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Important Dates

February 28 and March 14 (Fridays) - Are you interested in learning more about the life of Rudolf Steiner? Creekside Commons is hosting a two-part showing of 'The Challenges of Rudolf Steiner' on February 28th and March 14th.
Where: Creekside Commons, Courtenay at  2202 Lambert Drive. Please park in the visitor parking stalls (they are marked) to the left of Creekside Commons. There is also parking on the side streets. Bring a  snack to share if you'd like. There will be tea and discussion following the movie.

March 18 - Maureen Rose Everatt will be speaking on 'The Waldorf Approach to Reading' at the Saltwater School from 7:30 to 9:30. Come out for treats and tea. Maureen Rose Everatt was born in Toronto, Ontario. She adopted a special needs infant who is now 21 years old and a graduate of the Waldorf Academy. Maureen Rose has been a Waldorf Teacher for 17 years. She has taught Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade One and Two Handwork. 

March 20 (Fundraiser at the Chophouse) - The Saltwater Parent Group (SPG) and the marketing committee are organizing a silent auction and dinner fundraiser on March 20th at the Prime Chophouse and Wine bar in Courtenay. Dinner (including vegan options) will be made and served by the restaurant and 5$ will be donated to the Saltwater Parent Group for every plate sold. The silent auction will be made up of donations from our community. If you have any items to donate please contact Bobby Boyd at 250 898 9422250 898 9422 or

March 22 - April 6: Spring Break - No school

April 18-21: Easter break

May 2: May Festival - 10 to noon

May 19: Victoria Day - No school

June 12: Last Day of School

What has been happening in class?
Preschool: This month, Wendy Poole and Lucia Perez Britos took their preschoolers to the Fire hall. They also organized a Family Valentine's Day tea with cake and cookies made by the children.

Grade 2-3: Rebecca Watkin, Amy Wells and helpers took the Grade 1 and Grade 2-3 class up to Mount Washington to snowshoe for the day.

Grade 4-5: This class learnt about Ancient India. Each morning they began with a yoga practice and Sanskrit chanting. Over the month, the children learned about the geography of India and the surrounding countries. As well, they studied about the geography of Ancient India, where the Indus Valley Civilization arose. The block was filled with stories of the Hindu gods, as well as the story of Siddartha Gautama who became the Buddha. The class visited the Buddhist temple in Errington, where they saw the Godlen Buddha statue in the shrine, and they practiced a light meditation in the temple. The block culminated with a delicious Indian feast. We set the table beautifully, played Indian music, and those of us with Indian style clothing dressed up for our meal. And of course, since it was our authentic Indian feast, we ate with our right forks!  
Easy way to fundraise for your school

Thrifty's Smile Card Program: This program is a quick and easy way to help raise funds for your school. Julie has Thrifty's Smile Cards at the office  - come and pick up yours. When you shop at Thrifty's all you have to do is have a cashier pre-load your Smile Card with the amount you would normally purchase on your credit or debit card. Thrifty's will then take a percentage of what you spent on your groceries and donate it directly back to the Saltwater School. There is no cost to you other than your normal grocery expenses. This is a way you can really make a difference for your school. Our fundraising goal: $1000 to buy equipment for the school.
Gratitude to our school donors
Thank you to the following donors for their generous support. All donations go directly to helping with school operating costs.
Karen Alexandre (ongoing supporter)
Michelle Nagle (ongoing supporter)
Chris Nagle (ongoing supporter)
Karen Ross
Anne Davidson (ongoing supporter)
Leslie Hoffman (ongoing supporter)
Christine Pearce
Anonymous donor

Our community supporters:
Dale Rouleau for his donations of two wooden wands to the Saltwater School. Dale is a woodworker and owns Artisan Wood to Works at 2267 Cousins Avenue. For more on Dale see the following Midweek article:


Parent  Library Pick of the Month:

"There was a great celebration in the village that night for a very unusual Babushka! There were flowers given. Bread and salt offered. Songs sung and dances danced. One of the babushkas moved closer to her and took Baba Yaga's hands and called out, "Those who judge one another on what they see and hear and no on what they know of them in their hearts, are fools indeed!"
"Hear, hear!" The Mayor sang out as everyone cheered."

