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LEED Technical Update
Quarterly interpretations and addenda to the LEED 2009 rating systems and reference guides are now available. Access LEED Interpretations »


This quarter, we published 8 new Interpretations (#10275- 10282).
Highlights include:
  • Wastewater treatment facilities located outside of the LEED project boundary
  • What qualifies as a drought-tolerant plant for SSc2 in Homes?
  • Who can act as the commissioning authority when the owner, architect, engineer, and construction manager are the same entity?
  • Sizing plants within an energy model for a new addition only
  • IEQc7/7.1 and spaces that are out of ASHRAE 55-2004 scope or that are not normally comfort conditioned
  • Can laboratory spaces be excluded from the daylight and views requirements?
  • Is carpet tile considered an acceptable entryway system?
We modified 7 Interpretations for new notes, applicability matrices, etc. Those are: 1956, 5914, 5819, 10062, 10117, 10217, and 10250.


This quarter’s addenda (#100001760 - 100001788) are related to a new option for NC/CS SSc4.4 Case 3, the ASHRAE Addendum terminology in SSc8, clarifications to WEp1 and IEQc1.2 calculations, the autocontrol faucet baseline in WEp1 and GIBp3, and Homes clarifications.
There were updates to definitions for alignment across reference guides as part of the coordination work for the LEED credit library.  These are not substantive changes.
We modified 6 addenda numbers (but did not modify the actual addenda text). Those are: 100001483, 100001484, 100001485, 100001757, 100001758, 100001759.

Two supplemental guidance documents were also updated: the WEp1/WEc3 Water Use Reduction Additional Guidance and the IEQ Space Type Matrix.

Project teams are required to adhere to rating system addenda and LEED Interpretations based on LEED registration date. It is strongly recommended that project teams follow reference guide addenda.



For those interested in learning more about the Credit Library and how to use its functionality, a free informational webcast will be available on April 9th at 2pm ET.

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Last year at Greenbuild, USGBC released the LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance Recertification Guidance document – a tool for projects that have certified using LEED for Existing Buildings and are now ready to recertify. Throughout 2013, we are collecting feedback on the guidance from projects that are in the process of recertifying. Based on that feedback, we will issue quarterly updates – the first of these is available now.
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