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Firebelly members and local chapters from Hawaii to Montana to Texas have had an extraordinary summer of adventures. As you can see from the "adventure submissions" below, firebellies of all ages dared to leave behind the comfort of home and explore the unknown.

Read to the end to find out who was awarded "Greatest Adventure Of Summer 2012," who received the coveted "Manbeard Award," and also to learn about the official Firebelly mascot, a.k.a., the BADASS.

Working On Fishing Boat In Alaska

These three firebellies have earned the award for "Greatest Adventure Of Summer 2012." Jordan Bellamy, Brady Johnson, and Ray Small worked on a fishing boat in the wilds of Alaska for three months. Cold, wet, and surrounded by the stench of fish every day, they've no doubt earned the title of "real men."

Montana Firebelly Chapter in the Beartooths

David Yakos and Steve Sanford of the Bozeman, Montana chapter headed into the Beartooth Mountains for some epic backpacking, camping, and fly-fishing in August 2012. They trekked into the wild with only their packs, survived a lightning storm by hiding in a cave at 11,000 ft, and caught over 100 trout. These fellow firebellies have Paradise in their backyards.

Jeff Sadler in India

Texas native, Jeff Sadler, spent nearly two weeks in India during June 2012. He visited poverty-stricken villages, played soccer with locals, and jeeped for hours on rugged roads that led to the middle of nowhere... Here is what Jeff had to say about his adventure:

I can never quite put into words what India meant to me. It reiterated for me that life is a process – an adventure and journey of epic proportions – and not always about the end result.  I also learned to tell stories while there!  I have long listened to the stories of my parents, friends, and mentors, but failed to realize the true meaning of stories besides being mere entertainment.  In the village of Daispur, stories were told with words, through sport, and with the actions of the people that transcended any literacy or language barrier.  All people came together to share in the uniqueness of purpose and plot.  I learned the value of the story lies in its ability to relate regardless of who you are.  A story's ability to capture the imagination of its listeners and relay the message of the storyteller is universal, experienced by all who let their hearts roam free.  Every man matures under the influence of family and surroundings, and I truly grasped the concept of thinking and believing for myself on this trip.  India opened my eyes to this in a refreshing way by allowing me to experience different cultures and ways of life that I had never before encountered."

Headed West To Find Some Trouble

As soon as Ben Bode and James Underwood graduated from high school back in June, they hit the road on a two-week road trip across the US. 13 days and 3,148.5 miles later, they returned back home to East Texas... wearing the exact same clothes as when they left (*see photos).

Charlie Collier doing a handstand on the rocks at Yosemite...

Charlie Collier, Lee Collier, and Blake Collier took a backpacking trip to Yosemite in June and July. Charlie and Lee are brothers, and Blake is their cousin. As you can see, they conquered the mountains effortlessly.

Wade Washmon and his "young firebelly" catch a snake

Wade Washmon and his daring son, Vann, capture a King snake at Caddo Lake in East Texas on June 24, 2012. *King snakes are non-poisonous snakes that eat poisonous snakes.

Aloha Firebelly: Hawaii Chapter

The Hawaii Firebelly chapter has it made with epic landscapes for hiking, camping, and surfing. These guys know how to enjoy Life. 

Hunter Wolf in Saudi Arabia

After learning basic Arabic, Hunter Wolf (Arkansas Chapter) journeyed to Saudi Arabia for the adventure of a lifetime. He snorkeled in the Red Sea, explored otherworldly reefs, feasted on native dishes of lamb and sheep, trekked across the Arabian desert on camel-back, visited archaeological sites and museums, and learned about local culture and religion by conversing with Muslim scholars. After his journey overseas, he spent the rest of the summer at Philmont Boy Scout Ranch in New Mexico camping in the wilderness and introducing young people to the delights of mountain living.

Fly-fishing in the Valle Vidal

Jonathan Hal Reynolds fly-fishing in the Valle Vidal (New Mexico) as a storm rolls in over the mountains. July 2012.

Cradled By Mountains...

For nearly a decade now, it has been an annual rite of passage for young men in the Woodway, TX community to take the graduated seniors in high school up into the mountains of New Mexico the week before they begin college. The age groups span over 10 years on these trips, and this 9th Annual Mountain trip was once again full of epic hiking, trout-fishing, tall tales told in tents during thunderstorms, campfire concoctions and grub experiments, and other mountain mischief.

