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Up and Coming Events

Tin Town Business Relations - This is a reminder to all Saltwater families to please be mindful of the Tin Town businesses and their space. Please do not park in front of the Water Pure and Simple business next door. This includes their parking stalls or area in front of their office at any time. Please also use REWIND parking only if you are a customer.
March 14 - The second half of a two-part showing of 'The Challenges of Rudolf Steiner' will be playing at Creekside Commons at 7 pm (2202 Lambert Drive, Courtenay) on Friday March 14th. Bring a snack and be ready for some great discussion.

March 18 - Maureen Rose Everatt will be speaking on 'The Waldorf Approach to Reading' at the Saltwater School from 7:30 to 9:30. Come out for treats and tea. Maureen Rose Everatt was born in Toronto, Ontario. Maureen Rose has been a Waldorf Teacher for 17 years. She has taught Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade One and Two Handwork. 

March 20 (Fundraiser at the Chophouse) - The Saltwater Parent Group (SPG) and the marketing committee are organizing a silent auction and dinner fundraiser on March 20th at the Prime Chophouse and Wine bar in Courtenay. Dinner (including vegan options) will be made and served by the restaurant and 5$ will be donated to the Saltwater Parent Group for every plate sold. The silent auction will be made up of donations from our community. If you have any items to donate please contact Bobby Boyd at 250 898 9422250 898 9422 or

March 22 - April 6: Spring Break - No school

April 18-21: Easter break

May 2: May Festival - 10 to noon

May 19: Victoria Day - No school

June 12: Last Day of School

Easy way to fundraise for your school

Thrifty's Smile Card Program: This program is a quick and easy way to help raise funds for your school. Julie has Thrifty's Smile Cards at the office  - come and pick up yours. When you shop at Thrifty's all you have to do is have a cashier pre-load your Smile Card with the amount you would normally purchase on your credit or debit card. Thrifty's will then take a percentage of what you spent on your groceries and donate it directly back to the Saltwater School. There is no cost to you other than your normal grocery expenses. This is a way you can really make a difference for your school. Our fundraising goal: $1000 to buy equipment for the school.
There were no donations made for the month of February. If you would like to make a donation to the Saltwater School, you can go to our website and click on the Canada Helps icon on the home page. Donators can give 5$ all the way up to their ideal donation amount. If your family or friends are looking for a way to give - please tell them about the Saltwater School donations program.

All donations will be recognized in our
Gold, Silver and Bronze donation program. The Bronze category includes donations amounts of $5-$100, the Silver category includes donation amounts of $101 to $500 and the Gold category includes donations amounts of $501 and $up. Monthly and one-time donations are welcome.

Parent  Library Pick of the Month:

"Matthew became a painter. He worked hard and painted large canvasses filled with shapes and colors of joy. Then he married Nicoletta. In time he became famous, and mice from all over the world came to see and buy his paintings. His largest painting now hangs in the museum. When asked about the title, Matthew smiles. "The title?" he says as if he had never thought about it before. "My dream."

Parent Library
The Saltwater School has a parent library in the main foyer. We have information on any Waldorf subject including curriculum, a wide variety of parenting books, crafting and much more. We also have some wonderful children's books. Parents are welcome to sign out any books they are interested in. For more information talk to Alison Hunting.

Learn more about Waldorf Education - Useful Waldorf Links
If you are interested in reading some more about Waldorf education there is a wealth of information on the internet. Click on these links to find out more:
Greetings Saltwater families and communityWe have a speaker evening happening March 18th and a dinner and silent auction fundraiser event on March 20th. See the 'Up and Coming Events' section of this newsletter for more details.  Please also note that there are still spaces left in the Parent and Tot session starting April 7th. This newsletter would also like to recognize our well-loved community coffee shop REWIND in Tin Town. Thank you for the wonderful space, coffee and child-friendly atmosphere which has housed many parent gatherings, book-club meetings and families in need of refreshments!
Donations to the Saltwater School via 
What is Canada Helps? The Saltwater School has set up a system that is simple and easy for people to donate to on a regular or one-time basis. This system is called Canada Helps - an online technology service that makes donating accessible and affordable for everyone. If you are interested in donating go to our school website homepage or click on the above icon.
Once in the Canada Helps link you will be prompted to fill in a page of information. You can donate as much as 5$ all the way up to whatever sum you can afford. All donations are received with extreme gratitude. As you know, our school relies on the generousity of our families and community. If your family or friends are looking for ideas for gifts this year - a monthly donation to our school is a great idea.

What Is In a Song or a Movement?  by Michelle Nagle
What does a certain activity or quiet moment bring?  These are in me as I prepare for facilitating a parent and child class.  Are my actions worthy of imitation?  For our young ones will imitate us.  Through their entire beings they perceive the world around them.
            Bringing songs joyfully into our class, sharing integrative movement activities and having our activities and quiet moments support our class community are all part of our morning together.
            We give a gift to our children to have a morning with them to play, engage and create in a class setting where we can be present with our child, and the busy-ness of our everyday lives pauses.  These breaths are rejuvenating. 
            A parent told me recently that coming to Sunflower parent and child class helps ground her week and gives her a fresh breath of connectivity with parenting.
            Parent and child classes are as much for us as parents as they are for our children.  There is a lot asked of us during these early years and we have the greatest influence for our children at this time.  Learning to be present to their needs while also attending to our own is an impressive practice.  And through our relationships with our children we learn so much about ourselves and how we relate in the world.  Observing in class, articles to take home and read, and discussion during parent evenings, are all ways that support us on our parenting journey.
            Sunflower parent and child classes have a rhythmical flow to them; the order of activities remains consistent, transitions are playfully recognized, and seasonal influences are met through themes in baking, crafting and circle activities.   Rhythm gives us and especially young children a pillar to lean on and breath deeply. 
            Just as we physically breath in and out, contracting and expanding, so too can we find these in and out breathes in our daily lives.  For example, breathing in (centering) as we make our bread or snack, breathing out (rejuvenating release) as we play, breathing in during circle activities and our snack blessing, breathing out during snack time and so forth.  Breathing in and out work in partnership creating a healthy rhythm.  By being aware of in and out breaths we can use them in regulating our lives. 
            Imitation, presence of a primary caregiver and rhythm are key components in early-life learning and foundational in parent and child classes at Saltwater School.


Parent and Tot Spring Program (April 7 to June 9)
The next Parent and Tot session begins April 7th. Parents and tots can enjoy baking bread together, crafting and playing with other children and their parents in the ECE classroom on Monday mornings from 9-11. This is a wonderful way to learn more about your child's development and the importance of play. If you are interested please talk to Michelle Nagle or Julie Mills for registration details.


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