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Announcements and Events

Parent and Tot Classes - Spring Term: Our Spring Term Parent and Tot class (begins in April) still has space available. You and your child can enjoy baking bread, crafting and playing with other children in the ECE classroom on Monday mornings from 9-11. If you are interested please let Michelle or Julie in the office know.

Please Claim Lost and Found Items/Tupperware Containers: Parents there are a large number of clothes (shirts, gloves, hats, yes even underwear) for you to claim. Please come in and have a look to see if there are any of your items in this growing pile. There are also tupperware containers left over from the Winter Xmas Faire.
January 13: The next Saltwater Parent Group meeting will be held at Rewind in Tin Town  from 8:45-10:45 on Wednesday January 15. Children are welcome.

January 20: The Saltwater School will be participating in the Winter Bites festival in Simms park. We have booked the skating rink for the Grades classes for Monday January 20th. If the weather is nice children will ride their bikes from school to Simms Park and skate from 10-11. It is recommended that the children bring their own skates and helmets. Skates and helmets are available at the skating rink for free but are only available on a first come first serve basis. The school is asking a fee of 5$ if you have not already paid for the field trip to Mount Washington that was canceled in December.

January 28th: ECE parent evening - A Creative Approach to Discipline. Time: 7:15 to 8:45.

January 31: The Grade 2-3 Market: The children will be making things through the month to sell at their market. There will also be a bake sale. Time: 11-12:15.

February 10: Family Day - no school

February 17-21: Teacher Conference Week - No school.

March 22 - April 6: Spring Break - No school

April 18-21: Easter break

May 2: May Festival - 10 to noon

May 19: Victoria Day - No school

June 12: Last Day of School

Volunteer Roses
A big thank you to all of our Saltwater Cleaners who came in on over the holidays to do a cleaning blitz. Our baseboards, windows and dusty upper shelves have never sparkled more brightly!
Thank you also to the Martin family for their generous donation of gently used snow suits for Saltwater families. We found homes for all three donated suits.
Thank you to Josh Jamieson for building a bookshelf for our Parent Library collection.
Parent  Library Pick of the Week:

"The wind whispered in her ears, the earth touched her feet, the lake mirrored the night sky. Sofia knew that all of these things were part of her, and she was part of them. She walked to the edge of the water and saw her own reflection. Her heart was whole again. Thank you heartmender, Sofia said."

Sofia and the Heartmender, Marie Olofsdotter.

Heading 4

Repeatable content blocks: Repeatable sections are noted with plus and minus signs so that you can add and subtract content blocks. You can also get a little fancy: repeat blocks and remove all text to make image "gallery" sections, or do the opposite and remove images for text-only blocks!
Sweet blackbird is silenced with chaffinch and thrush,
Only waitcoated
robin still chirps in the bush:
Soft sun-loving
swallows have mustered in force,
And winged to the spice-teeming southlands their course.

Plump housekeeper
dormouse has tucked herself neat,
Just a brown ball in
moss with a morsel to eat:
hedgehog has huddled him into the hedge,
frogs scarce miss freezing deep down in the sedge.

swallows have left us alone in the lurch,
robin sits whistling to us from his perch:
If I were
red robin, I'd pipe you a tune,
Would make you despise all the beauties of June.

But since that cannot be, let us draw round the
Munch chestnuts, tell stories, and stir the blaze higher:
We'll comfort pinched
robin with crumbs,
little man,
Til he'll sing us the very
best song that he can.

Christina Rossetti, The Children's Year.


Did you know that we have a well-stocked parent library in the office? We have information on Waldorf inspired curriculum, a wide variety of parenting books, crafting and much more. Parents are welcome to sign out any books they are interested in. For more information talk to Alison Hunting.

WHAT IS THE SALTWATER PARENT GROUP? - By Emma Hutchinson, SPG Chairperson

The Saltwater Parent Group is legally equivalent to the Parent Committees of other schools. Our main objectives are community building and light fundraising (through community building events such as dances, etc.). Every Saltwater parent is automatically a member of this group. Becoming involved in this group is a wonderful way to connect with other parents and to take a supportive role in our amazing young school. It is also a place for you to express your creativity and ideas for the school and community. Please consider taking part, as many hands make light work and each person brings something new!
The Saltwater Parent Group began and has been evolving since February 2013. Here are some things we have done so far:
- We have raised $640 of gaming grant money to be used for the school;
- We organized a family dance last spring which was super fun and raised almost $1200 mostly for the school TAP programs;
-  We organized the beginning-of-school picnic at Goose Spit;
-  We brought Walter Daroshin here from the Vancouver Waldorf School in the fall 2013 to speak about the role of the parent in a Waldorf school;
-  We started a book club on a book called Simplicity Parenting and bought several copies of the book plus the study guide for the school so that more book clubs can happen over the years;
-  We helped with the organization of the Winter Christmas Faire.
SPG Supported Upcoming Events
-February 12 evening: Kathy Burnetta from the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America will be doing a talk for the parents.
-March Fundraiser Dinner (Date TBA): Fundraiser dinner and auction at the Prime Chophouse and Wine Bar
-Spring (Date TBA): Family Dance

If you would like to know more about the Saltwater Parent Group join us for a meeting or contact Emma Hutchinson at

Creekside is a community conceived, developed and managed by residents. We all have individual title to our homes and the front, side and backyards are landscaped to individual tastes. We share equally in the common house, workshop and large vegetable garden. Decisions about use of common facilities are made using a modified consensus process. There are currently homes for sale. For more information about cohousing, our community or the homes available please check our website at

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