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Upcoming Events and Announcements

Reminders: Parents please be advised that the start of the school day is 8:15 am. The school day ends at 2:55 with a transition for pick-up until 3:10. Teachers are finished working at 3:10 so please be prompt in picking up your children.

Food Drive: Thank you everyone for your generous donations to the Food Drive. We will continue collecting food items until December 1. We already have a huge hamper of food thanks to your generousity.

November 20: Parent evening with Ruth Ker, a well respected Waldorf teacher, at the Saltwater School at 6:45 in the Early Childhood classroom. Topic: How the body builds the brain - laying a healthy foundation for learning. Treats and discussion to follow.
November 24 (Sunday): Christmas Parade - Come out and march with your Saltwater community. Our meeting location is the corner of Harmston Avenue and 6th Street. Please meet there no later than 1:45 - the parade starts at 2 pm sharp. We will be handing out buttons - if you have any small baskets you can lend please bring. Also your child is welcome to dress up as a woodland creature if they would like to.

November 30 (Saturday): Winter Faire 10-2 (to volunteer please contact Laura Henderson via email at or 250 898 1013)

December 4: Saltwater Parent Group (SPG) meeting at Creekside Commons (2202 Lambert Crescent, Courtenay) from 12:45 to 2:45
December 18: Advent Spiral and last day of fall term (early dismissal at 12:15)

January 6: Winter term begins!

Volunteer Roses

The above are signs made by Saltwater parents for the Courtenay Christmas Parade this coming Sunday November 24th. Thank you to all of the parents and friends of the Saltwater School. Your help with both the parade and coming Winter Children's Faire is so appreciated!
The Role of The Education Assistant
By: Sarah Nolin, Education Assistant at the Saltwater School

All children should benefit from an inspired innovative education that acknowledges their particular learning style. Sometimes this requires specialized, one on one instruction however there are also countless ways that individualizing can occur even in the larger context of the classroom. The role of the Education Assistant allows students to receive specialized instruction tailored to their needs in a quiet focused environment. This could look like additional time to complete a task and/or movement/brain gym activities to remove blockages to their development and allow for sensory awakening. It could be as simple as a song or story, a warm cup of tea or a quiet time to calm him or her.

Using the resources of the Waldorf curriculum extra lessons are developed to address specific concerns and instill in them a feeling of security and belonging both in their bodies and on earth. Each child brings with them a full tapestry of characteristics that allows for them to easily grasp some challenges in life while struggling with others. When we look at this picture of who each child is, we expand our definition of what is normal. It is important to remember that we are not here to fix children. We simply offer them a warm and suitably challenging environment so that their relationship to the world can expand and at the same time, they hold to their purpose in life.
Reference: Resource Teachers Manual, Association for Healing Education.

Saltwater School Video - By Shane Philips

Thank you to Shane Philips for putting together a video highlighting the Saltwater School and the day to day fun things we do. Shane Philips is also a very talented musician and to show your appreciation and support for his video please go to: and Subscribe.

For those of you who have not seen the video you can go to and type in Saltwater School Adventures.

Visit to the Three Cedars Waldorf School in Bellingham,Washington

Last week Julie Mills and Arlene Trustham visited the Three Cedars Waldorf School in Bellingham, Washington to attend an AWSNA regional meeting. AWSNA or the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America was founded in 1968 to help develop Waldorf Education. In North America, there are more than 250 schools and 14 teacher education institutes in some level of development. AWSNA is currently helping our school become a Developing School which means contact with other affiliated schools and mentoring to further evolve ourselves as a Waldorf school.

Upcoming Workshops

Topic: Setting Sleep Disorders to Rest
Workshop with Jaimen McMillan
When: February 7-8
Times: Friday 7:30 to 9:00  and Saturday 9:00 to 4:00
Fees: Workshop is 175$ plus GST and early bird fee (before December 15th) is $150 plus GST
If you if sleeping issues plague you, this workshop offers help using Spacial Dynamics movements, breathing and quieting exercises.
To register:

Website for more information:

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