ArtHop Venue Updates

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The ArtHop™ program is a monthly event featuring art exhibits in over 60 art venues in Fresno County. Art venues include galleries, work studios, retail outlets, and public spaces that art patrons can visit on the first and third Thursday of each month and other designated days. Support our Downtown and Tower venues; come by and meet local artists and enjoy their artwork, receptions, beverages, and music this Thursday Aug 3rd, from 5pm to 8pm.
Do you have a space and are interested in becoming an Arthop Venue?

We are now accepting submissions for venues the 2018 Arthop year. 2017 has been a great year for Arthop with so many events and participants and it will just be getting better. 

Click here for more information.

*Make sure to catch KMPH Great Day for their artist Interview this Thursday Morning.


Fresno Arts Council  
1245 Van Ness Ave.
(559) 237-9734

Gallery Hours 10am-2pm M-F
Fresno Arts Council Website

This month in the Fresno Arts Council office we will be featuring the work of Jason Esquivel. 
My name is Jason Esquivel, I am a local artist/muralist here in Fresno, CA. My art ranges from medium size canvas paintings  to painting enormous murals. You may have seen my art in Fresno and Clovis at various local business and restaurants. All of the artwork I do is handpainted and I use acrylic paint, Oil and watercolor on most of my pieces. I try to put in my heart and soul into every piece that I do. I have been inspired by artist's such as: Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Van Gogh, Picasso and Salvador Dali.
Make a Donation to the Arts Council

Fresno City Hall 
2600 Fresno St.
(559) 237-9734

8am-5pm Monday-Friday
Fresno Camera Club will be taking over both floors of City Hall this month!

Artist Statement
One hundred twenty five years ago photographers road horse and buggy with tripod and camera in tow. It quite often took more than one person to carry the clumsy equipment. A flash of gunpowder provided a light source. The exposures were long, with the slightest movement evident in some of the blurred photo prints we see today.
One such photographer, Perry Adams, started the Fresno Camera Club in 1891. Perry Adams son was present at the club’s seventieth anniversary in 1961 when a young Hanna Barsam was president of the club.
This year we celebrate the one hundred and twenty fifth year of the Fresno Camera Club. We can faintly imagine what took place then, I’m sure that they would be astonished by the activity that is going on today.
The Fresno Camera Club provides an educational and social forum for amateur photographers in Fresno, Clovis and the surrounding central California communities. It is a club for those who are seeking to enjoy their hobby of photography and also to improve their skills with cameras through social, educational, and competitive activities with others having an interest in the same goals.
We currently have over 75 members and hold meetings monthly. We have a combination of print and digital image competitions for members. The Fresno Camera Club meets at 7 p.m. on the Third Tuesday of the month (except July, August and December), at University of California Center, 550 E. Shaw Avenue in Fresno. Our July Meeting is a BBQ and the December Meeting is our year end meeting and is held at the Ramada on Shaw. We also hold a Program Night, on the second Tuesday of the month at the Horn Photo Education Center.
Please visit our website at for more information.
Are you interested in showing at Fresno City Hall in 2018?

You have the chance to show your work for an entire month on either the first or second floor of City hall including an opening the night of Arthop. Submissions are now being accepted

Click here for more information.

FAC Water Tower 

2444 Fresno St.
(559) 477-6231

10 am-4pm Tuesday-Saturday
FAC Water Tower Website

1821 Gallery 
1821 Calaveras Ave.
(559) 233-1158

Wednesday-Friday 11am-5pm  
Saturday 12pm-4pm

1821 Gallery website
1821 Gallery will be dark for the month of August. Check back with us in September!!
African American
Historical & Cultural Museum
1857 Fulton St.
 (559) 544-1857

Wednesday-Friday 10am-2pm
(Arthop 5-8)
AAHCM website

Alliance of California Artists
2024 N. Van Ness Blvd.
(559) 288-5507

ACA Website

Ampersand Ice Cream 
1940 N Echo Ave.  
(559) 264-8000
Ampersand Website

Arte Americas  
1630 Van Ness Ave.
(559) 266-2623

 Thursday-Saturday 11am-5pm
Sunday 1pm-5pm (Arthop 5-8)
Arte Americas website

Art Space Gallery 
Fresno City College
1101 E. University Avenue
 (559) 442-8241

Mon-Tue 10am-4pm
Wed-Thurs 10am-7pm (Arthop until 8)
Artspace Gallery Website
A Sense of Place
2003 N. Van Ness Blvd 
(559) 392-6775

Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm
(Arthop 5-8)

Sense of Place Website
A Sense of Place is excited to be getting ready for the next Art Hop. The artists have been bringing in new work all week.
We are pleased to announce that the Pastel Society of the West Coast (PSWC), 2nd largest pastel society in the United States, will be having their national USA pastel show in the gallery. The show will run from September 17th through October 21st, with the artists reception and awards on Saturday October 21st. PSWC represents many of the top pastel artist in the United States, and their work will be on display at the gallery. Please be sure to come by and see these fantastic paintings on display and on sale.
We are also please to announce that LaVone Sterling, represented by A Sense of Place, is honored this month in the International Artist Magazine as one of the top landscape artists in the world. Her beautiful painting that won honorable mention is on display at the gallery. 
We also have a number of nationally recognized artists coming to that gallery to conduct workshops. Stop by and find out more about what is happening. 
Big Picture Middle & High School  
 1207 S. Trinity St.  
(559) 420-1234

Bill Bruce Art Studio   1752 Van Ness Ave,
(559) 970-4581 

Open by Appt,
Arthop 5-8
Bill Bruce Studio website

Open for Aug 3rd Arthop
5 till 8 pm
Jelly beans and pretzels

Bitwise South Stadium   700 Van Ness
 (559) 500-3305 

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
Bitwise Website
Ink pens, we use them every day to write a grocery list, make a quick sign, or write a name on a coffee cup. Ink pens hold a great deal of potential and artist Kirk Cruz is exploring these familiar objects as an artistic medium. Yup, you read that correctly! Kirk is traipsing through the world of color theory with permanent ink pens, like Sharpies and BICs, and the results are amazing. Don’t believe it? Well, come on down and take a look for yourself! Kirk will be doing a LIVE demo in the first-floor lobby and his installation will be on the second floor. 

The night wouldn’t be complete without a lil’ extra. That’s just how we roll ‘round here. On top of the awesome ink pen art of Kirk, there will be an exhibit by Arthouse on the first floor, plus Mabel's Kitchen / Dolce Cucina will be dishing up vittles and her special Ice Cream Paninis. No joke, you have to try one. And we aren’t stopping there! The Fresno Poet Laureate will be in the theater with his poet friends doing live readings for your listening pleasure.

So, your job is to walk on down to Bitwise South Stadium, grab an ice cream panini, enjoy the cool air while you check out some amazing art, and take a seat in the theater to listen to some wonderful poetry. It’s a night to titillate all your senses.
The Brass Unicorn 
1007 N Van Ness Ave
(559) 441-7107

Monday-Saturday 11am-6pm
(Arthop open until 8pm)
Brass Unicorn Website
Check out their new location!!
C.A.K.E. Inc.
Arts Club Academy

1570 N. Wishon Ave.
(559) 426-3101

C.A.K.E. Website
ArtHop falls on National Watermelon Day this month, so we will be serving delicious watermelon and showing some watermelon Art for this occasion. So join us for a delicious refreshing treat and enjoy our artists at this months ArtHop!

Featuring work by:

Nathan Garcia
IG @legitinate

Brian Vasquez
IG@ brianvasquezart

Drandon Budley
IG @georgebuddyabush

Pop-up by
IG @doomork


Nature's Pendants
wire wrapping, buying stones, rocks and crystals, and knitting. Custom wraps available for adoption

Chris Janzen Studio    1929 Fresno St. #101
(559) 281-7418

Chris Janzen Website
Chris Sorensen Studio     2223 S. Van Ness Ave.
(559) 237-4934

Mon-Fri 9am-11:30am/ 1pm-4pm
(Arthop 5-8)
Sat 9am-12pm

Clay Hand Studios    
660 Van Ness Ave
(559) 362-5592

Thursday 9:30am-2pm
(Arthop 5-8)
Clay Hand Studios Facebook

Clay Hand Studios is bringing back an old favorite event.  During the August 3rd Arthop, the artists will be scooping ice cream for your enjoyment whilst you browse the gallery and workshops. We will have ice cream bowls for sale along with many other treasures. 
Clay Mix
1003 N Abby St.
(559) 485-0065

