MGS Physio News - July 2014

Women's Health at MGS Physiotherapy

Introducing Kate Brocklehurst - our Women's Health Specialist

Highly qualified and experienced as a Physiotherapist, Kate Brocklehurst actually won a university prize for outstanding clinical practice after graduating!

Kate brings with her vast experience in the treatment of all postural, sporting or work related injuries and conditions. Also holding certification as a Clinical Pilates Instructor, she uses her broad knowledge and treatment skills to manage the most complex back and neck conditions.
Not only does Kate competently treat any of our general patient population, she brings with her a specialised field of Physiotherapy not previously offered at MGS - Women's Health

Kate is skilled at internal assessment of the pelvic floor and also utilizing real time ultrasound to develop deep abdominal and pelvic floor exercises programs. As each client's issues are unique, she tailors the exercise program and advice to target specific dysfunctions.

Kate can help you with problems such as:
  • Urinary incontinence or poor bladder control
  • Bowel incontinence and constipation
  • Over active bladder and urge incontinence
  • Pregnancy and post-natal care
  • Vaginal prolapse 
  • Painful sex
  • Pelvic pain

Treatment and Prevention of Muscle Injuries

Have you ever suffered a muscle injury?

Muscle injuries are very common during the winter sporting season. 

We have some excellent tips on the treatment and prevention of muscle injuries on our blog! 

There is more to a headache than just an ache in the head

Do you ever suffer from headaches?

There are many different types and causes of headaches.

Did you know that Physiotherapy can often help treat and prevent headaches?

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