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Upcoming Events and Announcements

LOST: Have you seen a child's size 4 Mountain Equipment CO-OP Rain jacket? Please call Fabien Gendron and Jen Reiter at 250 338 0489.
  • November 4-8: No school for Kindergarten to Grade 5 due to parent/teacher week. Note: Preschool will run on November 4th only.
  • November 6: Weekly Saltwater Parent Group Book Club meeting every Wednesday from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. The first meeting will be at Jennifer Bolton's house.(Directions: 1256 B Joshua Place, Courtenay). Topic: Simplicity Parenting (some copies will be available at the school office)
  • November 12-15: Food drive for the Food Bank (if you can spare something from your cupboard, please drop it at the school).
  • November 14: Parent & Tot/ECE Lantern Festival 4: 30 at the school
  • November 15: Grades Lantern Festival at 4:30 at the school
  • November 20: Parent evening with Ruth Kerr a well respected Waldorf teacher at the Sunrise Waldorf School (Topic and time TBA)
  • November 24: Christmas Parade - Come out and march with your Saltwater community
  • November 30: Winter Faire 10 to 2 (please contact Laura Henderson via email at or 250 898 1013 to volunteer)
  • December 6: Saltwater Parent Group meeting at Creekside Commons (2202 Lambert Crescent, Courtenay) - Time TBA
  • December 18: Advent Spiral and last day of fall term (early dismissal at 12:15)
  • January 6: Winter term begins!

Parent Reminder:
Please bring in your child's calming kit(s) with
the following items:

  • 3 granola/protein bars
  • emergency card detailing whom we can release your child to in the event of an emergency (the more names the better!)
  • medications/allergy information
  • comforting toys, photos
  • flashlight (optional)
Note: must fit into a large ziploc bag


Volunteer Wish List


March with your Saltwater School community in the Courtenay Christmas parade on Sunday November 24th. Please sign up!


Lend a hand with the Winter Faire in a variety of ways including helping to prepare for the following venues:  Market Place, Craft Room, Tea Room, Cookie House, Performance Hall, Advertising and Promotions and Outdoor Preparations. We also require volunteers to help set-up the day before the Faire (November 29th), work the day of the Faire and take down after the Faire is over at 2 pm. If you are interested please contact Laura Henderson via email or 250 898 1013.


There are many committees including fundraising, marketing, human resources and finance and administration. If one inspires  you please let us know.


The Early Childhood program would love to have some new play items. If you love to build things please see Wendy or Olivia for ideas.

Appreciation Roses

  • Thank you to Bobby Boyd, Adam Irwin and Josh Jamieson for all of their work on the school including renovations, gates and other projects. A big thank you also to Josh for building the desks for the classrooms!
  • Thank you to our Saltwater Parent Group for helping to organize our events and all of your support at the school.

Wish List Please

Can you donate any of the following items?

Earthquake School Safety Kit Wish List
  • Crow bar
  • Medium sized back pack
School Album Wish List
  • School camera (second hand camera)
Kindergarten Wish List
  • Kitchen items: whisks, hand blenders, mixing pots, mixing bowls, apple peeler/coring device, water pitcher, rolling pins, strainer, medium sized soup pot
  • Outside items: Wood splitting stump, boards 4' x 6', hoola hoops, large wood round for outdoor table, 2-3 smaller wood rounds for seats
  • Inside items: Sheepskin or soft rug for inside the bottom of the castle.

Hello from the Saltwater School:

Welcome to the first newsletter for the school season! As we move into the cooler months there are many upcoming events and festivals to warm us and infuse us with light including the Martinmas festival, the Winter Faire and the Advent Circle. We will also be running a Food Drive for the Food Bank November 12-15. Your teachers will provide you with more details.

Our newsletters will feature captions from teachers, parents, board and community. Do you have any pictures and/or video you would like to donate to our archives? We look forward to capturing the highlights of Saltwater School in our newsletter - if you have any suggestions please let us know. Happy November everyone.

