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Upcoming Events and Announcements

Saltwater School Calendars - A Holiday Gift Idea: Saltwater School calendars were lovingly compiled by Lucia Perez Britos and are still on sale. The cost is15$ per calendar or buy 5 and receive one free! Pick yours up at the school office.
December 17: The Grade 4-5 class is having a Bake Sale from 8:30 am until 12:30. Please come out and have a delicious treat with some tea or coffee and support the Grade 4-5 class. Craft sale items from the Winter Faire will also be on sale. Cash only please.

December 17th: This is the last official day of the fall term. Dismissal time is 2:55.

December 18: The Advent Spiral celebration will take place on Wednesday, December 18th at Creekside Commons in the Common House at 2202 Lambert Crescent (please park in the visitor parking only). Visitor parking spots are marked in blue. There will be no regular classes. The schedule is as follows:
  • 9 am    Class 4-5
  • 9:30     Class 1
  • 10 am Class 2-3
  • 10:45   KG
  • 11:30   Preschool and Parent Child
This year's Advent Spiral will be followed by an optional lunch gathering (please bring your own lunches).  A community sing a-long will follow lunch. 
January 6: Winter term begins!
Committees: We are looking for committee volunteers for marketing, fundraising, administration/finance, facilities and human resources. Do you have a talent you would like to share?
Parent Library: Did you know that we have a well-stocked parent library in the office? We have information on any Waldorf subject including curriculum, a wide variety of parenting books, crafting and much more. Parents are welcome to sign out any books of interest.

Can you donate a winter jacket that would fit a 14 year old girl? Please let Julie know at the office.

Course of Interest
Sensei Mac Newton of Toshikan Martial Arts in Tin Town is pleased to offer parents and students of Saltwater School a special discount of $50 per month for karate classes for the first six months (regular monthly fee is $70). The first two trial classes are free. Toshikan classes focus on the traditional aspects of Okinawan karate which contribute to personal development. For more information visit his website at or email:

Children's classes are Tuesday and Thursday from 5-6
Adult Classes are Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7:30.
Appreciation Roses

A big thank you to Anna and Andrew Martin for their clothing donations to the Saltwater School.
The Preschool Class Visits the Courtenay Museum - by Wendy Poole

Periwinkle preschool children had a wonderful time touring the Museum.  Pat engaged them all in conversation about dinosaurs.  I was impressed how much the children already knew about the ancient beasts and their demise.  He then led us through the displays, starting with a little stream they could explore with their hands, looking for fossils amidst the stones.  Their wide-eyed interest took in the Elasmosaur from head to tail, and more.  We saw and touched a dinosaur footprint.

We discovered the museum is a very child friendly place full of interesting things.  One of the children spoke up to say he was going to be a Paleontologist when he grows up! We hope to go back in the spring for a fossil hunt.  Maybe we will discover a new dinosaur!

What the Oompa Loompas sang:

Our darling children? Please explain?
How used they keep themselves contented,
Before this monster was invented?
Have you forgotten? Don't you know?
We'll say it very loud and slow:! They'd READ and READ,
And READ and READ, and then proceed
To READ some more. Great Scott! Gadzooks!
One half of their lives was reading books!

- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Holiday Light and Warmth to Saltwater Families and Friends:

As we near the end of the school term we will be celebrating with the Advent Spiral which spreads light and joy in the cold months. There are many traditions around the world which bring light into winter times. Here is a song (english translation from Swedish) about St. Lucia. St. Lucia was a kind soul who brought light, warmth and food to the people who needed it in the darkest days of winter:
Night Walks with a Heavy Step
Night walks with a heavy step
Round yard and hearth,
As the sun departs from earth,
Shadows are brooding.
There in our dark house,
Walking with lit candles,
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia!
Night walks grand, yet silent,
Now hear its gentle wings,
In every room so hushed,
Whispering like wings.
Look, at our threshold stands,
White-clad with light in her hair,
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia!
Darkness shall take flight soon,
From earth’s valleys.
So she speaks a
Wonderful Word to us:
A new day will rise again
From the rosy sky…
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia!

