Saltwater Tides: January 2016
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King Winter is now in the land
He reigns with cold and freezing hand.
He makes Jack Frost touch nose and toe,
And brings us bright and shiny snow.
                     -Traditional verse
                    -Image: Ilona Bock
Happy New Year to all of you.  I hope you all had a wonderfully relaxing and peaceful break.  With every new year we typically make resolutions to take a look at what has served us well, what has not and what we want to invite into our lives. Some of you may find yourselves with a cup of tea doing just that, others celebrate the moment, each moment.

At Saltwater School you might find us working in meetings and at desks, taking stock, shedding, renewing and planning for what lies ahead.  It seems that Father Winter invites us in to sit by the fire and do this kind of inner work.  The snow has added to the feeling of solitude and contemplation.  

As my 'inner' work I have been collaborating with a task group assembled through AWSNA (Association of Waldorf Schools of North America) to build our Waldorf curriculum into a template that will satisfy our duty to report.  The template not only shows that Waldorf curriculum meets the requirements of BC curriculum but it highlights that in today's model of education in BC, Waldorf is cutting edge.  
New curriculum is asking schools to teach all subjects in a more integrated way where math, language arts, science and social studies are not taught in isolation, Waldorf schools have been teaching this way for a century.  New curriculum is asking that students are given opportunities to 'experience' lessons rather than hear lessons, Waldorf schools embrace this model as their way.  In many more ways Waldorf schools are getting the opportunity to show the wider world that we have some really great things going on here.  
I feel the pull of Winter as it draws me to stay up late in front of my computer or books researching, communicating, planning, and it feels like just the right thing.  I wish you all a place to land when you too are drawn in.
Every class has a meeting scheduled this month. Check the calendar on the school website (link below) to confirm the day and time of your meeting! Meetings are a time to gather with other parents, and learn more about the developmental stages your child is experiencing and how Waldorf education aims to support them.
Find out your meeting date and time by clicking here!
Meet our newest faculty member: Introducing Sophie Simard
The Saltwater School extends a warm welcome to Sophie Simard, our new French teacher! Sophie grew up on Quadra Island and was raised in a francophone and francophile family.  She completed the Francophone program at public school right from kindergarten.  Later, she studied various languages at University and completed a Bachelor of Arts. She is also the Musical Director for the Comox Valley Children's Choir and teaches yoga.  When not at the Saltwater school, you'll find Sophie enjoying her role as mother to two young daughters in Tin Town.
Welcome, Sophie! 
In December the class 4/5 put on an impressive production of Iduna & The Golden Apples. Many hours were put into rehearsing, costuming, and set design and the performance was enjoyed by students and parents alike. Well done!
The Saltwater Parent Council Update: 
Winter Faire applause, call for Treasurer, Fun Fridays, and Spring Family Dance;
Next meeting Wednesday January 20th at 2pm!
Hello Saltwater Families!

We would like to thank all who contributed to the Winter Faire in any 
way. Whether by donating baking or materials, volunteering your time, and/or attending. Now that the Faire has come and gone, we can begin to think about our next goals. As the parent council executives, we have been taking a serious look at what our goals, objectives and mandate are. Some of the questions we’ve been asking ourselves are:
1) How do we want to bring our school community together?
2) What do we need to do this? i.e: costs, space
3) How do we want to achieve monies for these costs? i.e: fundraise, personal contribution, etc.
4) If we want to fundraise, what fundraisers will bring in the most for the least amount of time involvement and also bring our community together at the same time?
On this note, we would appreciate your thoughts and ideas to these questions. 
We would also like to thank Marussia for offering her time and skills to be secretary of the Parent Council Meetings. And now we are calling on someone to step forward as our treasurer. This would require basic bookkeeping/money tracking and a monthly report. This position generally would not require more then 1-2 hours per month at most. If you would be willing to help us with this or know of someone you would like to nominate, please let us know.
Also, we are looking for volunteers to help with Fun Fridays. This requires 2 people every Friday to arrive at noon to set up for selling popcorn or pizza and drinks. The kids seem to look forward to this at the end of the week and it is a nice way to chat and get to know other families in the school. But we will need help to continue this as we as the executives already have a lot on our plates.
And last but not least, the Spring Family Dance. We need to start now to organize this fun community event. This is ultimately what we have been fundraising for. Getting together and having fun! So again, looking for committee volunteers.
We know from our own experience how busy family and life in general are. We also know how important our children are and fostering a healthy community for our families. And we know that it takes volunteers to make this happen. It not only is rewarding but also teaches our children many valuable things. So yes volunteering our time is needed and at the same time balance with our time so that we still maintain time for work, time for play, time for our families, and yes, time for nurturing ourselves.

Your input is valuable so please forward any responses and 
interest to Marussia at the office or via email.
The next Parent Council Meeting will be held WEDNESDAY JANUARY 20TH at 2:00pm at the Playhouse Cafe (across the street from the Cedar Schoolhouse). All are welcome to attend! 
Thank you!                                                                                          ~The Parent Council Executive Team
Many hands did their part to make our Winter Faire a success - pictured above is our school market table, and to the right is Miss Mullen playing the part of Pocket Lady, an always-popular figure with the children! 

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