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February Newsletter

This month, is attending the 37th annual Minority Health Conference in Chapel Hill, NC. Despite an overall decline in smoking since 1964, higher rates of smoking exist among individuals of specific racial, ethnic, socioeconomic and educational backgrounds. Point of sale tobacco control policies offer one way to reduce health disparities by combating disproportionate tobacco advertising and availability, raising the price of tobacco, and changing norms around use. Learn more about disparities in point of sale advertising and retailer density, and check out the CDC's User Guide on Health Equity in Tobacco Prevention and Control for more strategies.
"Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act," Protects Kids From E-liquid

President Obama has signed into law the Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act, which requires all liquid nicotine containers used for e-cigarettes and other vaping devices to be sold in child-resistant packaging. 

This law addresses growing concern over child poisoning cases related to e-cigarettes, which increased tenfold between 2011 and 2014 to total more than 3,638 in 2014. Tragically, there was also one death of a 1-year-old boy resulting from his ingestion of nicotine e-liquid.  While this legislation is an important step in increasing the safety of e-cigarettes and other electronic smoking devices, other safety issues remainLearn more.

Last chance to participate in vSTARS pilot!

Want to find out what's happening at vape shops in your community? Counter Tobacco is proud to promote the newest store assessment tool for vape shops: vSTARS! Several states, along with local communities, have volunteered to participate in trying out the new tool for vape shop store assessments. We are excited to offer one remaning opportunity for a state, city, or community to gain access to our first version of the form, collect data, provide us with feedback, and receive a basic analysis of what vape shops look like in their community. The questions on vSTARS aim to measure the availability of different types of vaporizers, e-juices, flavors, and messaging within vape shops.  If your agency would like to participate, please respond immediately to

More News, Research, and Resources's latest "News and Research Roundup," a monthly summary of the latest POS research, reports, and policy news is out.  Highlights:
Tobacco 21 News 

One of our "Top 5 POS Trends to Watch in 2016": Tobacco 21 continues to gain momentum and spread across the country. So far, looks like that's the case!
Cities that have raised the minimum legal sale age to 21 in the past month include: 
Statewide proposals were introduced in Iowa,  Kentucky,  Oklahoma,  TennesseeWashington, and West Virginia. In Washington, where the bill has passed the house, a recent poll also showed that two-thirds of Washingtonians support raising the minimum legal sale age to 21.
New Research
Image from: Nonnemaker, J., Kim, A., Shafer, P., Loomis, B., Hill, E., Holloway, J. & Farrelly, M. (2016) Influence of point-of-sale tobacco displays and plain black and white cigarette packaging and advertisements on adults: Evidence from a virtual store experimental study. Addictive Behavior, 56, 15-22. doi: 10.1016/j.addbeh.2016.01.0
  • Tobacco Retail Outlet Density and Young Adult Tobacco InitiationNicotine & Tobacco Research
    • Young adults 18-24 years old living in areas with high tobacco retailer density were over three times more likely to have recently initiated non-cigarette combustible products than those living in areas with lower retailer density. Similarly, individuals 25-34 years old living in areas with high tobacco retailer density were nearly four times more likely to have initiated cigarette use in past six months than those living in areas with lower retailer density. This provides further evidence that retailer density is associated with greater rates of tobacco use initiation. Learn more about strategies to combat tobacco retailer density, such as licensing and zoning.
Latest and Greatest from our Media Galleries  
Video: Vermont Retailers Take Steps to End Tobacco's Influence
In February 2014, CVS announced its decision to stop selling tobacco products, becoming the first retail pharmacy chain in the U.S. to take such action. Some smaller chains and many independent retailers, such as these in Vermont, have also chosen to stop selling tobacco.These store owners are taking a stand to reduce tobacco’s influence in their stores and talk about why it’s important for their community. Learn more about Tobacco Free Pharmacies.
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