Monday-Friday 9:30am-7:00pm
Saturdays 10am-5pm (Arthop 5-8)
Clay Mix Website
Community Media Access Collaborative (CMAC)    
1555 Van Ness Ave.  
(559) 266-2622

Monday- Thursday 10am-9pm
Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 1pm-6pm
CMAC website
Linda Lloyd Pitts was born in New York and raised in Fresno, California. Her early years were marked by summer trips to Chicago where her love of art was born and nurtured by the many museums she frequented there.
A loss of sight in her eye imprinted and intensified her appreciation of color and image. Nature has always been her fascination and her close relationship with nature is expressed through her images and vivid colors. Linda's appreciation of life comes out of her images and flights of fancy on paper.

The Commons at First Presbyterian Church 
1540 M St.
(559) 485-6460

FPC Website
The Commons@FPC is excited to display this August the results of a Community Art Project in the Lowell Neighborhood. Martin Park and Bethany Inner City Church are collaborating to engage kids in a reflective, creative activity. 
In this project, the Lowell neighborhood youth will be helped to make a plaster mask of their own face and then instructed to use the available mediums to decorate the outside and then the inside. The outside of the mask will reflect the world as they see it, while decorating
the inside of the mask they will be able to reflect on their own inside world and how they feel. They will have the opportunity to look intently at the community in which they live and share all they love about it as well as talk about some of the challenges they face. 
The process will be facilitated by Oregon native, Maureen Heath who spent 20 years in ministry serving victims of sex-trafficking. Now she serves with Artists in Christian Testimony (A.C.T.) International using her artistic and woodworking skills to engage the lost through art-making projects and to mobilize the church by inviting them to participate in these community projects. 
For more than 12 thousand years human beings have been making masks as a way to memorialize, symbolize, tell stories and even explore the inner self. Today we recognize that play; engaging the imagination, is an important part of a child’s healthy developmental process. The ability to playfully explore the world within as well as the environment that surrounds is often lost when that environment is largely chaotic and dysfunctional. A loss of self-awareness and verbal expression of the inner world is often the result.
Come meet Maureen, some of the project participants and see their creations. Be our guests at M & Calaveras!

2915 Tulare Street
(559) 721-5119

Our August ArtHop will be a Tea Party! Our theme this month is women empowered art. Each wall will feature photography and art highlighting the amazing work of women in the nonprofit industry. 

Organizations on display: Rockabilly Mafia Dolls, Spirit of Women, Breaking the Chains, Mari's Sweet Cases, UEI College and more!

We will provide tea, raffles, a hat competition and Hors d'oeuvres.
echo gallery + studio
1105 N Echo Ave
(559) 977-7444
Fig Tree Gallery 
644 Van Ness Ave.
(559) 485-0460

Friday- Sunday 12pm-4pm
(Arthop 5-8)
Fig Tree Gallery Website
Guest invitational featuring 14 artists invited by Fig Tree Members 
Frank's Place at Warnors 
1432 Fulton St.
(559) 264-2848
Warnors Website
1918 Fresno St.

(559) 721-7750 website
Tony de Carlo was a native of Los Angeles. He later moved to Savannah, Georgia which is where he passed away August of 2014. He was a self-taught artist who created on a daily basis since early childhood. Tony’s arts career spans more than forty years. Throughout his life he donated many of his art proceeds to animal charities such as PAWS, Project Angel Food, and Shanti as well as many gay organizations. His work exhibited regularly at museums and galleries throughout the United States, and his paintings are in collections around the world.

His paintings are inspired by the mixing of cultures and people. He painted what he knew and what he was surrounded by in his own life. Most of his paintings are of friends, males either together or alone, gardens, homes, and dogs. He never painted things that were unfamiliar to him or things that didn’t hold meaning to him. His work was more specifically about men. Although he never painted sexual scenes he did always try to reveal the sensuality of men. He stayed true to the people he knew in the LGBT communities and painted these subjects in his artwork.

