What Astounds Me The Most About The Body Is...


  • 10,000 different bacterial species live inside of us
  • there are about 50 trillion bacterial cells inside of us
  • there's about a 10:1 ratio of bacterial cells (the cells of other species) inside of us versus our own genetic cells.
  • despite that, 99.99% of the human body is completely empty.

If you removed all the empty space from human bodies leaving only electrons and the other subatomic particles, ALL SEVEN BILLION HUMAN BODIES would fit in the space of a sugar cube.

The astounding thing to me is that it all works together.

There is more of "them" than "me" inside of me.

We are a general of our own army. And the war is against our angry emotions, the dark fears that stab us at night, the anxiety that our made-up future plans might go awry, the 3am that stalks us.

How do I know? Because when anxiety or regret or fear or pity has attacked me and I fought without compassion, the bacteria inside of me has made it hard for my intestines to digest, for my lungs to breathe, for my heart to function, for my brain to calm.

We are the general that goes to war 24 hours a day. Who has to make sure our supply lines stay connected, the morale of our chief officers stays high.

The general that makes sure the forces of our invaders, who would love to see us captured and enslaved, are divided and conquered and dissipated.

My only guess is we are hidden deep inside that un-mapped desert of 99.999% emptiness.

We are simply a blank sheet of paper in total darkness that gets to imagine and improvise who this body and being is.

What we write on that blank sheet with our thoughts, emotions, actions, and whatever lies underneath them, defines who we are.

Only then do we live. Only then are we ALIVE!

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