair, Joel Griffith.

To join the book club please email Devorah Goldman or join their facebook group.
Looking for an internship opportunity on the Hill? Join other Young Jewish Conservatives interning for influential Congressmen, Senators, and NGOs. We will try to help you navigate the halls of Washington, DC.

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