Baba Yaga, by Patricia Polacco.
Greetings Saltwater families and community. We continue to have many exciting events planned for March. The movie "The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner" will be playing over two Fridays at Creekside Commons (February 28 and March 14). A Parent and Tot spring session program is just around the corner (April 7) - you and your child can enjoy baking, crafting and playing together. Yaya Flesher talks about how the Grade 4-5 class turned a challenging situation into a positive interaction with a community member. There are two important announcements - read about our new building purchase and tuition hikes for the fall. Please also note the important dates coming up including Speaker Evening March 18th with Maureen Everatt Rose and our Spring Fundraiser at the Chophouse on March 20th.
Donations through the Saltwater School Website If you would like to make a donation to the Saltwater School click on the icon listed here. Thank you!
The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner - Movie Event at Creekside Commons
The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner, filmed during 2011 – the 150th anniversary year of Rudolf Steiner’s birth – is a two-part documentary by veteran film-maker Jonathan Stedall telling the story of Steiner’s remarkable life (1861-1925), as well as exploring the influence of his ideas and insights on a whole range of contemporary activities – education, agriculture, medicine, social and financial issues, and the arts. We will be showing this film as a two part series: Part One on February 28th and Part Two on March 14th.
When: Friday February 28th and Friday March 14th
Time: 7:30-9:30pm
Location: Creekside Commons (2202 Lambert Drive in Courtenay)
To bring: A snack to share if you'd like
Parking: Please park in visitor spots marked with 'visitor' on the pavement of the stall
There will be tea and discussion following the movie for those interested
Can't make one or both of these evenings?  Both parts are available on Youtube.  You will find them by searching for 'Challenge of Rudolf Steiner'.  If you would like to read more about the film you can here:

Parent and Tot Spring Program (April 7 to June 9)
The next Parent and Tot session begins April 7th. Parents and tots can enjoy baking bread, crafting and playing with other children and their parents in the ECE classroom on Monday mornings from 9-11. This is a wonderful way to learn more about child development and the importance of play. If you are interested please talk to Michelle Nagle or Julie Mills for registration details.
A Lesson Learnt - Yaya Flesher
Watching students really dig into a project is truly endearing.  The day that the 4-5 boys found an old washed out bridge over Morrison creek they were delighted and decided to build a fort out of it and they did. It was growing everyday quite magnificently, until one day we all were rather surprised that there was someone who thought it un-magnificent.   One of the business owners of forty years who backed onto that particular area had a lot to say about this.  At first we were all a little shocked and scared of how the interaction was about to unfold.  A lot of defenses shot up and things could have gone poorly, but instead it turned out to be a wonderful way for the students to really listen to a stranger’s thoughts without rising to the fight.  After we all listened attentively as to how the creek has changed over the years and how much the fish need this creek and how delicate the creek bank really is, it only made us realize what we already knew.  We love this beautiful area that is Cousins Park and Morrison Creek.  The children exhibit a great respect for it and all it’s raw magical beauty.  We want to start a stewardship program for the park because we know how lucky we are to play here everyday.  At the end of our engaging conversation the boys happily took their fort down with all the vigor of starting a whole new adventure.  We also got to learn how to shake hands, exchange names and warm regards for something we all love…the phenomenon of the physical world.

School Announcements
1. New building purchased
We are very excited to announce that our school benefactor has purchased another building in Tin Town at 2398 Rosewall Crescent to address our growing school population. The school board will keep parents updated on what programs will be housed in this building. This building needs a lot of cleaning and some prep work before renovations are made. We could really use the help of our talented Saltwater School community to assist where needed. Please donate some time to help with your new school building. Contact Julie Mills at the office to sign up.
2. Tuition Hikes for the Fall 2014
The Saltwater school board approved a 7% tuition increase for the Fall 2014. All programs including preschool to grades will be increasing in tuition. The kindergarten program will be moving to full time hours and tuition for this program will reflect the longer day and change in staffing needs. Tuition has increased to address our rising operating costs and to ensure we continue to provide quality services and education. Currently the Saltwater School receives 50% of our funding through the Ministry of Education. We rely on tuition from our Saltwater families for the remainder. The Saltwater School has a program of Tuition Assistance to help offset costs for families in need. For more information on the fee schedule and on our Tuition Assistance program please see our website at:

Successful Speaker Evening - February 12
We had an excellent turnout for our Speaker Evening with Kathy Brunetta on February 12th. Kathy, an AWSNA representative came to do a site visit of our school. Kathy spoke on many important themes. These themes included the myths and misconceptions of Waldorf schooling and exploring child development from a Waldorf perspective. Notes from this meeting are available for those unable to attend. Kathy will be sending her site visit report to AWSNA and recommending that we become a 'Developing Waldorf School'. Stay tuned for more information on this.
Learn more about Waldorf Education - Useful Waldorf Links
If you are interested in reading some more about Waldorf education there is a wealth of information on the internet. Click on these links to find out more:
Parent Library
Did you know that we have a well-stocked parent library in the office and in the main foyer? We have information on any Waldorf subject including curriculum, a wide variety of parenting books, crafting and much more. We also have some wonderful children's books. Parents are welcome to sign out any books they are interested in. For more information talk to Alison Hunting.

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