Olivia Stoney tells us a little bit about her journey from Sandpoint Idaho:

Where did I come from…
When did it happen?  Where did it happen?  When and where did it not happen…..?   And that is how we enter story time in the kindergarten every day.  I stand as the gatekeeper, holding open the doors to the rich and colourful landscape of the imagination.  Some of the children come in quickly, some more slowly, some hand in hand.  Then we climb aboard the golden story boat and sail together through the infinite possibilities provided in storyland.  It is a journey we all take together and yet the tone, the texture and the lucidity of the dreamscape is experienced on a personal level.  It is given life and beauty by the listener and it is impossible for two individuals to have the exact same dream.
‘Where did my boat come from?,’ I  wonder.  ‘How far did I sail to get here?’    The landscape was definitely different before.  I loved the mountains, I loved the snow.  Yet in the thick of winter, buried under feet of icy, cold powder, I longed for something different.   We had begun to dream…where would we sail to in our crystal ship of innumerable possibilities?  Truly, we would only be limited by our imaginations.  
It seems that we had searched the countryside over and yet we reached out a little farther still.  So, what drew us to this pristine island off of the west coast of Canada?  Certainly, there were easier moves…with less paper work and red tape.   Was it the bald eagles or deer?  Was it the salty air or the miniature red and purple crabs flitting across the coast line?   Or the contrast of a snow capped mountain against a lush, green valley lined by the Georgia Strait? 
One of my first memories of childhood was peering out the window of a small airplane.  My father was sitting in the pilot’s seat and navigating the plane from the California coastline into the Idaho Rockies.  The airplane was in a steep turn and I was in pure awe of the majestic landscape rising up from the earth, as we soared like an eagle, free and weightless. 
I had been in many a plane rides since then and even flown a few myself.  Yet, I felt surprised to feel that same sense of newborn awe and wonder as I flew over the Canadian Rockies.   My face pressed against the tiny window, my gaze immovable from endless rise and fall of the snow capped terrain.  I was so tired, I had driven for 7 hours and was sure that I would be nuzzled into a corner catching some shut eye by now.   No- it wasn’t going to happen this time.   I pulled out my cell phone as we landed and texted my father.  “You wouldn’t believe the flight, dad….”
I was greeted by warm and friendly faces, welcomed by a spirited group of educators.   I was engaged with lively discussions and whisked around the island, from goose spit to the farmers’ market, through the fairy forest and onto the bank of a burgeoning river, through windy, twisty roads to a quaint little school in Tin Town.  There was something different here…something magical.  Somehow I felt my heart lean in a little closer.  “Could this be it?”   
How did we end up docking our ship in the harbor of this idyllic island?   In the end, I think it was the fairy bells of story time ringing before the story began.  There were 11 or so star children standing there at the story gates and beckoning me in.   The landscape was changing and their laughter was inviting me to come and discover the rich texture of a new dream. 
I think that’s how it happened….



The Advent Garden

Deep Mid-winter drawing near,
Darkness in our garden here -
One small flame yet bravely burns
To show a path which ever turns.

Earth, please bear us as we go,
Seeking Light to send a-glow;
Branches green and moss and fern,
Mark our path to trace each turn.
Brother animals, teach us too
To serve with patience as you do.

We walk with candle toward the Light
While Earth awaits with hope so bright;
In the Light which finds new birth
Love may spread o'er all the Earth.

Deep Mid-winter drawing near-
May Light arise in our Garden here.

Reference: Waldorf Education Family Guide (1992).

Happy Holidays!

On behalf of the Saltwater Faculty and Board we wish you a very happy, restful holiday. See you again on January 6th!


Holiday Office Hours:
The school will be closed December 24th to December 29th and December 31 to January 1st.
Office hours are the same as usual - Monday to Thursday 8:00 to 3:00 and Fridays 8:00 to noon.

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