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October E-News 2015

Message from the CEO

Annual General Meeting (AGM) & AAMEG Name Change
On Thursday 22nd of October AAMIG held its fourth AGM. To reflect the importance of Australian investment in both hard rock mining and oil and gas in Africa, the members at the AGM voted for a name change for the Group, from the Australia-Africa Mining Industry Group (AAMIG) to the Australia-Africa Minerals and Energy Group (AAMEG). Formal transition to AAMEG will be made in the coming weeks.

As part of its AGM, AAMEG members elected three new Board representatives for 2015/16:
  • Andrew Dinning of Sarama Resources Limited; 
  • John Welborn of Resolute Mining Limited; and
  • Ben Gargett of PricewaterhouseCoopers.
The AAMEG Executive and its members again thank the retiring Board members for their contributions:
  • Bill Repard, Honorary Consul for South Africa in WA and Executive Chairman of Paydirt Media;
  • Peter Sullivan, Non-Executive Director of Resolute Mining Ltd; and
  • Rick Yeates, Managing Director of Middle Island Resources Ltd.
International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) Member Meeting
I recently attended the bi-annual members meeting for the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM). ICMM brings together 23 of the world’s leading mining and metals companies and 35 national mining and commodity associations.
AAMEG made a conscious decision to become an Associate Member of ICMM as we strive for the same outcomes and they have far more resources at their disposal. Together we have the opportunity to maximize the contribution of mining, minerals and metals to sustainable development. By working collaboratively across the industry, we have enhanced opportunities to address social and environmental challenges. For more details of AAMEG’s visit, please click here.

Canberra and Melbourne Visit - 24-26 November
AAMEG Executive will be visiting Canberra to talk to new Ministers in the Turnbull Government regarding Australia’s role in African resource development. We will also be meeting with representatives from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
AAMEG will host an event in Melbourne on the 26th of November for members. Details of speakers and location TBA.
AAMEG Information Networking Seminar
AAMEG will be holding its Information Networking Seminar on the 29th of October at the Celtic Club. Ben Gargett, Partner, PwC will present PWC’s report “Over taxed? Does the tax regime encourage new mines?".
Tim Carstens, Managing Director, Base Resources will present "Workforce establishment and development – a Kenyan perspective." Following the theme for Tim’s presentation, AAMEG will host a roundtable discussion on recruitment, capacity building and skills training on the 12th of November.
What’s your opinion?
To reflect the feedback from our members AAMEG is trialling a new section on our website where members can submit an opinion piece on an issue relating to the resources business in Africa. Please see the first article titled “Ebola, Ice Floes and Mining in Africa” written by Dr Albie de Frey at iNHEMACO S.A.). If you are interested in submitting an opinion piece please contact AAMEG. To access this part of the website you will need your login details. Please visit the AAMEG website under 'Members Only'.

African Mining Indaba 2016
AAMEG will have a presence at Indaba. Indaba organisers have listened to feedback and are responding by great investor representation. A new initiative 'Investor Discovery Forum' has been developed. This is an exclusive event for mining companies and investors that compliments attendance at Mining Indaba. I encourage AAMEG members to attend Indaba and to join the Australia Lounge. Please see me or mention that you are an AAMEG member if you are registering as I am trying to facilitate a group package for mining companies.

AAMEG Events 2016
AAMEG has a full calendar of events planned for the remainder of 2015, please see our website for event details. 

We are now filling our calendar for 2016, if you wish to present or are interested in sponsoring and hosting an event during next year please get in touch with the AAMEG team.

Trish O'Reilly
Chief Executive Officer

For more information on the activities of AAMEG, please visit our website: or contact us on 08 9226 0175.
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Save the Date - Events not to be missed!

29 October 2015
AAMEG Networking Information Session
We will be hosting our fourth networking information session for 2015 in October. These sessions provide opportunities to ask questions and learn from others experiences. Guest speakers will include, Ben Gargett, PwC & Tim Carstens, Base Resources.

