Saltwater Tides: January/February 2017
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Be humble, for you are made of earth;
Be noble, for you are made of stars.

-Serbian proverb
-artist: Daniela Drescher

The Class 3/4 Bake Sale!
Upon returning to school following the Christmas break, Class 3-4 delved into an introduction of money and currency. Colourful stories of the hunting and gathering days painted a picture of a time before money. Trading goods, the concept of surplus, and the skills in bartering were experienced one day when students were given the opportunity to trade items in their lunches. As the idea of money evolved, we studied some examples of currencies in different countries. And finally, the students of Class 3-4 worked with Canadian coins and bills, manipulating it to total costs and calculate change.

To culminate our work with money, Class 3-4 hosted a bake sale for our school and TinTown community. Each student was responsible for baking a dozen or two treats, marketing the sale around Rosewall Crecent, calculating totals of purchases at the sale, and providing correct change to their customers. Our class had a very successful bake sale on so many levels. As a result of their hard work and dedication, Class 3-4 raised enough money to participate in cross-country skiing next month, made connections with neighbouring businesses in our community, and learned a thing or two about money to boot!

                                                                      ~Amy Wells
Faculty and the fine art of conflict resolution
Serving Saltwater Waldorf School as Faculty Chair has been a privilege, a challenge and a constant learning opportunity. Over the years Saltwater School has experienced a variety of faculty configurations, from intimate groups of 4-5 people, expanding quickly to 15 people, and then everything in between. Apart from the obvious work of gathering agenda items, setting the weekly faculty meeting agenda, and facilitating the meeting, there has been a recognition that throughout all of our trials and tribulations over the years, the most important ingredient in a healthy faculty is clear and healthy communication. Miscommunication, misunderstandings, and legitimate conflict will arise between faculty members, but it is how we work with the conflict that demonstrates our ideals and our strivings as human beings. As we teach the children to speak clearly and to work through challenges with one other, we provide the guidance, and often the language, for them to communicate their needs, perspective, and their hopes for resolution. It is imperative that as adults, teachers, and school faculty members, that we hold ourselves to this highest ideal of clear communication. I have found the following list, found in the AWNSA publication, The Art of Administration, to be a most helpful guide when facing conflict. It can be applied in all areas of my life, and serves to remind me that conflict is part of life, and that:
“We must speak from the heart, and make ourselves vulnerable.
In our frailties and our strivings we bear witness to our humanity again!”
- The Art of Administration
Working with Conflict
1. Movement is necessary, so things do not solidify and stagnate. A willingness to begin discussions needs to be there
2. The process of the resolution is as important as the end result. We can turn paralyzing conflict into constructive differences and diversity.
3. There must be of goal of creating an atmosphere of trust. This is built through activity and devotion that we experience when we each work with the children.
4. Conflict must be articulated and be perceptible for all (not just felt in its effects) but describe the chronology and nature of the conflict. When we externalize it and objectify it, the conflict can lose its destructive grip.
5. There must be a willingness to do this work. A willingness to find a solution and work together.
6.There must be COURAGE, to confront with shadows of ourselves and others. We must work with honesty, humility and fearlessness.
7. It must be a non-judgemental approach to resolution, there is no right or wrong.
8. We must honour the freedom in the other, to come to their lessons in their own time.

                                                                           ~ Jennifer Irwin

are taking place this spring! These are FREE and a great way for people to get to know our school and experience a taste of the Waldorf approach to Early Childhood Education. You can help by sharing about these events with family and friends, or anyone you know who has young children! Let's encourage our community to experience the Waldorf way and spread the word about our school!
Calling all stitchers!

The Saltwater Stitchers are forming to enjoy creative time together. If you can hold a pair of scissors, you have the required skills! The current mission is to create goods for display and sale at the upcoming ECE conference, where our school will be represented. We are meeting regularly to create items, and have projects suitable for home sewing as well. If you are interested in joining us for pleasant conversation and tea while making sweet Waldorf things, please contact Sarah for upcoming dates! 
NO SCHOOL FEB 24th (family day)
NO SCHOOL FEB 20-24 (teacher conference week)
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