Greetings from
Class 2-3

By Rebecca Watkin

Class Two Three has been busy this term.  We began the school year with a focus on outside time, form drawing, remembering our inside voices and quiet bodies.  We had to get to know each other again and how we want to be together as a class.  After three weeks of September we had arrived at that old place of comfort and peace.  We were working hard and could maintain a peaceful working space in the classroom.  This is when we began working on a Fibers block. 
The role of Fiber study in a Waldorf school is to connect the children to the role of humans on the earth.  When the children are between 7.5 and 9.5 they experience a time of loneliness and a feeling of being disconnected from things.  Through a look at Clothing and Fiber the children experience a connection to the earth.  The earth provides plants and animals from whom we get fiber for clothing. 
Over four weeks we looked at animals that provide humans with leather and wool, plants like flax, hemp, cotton and silk (because the silkworm eats plants and never reaches its potential as a moth we consider it more like a plant).  The children visited Morrison Creek Alpaca farm where they fed the animals and did some work on the farm in exchange for some fiber.  They learned to sew leather and to wash, dry and card wool.  They learned about spinning all of the different fibers with drop spindles and with a spinning wheel.  They experienced the differences between the fibers: the coarseness of hemp verses the lightness and softness of silk. The stringiness of linen verses the puffiness of cotton. They heard stories of the plants and animals and the journey of turning these into fibers and then clothing.  They knitted and weaved and knotted all of the spun treasures into fabric. 
On the final day of the four week block the children hosted the community in their classroom for a Fiber Fair.  The event was one hour where the children greeted visitors at the front door with baked goods and a warm hello.  The student tour guide walked the guests down the hall and showed them into the classroom.  Here the room was set up in a spiral where each table was hosted by a student and set up with a fiber.   Fiber tables showed written work, fabric, spun fiber, knitted fiber or woven fiber.  The children spoke of how the fiber went from source to fabric as community members travelled around the room.  The Fair was a wonderful hour showcasing their hard work and new found connection to fiber.
I have to thank the mothers who were available to the class to help organize the working days, I could not have done this on my own.  Thank you to Morrison Creek Alpaca Farm as well for always being such gracious hosts whenever we visit.  And thank you to the children of Class two three for your dedication to spinning, knitting and bracelet making and to trying new things.  And now its onward we go to place value and carrying and perhaps a little building...

Our Path to Saltwater School

By Adam Morden
As a family, we had a tremendous opportunity over the last year to truly move to wherever we wanted.  Marla had finished her Phd, both our kids are healthy, and I was fortunate to have developed a business that left me location independent.  First, we thought about moving to Costa Rica or Panama and spent 6 weeks there specifically exploring the schooling and living options.  It was fantastic, Amatiel especially thrived, but in the end we decided it would not be the best fit for our family.  So, knowing we really wanted to be back near the ocean and mountains we came back to BC and began our search here.  Our primary concern was finding a school where our kids could thrive and ensuring their ability to get outside and enjoy the fantastic environment that surrounds us in BC.  We checked out schools up and down the island, Victoria, Cobblehill, Duncan, Nanaimo, Campbell River, the Gulf Islands, and a few on the mainland mostly between Pemberton and Vancouver.  Of all the schools we toured none really felt right and seemed to provide everything we were looking for in a school.  Specifically, a well-rounded education that focused on the whole sphere of development including art, music, and physical education, not just classic academics.  We also wanted somewhere where differences where not just tolerated, but actually celebrated.  When we walked in the door at Saltwater school the first time we felt at home.  The kids played outside in an awesome environment, they were all happy, excited, and energetic and the teachers all seemed to genuinely like kids (sadly uncommon in our search thus far).  We weren’t specifically looking for a Waldorf school, Amatiel had been attending a Montessori in Ontario for the last 2 years, and we actually thought an IB school was what we wanted.  But once we found Saltwater School we knew that we had found the best school for our family.

About Your
School Board

The Saltwater School Board  began 4 years ago as a group of inspired parents. Since then we have grown to 9 members and each person brings in their own diverse talents and backgrounds. The Saltwater School Board is responsible for a number of things including:
  • overseeing our school budget
  • chairing committees
  • preparing for school expansion
  • supporting school faculty
Introducing our School Board:
Arlene Trustham - Chairperson/Human Resources Chair (
Michelle Nagle - Vice-Chairperson (
Adam Morden - Treasurer (
Marussia Nesling - Secretary/Administration Chair (
Niels VonMeyenfeldt - Director/Building and Facilities Chair (
Maren Blid - Director (
Bobby Boyd - Director/Marketing Chair (
Jennifer Ross Irwin - Director/Faculty Chair (
Julie Mills - Director/Administrator (

*If you would like to know more about the Board please ask!

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