29 & 30 October 2015
Australia Africa Association - Doing Business in Africa: Linking Australian Education with African Opportunity Conference

5 November 2015
AAMEG Luncheon: Investment Treaties and the Commodity Price Cycle
Focusing on Africa, this presentation will address the ways foreign investors in the mining sector can use the investment treaty system to:
·  recover compensation (through international arbitration) for losses suffered as a result of adverse host-State measures during the boom;
·  minimise the risks of continuing with their foreign investments in the present lower-price conditions; and
·  position themselves for opportunities in the next stage of the commodity price cycle.

11 November 2015
AAMEG Luncheon: Malaria in 2015: The Myths & Realities
International SOS will dispel some of the myths and realities of Malaria including;
·  Should I take antimalarial drugs? Are they safe long term?
·  Does malaria sickness always lead to severe infection?
·  Should a company Medical Director avoid providing rapid diagnosis kit, as false negative cases seem to be common and can bring confusion and delay the right diagnosis?

17 November 2015
AAMEG Luncheon: Cyber Threats and Security Information Session
CERT will cover the following points in his presentation:
·  What is the CERT, what it does and how it operates
·  Threat trends – locally and globally
·  What CERT Australia is seeing in the resources sector
·  Government initiatives underway
·  Plenty of time for questions/discussion

3 December 2015
AAMEG Christmas Party

For more information on these events or to RSVP to AAMIG events please email Rebecca Hamersley.

Recommended Reading

PwC (2015) Over taxed? Does the tax regime encourage new mines?
The new PwC Australia looks at the taxation regime of four African countries - Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Namibia and Ghana - and analyses the impact of the tax settings in each one, and  how they shape the decisions to develop new mines there.

Article of Interest: Hong Kong Means Business - African Arbitration

Infographic: How are we progressing on the Sustainable Development Goals?
Sub-saharan Africa is where a lot of the change is going to happen. Connecting the mining industry to this SDG effort is where AAMEG could have a big effort in the next 15 years. 

World Economic Forum (2015) Global Risks 2015 - 10th Edition
This report highlights the potential causes as well as solutions to global risks via the assessment of 28 global risks in the traditional categories (economic, environmental, societal, geopolitical and technological), and it also assesses the drivers of those risks in the shape of 13 trends.

New African mining law database promotes transparency and investment
The primary laws and regulations for mineral resources across the 53 African countries will be available via a new African mining law online platform  - the African Mining Legislation Atlas (AMLA) web site. The AMLA platform is a joint initiative by Professor Hanri Mostert, Research Chair for Mineral Law in Africa at the University of Cape Town, the World Bank and the African Legal Support Facility, the project’s main funding partner; and its aim is to promote accessibility and transparency in the extractive sector

IMF (2015) Financial Operations 2015
The IMF Financial Operations report provides a broad introduction as to how the IMF fulfills its mission through its financial activities, including its financial structure and operations. It also provides background details of the financial statements for the its activities during the most recent financial year.

World Economic Forum (2015) 2015/2016 Global Competitiveness Report
This report provides an overview of the competitiveness performance of 140 countries, and is the most comprehensive assessment of its kind, containing a detailed profile of each of the countries covered.

Agenda Intelligence (2015) Delivering Sustainable Energy Access
For three centuries, the growing use of fossil fuels has given billions of people better heat, light, transportation, jobs, prosperity, health, education, security and quality of life. But many are still left out. Today, 2.7 billion people depend on traditional biomass to meet their basic needs. Approximately 1.3 billion of them have no access to electricity at all, largely in Africa and Asia. The Africa Progress Panel’s 2015 report highlights the scale and impact of the issue.

Grant Thornton (2105) JUMEX Survey
The survey confirms the ongoing concerning trends impacting the competitiveness and longer term sustainability of the junior mining sector.

IMF (2015) IMF Country Report - Democratic Republic of the Congo
According to the IMF the DRC, despite abundant natural resources and robust growth and overall strong macroeconomic performance over the past five years poverty remains widespread
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