Matt McCurdy's Whitewater Rafting Excursions

Matt McCurdy (Florida Chapter) whitewater rafted the Tuolomne River in Yosemite National Park back in late May, then dared the rapids in Georgia one month later.

Tennessee Chapter Heads Out On Canoe Expedition In Arkansas

The Memphis, Tennessee Firebelly Chapter took an epic canoe expedition on the Spring River in Hardy, Arkansas in late August. Backwoods adventurers included the daring Hart Robinson, Alex Greene, Mike Pettit, and Rob Guess. 

Chad Hugghins Walks The Plank

Chad Hugghins embarked upon the biggest adventure of his life in July 2012... Marriage. He and his lady, Signe, had a Texas Hill Country wedding and are now working together for an adventure company that caters to young people. 

Local Adventuring

Steve Kirkpatrick, Lanse Derrick, and Kurt Harwell know how to suck the marrow out of life. These guys are always looking for new places, near and far, to create adventures. In late July, they turned a local river into an expedition stage when they decided to go on an 8-hour kayaking/fishing trip. These guys know the secret to life: there are adventures everywhere. 

Grub Nights

For a couple of hours every month, Firebelly members shed the world and take time to rest, laugh, and dream with fellow firebellies around the campfire. These local gatherings take place at rustic retreats on the outskirts of town or around backyard firepits (for the city folks). No matter the locale... Where men gather, the wilderness shall be. *The above photo is from a Texas chapter Grub Night in the countryside beneath the stars... As you can see, pipes and shaggy dogs are always welcome.

Ben and James back home in Jefferson, Texas after their two week journey across the US. Notice that they're wearing the same clothes as when they left. They'll be telling of their stories and experiences around the campfire for decades to come.

"Youth is the only time to think and to decide on a great course: manhood with action follows." -Strafford

Lee, Charlie, and Blake (Left to Right)

Nevada Falls in Yosemite National Park

Micah Day and his "young firebelly" camping

Micah Day and his son, Max, camping out in Colorado. Micah owns an outdoor adventure gear line called Hummingbird Mountain Gear, and is a member of the Denver, Colorado Firebelly chapter.

Hiking the Olomana Trail

Chapter Stoker, Tom Hunt, hikes the Olomana Trail with Dave Johnston and Zeshan Chisty.

On O'ahu

Tom Hunt and Clint Ladd "hang ten" while on a hike through Paradise.

Hunter Wolf at Philmont Boy Scout Ranch In New Mexico

Does anyone else think this guy has one of the coolest names ever bestowed upon man?

A River Runs Through It

Jonathan Hal Reynolds fly-fishing for wild rainbow trout as a storm rolls in over the mountains. Valle Vidal in Carson National Forest, New Mexico. July 2012.

Stoking the fire...

"Fire chief", Clark Richardson, stokes the campfire before the annual passing of the Cherokee peace pipe when stories are told and memories are shared.

Trey Witcher's Homemade Kayak

Trey Witcher is quite the craftsman. Here is his kayak-in-the-works being watched over by his young firebelly, Gradon, and their loyal hound dog.

Lake Pirates...

Memphis Stoker, Hart Robinson, and his young firebelly, Wicke, going out for a day on the lake together.

Chad Hugghins starring in HATFIELDS & MCCOYS

Chad Hugghins (Dallas TX Chapter) starred in the History Channel's miniseries HATFIELDS & MCCOYS over Memorial Day Weekend. He played Harmon McCoy and had an unrivaled death scene with Tom Berenger. They filmed the entire miniseries in Romania.

Manbeard Award Summer 2012

The coveted Manbeard Award for Summer 2012 goes to . . . Kyle Knighton of the Waco, TX Chapter. As legend has it, once during his college years Kyle was nearly arrested by local police who suspected him to be a loitering homeless man. 

Austin TX Grub Night

Like many of the city-based Chapters, the Austin TX Firebelly members cookout over a backyard firepit each month. S'mores and gourmet grub are always on the menu.

Words from the BADASS

The Badass is a legend. The oldest member in Firebelly, he's lived more adventures than all of us combined. He was a professional fox-trapper as a boy, was the first man to horesback (bareback) from Europe to the Americas when he was only a teenager, and during his 50's he hiked across the vastest expanse of American wilderness (230 miles) with only a stretched-out bull's penis (which he used as a cane). Each month, we'll be hearing from the Badass as he shares his wisdoms on life, manhood, and the pursuit of adventure.
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