Many of his paintings represent the life and culture of LGBT people. He also depicted the dark aspects of homosexuality including their pain, suffering and death. He incorporated surrealism, eroticism, and masculinity as vehicles of social protest in his quest for liberation for the gay community. He did this using the religious imagery, colors of saints in cathedrals, statues, paintings and stained glass windows. He first started painting saints as a response to the Catholic Churches’ attacks on, and demonization of gay people. Because he believed saints were "man-made inventions", he began adding his own saints to the list, some sarcastic, some comical, but all of them with the same number of miracles as the "real ones". 
Fresno Art Hub    
2024  N Van Ness Blvd.
(559) 229-2405
Tuesday 9am-5pm
Wednesday 12pm-7pm
Thursday-Saturday 10am-5pm
(Arthop 5-8)
Fresno Art Hub Website

Fresno Art Hub is hosting the Clovis Miniature Show as well as the beautiful paintings by the Fresno Plein Air Painters. We will have artists demonstrating their work. 
Fresno Art Hub hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10-5, except Wednesdays, when we are open Noon to 5. For more information go to for listing of classes and workshops.
       Fresno Ideaworks 
1755 Broadway St.
(559) 840-8749 

Monday-Thursday 6pm-8pm
Saturday 1pm-4pm
Sunday 1pm-3pm
Ideaworks Website
Fresno Music Academy & Arts    
1298 N Wishon Ave.
(559) 222-7464

Fresno Music Academy Website
Fresno Pacific University
1717 S. Chestnut Ave
(559) 453-2238
Fresno State Graduate Art Studios & Gallery  
1419 M Street

M Street Website

Full Circle Brewing 
620 F Street
(559) 264-6323
Gallery 25
1419 "M" Street
(559) 264-4092

Wednesday/Friday/Saturday Noon-4pm
(Arthop 5-8)
Gallery 25 Website
Gazebo Gardens 
3204 N Van Ness
(559) 222-7673
Gazebo Gardens Website
Bebe Long will be the featured artist for the month of August!

Jeffrey Scott Gallery
1544 Fulton St.
(559) 268-9741

JSA Website
K-Jewel Art Gallery 
1415 Fulton St.
(559) 497-5118

KJWL Website
The KICK-OFF for the annual Sierra Arts Trail will start at the K-Jewel Art Gallery.
PLUS: Self-Portraits by a number of Valley artists. 
Enjoy LIVE MUSIC, CRU WINE, Blue Moon & Classic Catering Hors d'Oeuvres 
Kliszewski Glass 
2746 Lorena Ave.
(559) 497-6610

Kliszewski Glass Website
Still too hot to be open for Arthop just yet, but do please keep checking back!

Kocky's Bar & Grill
1231 Van Ness Ave
Fresno, California

 (559) 266-5500

Lanna Coffee Co.
  617 Broadway St
(888) 249-2645

Lanna Coffee Website
Our artist for this month is Sophia Steele who will be showing her nature photography. It is at 617 Broadway, from 5-8.

Lighthouse for Children 
2405 Tulare St.
(559) 558-4900

Lighthouse For Children Website
M Street Art Complex 
1419 M st.
(559) 438-8200

M Street Website

Kerby Smith’s Special Exhibit “Cool in July, Selected Images of Yosemite in Winter” at the M Street Art Complex has been extended through the August Second Saturday ArtHop. During the hot days of July and August these cooling images in the air-condition M Street Galleries will refresh and delight you. The exhibit is sponsored by: The Fresno Arts Council, The Chris Sorensen Studio, Electric Motor Shop, Horn Photo and Abby Pet Hospital.
The artist will be at M Street for ArtHop on August 3rd from 5-8 pm and on Second Saturday, August 12, from Noon-4 PM.
The M Street Arts Complex is located at 1419 M Street (M and Tuolumne Streets), Fresno, CA 93721. For more information about the exhibit visit

O'Diomasaigh Studios
2339 Kern St.
(209) 345-8654

The Pacific Southwest Building
1060 Fulton Mall
(775) 771-0267

1060 Fulton Website

Quesadilla Gorilla 
608 E Weldon
(559) 412-7468


Raw Fresno
2405 Capitol Ste 103
(559) 250-5292
@RawFresno serving #plantbased #vegan #glutenfree @Fulton Yoga Collective 1612 Fulton St.5-9
Help Raw Fresno get their brick and mortar up and going so they can be a healthy addition to our Arthop venues!
Donate to Raw Fresno
Robert Ogata Studio
701 L St.
(559) 237-1678

Robert Ogata Website
Romain Historical Building  
2055 San Joaquin St
(559) 266-2146

Romain Historical Building Website
For the month of August the Romain Historical Building will be featuring the work of Corrine M. Bell. All of her work is hand carved linoleum printed by hand on a lightweight paper at her in-home studio here in Fresno. Her work is directly inspired by her travels and surrounding environment.

