Saltwater Tides: June 2016
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A head I have for thinking deeply,
Listening, and learning, and thinking with care.
Hands I have for work and creating
With fingers skillful to make and repair.
In my heart I can carry the sun
Shining with love for everyone. 

-Verse: Paul King -Image: Marjan Van Zeyl

Welcome back to all of our Saltwater Families!

As I look ahead to this school year I am excited to be part of this vibrant community of dedicated families.  I feel grateful to work at such a forward-thinking and positive place.  In addition to being your Class 5-6 teacher and your Pedagogical Administrator/Principal, I am finishing up a Master's Degree and this term I will be doing research right under your noses at Saltwater School!  My research for my thesis is focused on the leadership experience of the Waldorf teacher.  Being part of a Waldorf school is a unique experience given that the school is run Collectively; ideally there is no ‘Boss’.  This means that all of us who are employed at Saltwater, the volunteer Board and the Parents are responsible for the running of the school.  This is an amazing story to explore and has not been told before as a model of leadership.  

As most of you know, being a Waldorf school in BC means that we can, and do, receive funding from the Ministry of Education.  Given this agreement we are obligated to have a Principal.  I have had this role at Saltwater for six years and am proud of our interpretation of this role, our accomplishments and our relationships to this end.  We are well supported and acknowledged as a school within the Ministry of Education and within the regional Waldorf context without having compromised the integrity of Waldorf governance.
In our striving to make things as simple and effective as possible, Saltwater School is making small adjustments to its organizational structure.  After making changes last year we recognized the need for fine-tuning as we start up again.  Our goal is to ensure a simplified leadership and organizational structure that best supports our community.  To this end, there are five Standing Committees that report to the Faculty, Board and Parents: The Finance Committee, the Stewardship Committee, the Outreach and Enrolment Committee, the Development Committee and the Facilities and Maintenance Committee.  For more information about these committees, mandate descriptions, membership and reporting, don’t hesitate to ask. You will receive the updated version of our Organizational Structure in your Parent Handbook this term.   You will also find in the updated Parent Handbook a description of what to do if you have a grievance.  The procedure is called Issues Management and begins with encouraging anyone who needs to be heard to speak directly to the person with whom you have a question/concern.  

I look forward to seeing you all, at the Beach or on the school grounds.  May this be our best year yet!


Do you have questions about general school things? Check out the PARENT HANDBOOK - the source of all the answers. Read it here!
September 9th:
Join us at Goose Spit for the annual Saltwater Welcome Picnic! Come by anytime between 3-7pm. Bring a blanket, a picnic supper, and your bathing suit if you're brave! 
Apple Juice!
As per tradition, the apples from everyone's favourite tree in the Cedar Schoolhouse yard were harvested and pressed into delicious juice. Pick up a box or two from Marussia's office!
Pedagogical Coordinator and Class 5/6 teacher: Rebecca Watkin
Class 3/4: Amy Wells
Class 2/3 and French: Alison Hunting
Class 1 and Music: Jennifer Irwin
Kindergarten: Cheridy Whipp
Preschool: Lucia Perez
Movement Educator: Michelle Nagle
Junior Prep Program: Sarah Nolin
Gardening, woodwork, and other fun: Justin Black 
Administrator: Marussia Nesling

For more intriguing details about our faculty members, please click here! 

Welcome back for the 2016/17 school year at Saltwater Waldorf School! What an amazing summer filled with sunshine, water, camping, late nights, playtime, and sleep-ins… for some families! For others, there was hard work peppered throughout the summer… teachers tending to their further education, ideas being hatched for ways to improve and enrich our own school, new teams and procedures being developed, and an overall strong and positive energy, dare I say excitement, about the future of Saltwater Waldorf School!

Sometimes we need to step backwards in order to journey forwards. We have to say good bye to some of our families, staff, and board members who have contributed much to the community that we are building together. We wish them all the best as we remember their love and commitment to our school in its development. In particular, we wish a fond farewell to our beloved Julie Mills who has consistently gone beyond the call of duty as our Administrator, with Marussia Nesling now filling her shoes. Julie’s family remains with the school, so we are fortunate that we get to see her smiling face still. 
Our board chair, Niels Von Meyenfeldt, has also retired from his position, with Kristi Hansen temporarily filling his role leading up to our AGM this coming fall. We wish Niels safe travels on his upcoming extended European adventures!

There is an undercurrent of excitement brewing with all the discussions and changes happening within our school. There’s a wonderful sense of freedom that comes from being an independent school, so we can be nimble and creative in our approach. As our faculty, staff, board, and parent group has reduced, the door is wide open for people who want to participate in our fresh start! The environment is challenging and rewarding, supportive and dynamic, energetic and productive! Please consider shifting beyond being a “Saltwater Parent” and join us in building a bigger beast: our Saltwater Community!

~Kristi Hansen

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the new grade one class, and to all families and students who will be joining this year.

As the French program mirrors many of the Main Lessons the children receive, it offers students the opportunity not only to learn about another culture, but to begin to see their own in new ways. I am really looking forward to seeing how this language unfolds within each child as together we explore the sounds and spirit of French.

Quelle aventure!              

~Mme. Hunting

“One of the delights of finding one's way into a foreign language is that one becomes aware of hitherto unknown aspects of oneself. The new medium has, as it were, set something free within oneself.”
 ~Micheal Stott
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