Roosevelt School of the Arts 
4250 Tulare Street  

RSA website

1424 Fulton Street 
(559) 540-0460
Tuesday-Friday 11am-6pm
Saturday 12pm-5pm
(Arthop 5-8)

Root Website
Jac Potorke is an editorial and lifestyle photographer based in California by way of the PNW.  Deep human connection and the exquisiteness of nature are her inspiration and her work is reflective of those elements.
Her upcoming exhibit, Western States, is a collection of images from the road.  Made on 35mm film and shot with feeling, each image is meant to evoke a sense of adventure and nostalgia.

Salazar Studios
654 Van Ness Ave.
(559) 916-7760
Hope to see art hoppers at my studio 654 Van Ness
I have new work to show you. See "Begin Again" 18" X 22" 
Painted Collage.
 Also, I have a show at
Williams Gallery West in Oakhurst through July. It's a 
lovely new space and I have about 30 pieces there. 

Seasoned Trends Studio
1241 Van Ness
(559) 498-3864

Seasoned Trends Website
Spectrum Art Gallery 
608 E. OliveAve.
(559) 266-0691

Thursday 12:30pm-5pm (Arthop 5-8)
Friday 12:30pm-8pm
Saturday-Sunday 11am-5pm
Spectrum Website

Starbucks Coffee
741 E Olive Ave.
(559) 237-4523

Starbucks Website
Studio 74
1274 N Van Ness Ave.
(559) 908-0658

Monday- Friday 1pm-6pm (Arthop 5-8)
Saturday 1pm-4pm
Studio 74 Website
Studio 74 presents the Art of Jeannette Lilith Herrera, a solo show titled “Music and Lyrics”.  Many of the pieces are inspired by songs Jeannette enjoys or that somehow move the artist.  With about 40 pieces showing, there is a good range of size and even shape for all art collectors and all budgets!  Join us for ArtHop, 5-9 PM. 
The show continues through August 25 and the gallery is open Monday – Friday 1-6 PM, Saturday 1-4 PM
Tioga-Sequoia Beer Garden 
745 Fulton St.
(559) 486-2337

Tioga Sequoia Website

This month at in the beer garden we will be featuring the work of Elowyn Dickerson.

Elowyn Dickerson is an artist based in Fresno, California. She is a mixed media artist, primarily working in oil, watercolor, and ink. She focuses mostly on figurative narratives, generally combining the human form and organic imagery.

Introducing "Summer Vibes" our unfiltered India Pale Lager (IPL) brewed and dry hopped with Mosaic Cryo Hops!

SVS Tower Arts Center
1240 N Van Ness Ave.
(559) 498-0301

Tower Arts Center Website

On August 3rd we'll be having a group show that focuses on only one medium...
Tower District Records
302 E. Olive Ave & Palm
(559) 478-4034
Monday-Sunday 12pm-6pm
(Arthop open until 8pm)
Tower District Records Website


Tree of Life Cafe & Bakery
2139 Kern St
(559) 663-7776

Tree of Life Website
Tree of Life will also be featuring the premiere exhibition of local wildlife photographer Barbara Carlson. All her photography is taken in this immediate area & features burrowing owls, hawks, snakes and more!
Arthop Mobile Vendors!

Join us at Gazebo Gardens for Arthop in Aug. as well as Carthop every week!

Come find us set up outside of Root General store for Arthop in Aug.
Stay tuned for our location during Arthop!
Upcoming Events From the Fresno Arts Council!
The Fresno Arts Council is now accepting nominations for our 2017 Horizon Awards.
The Fresno Arts Council (FAC) honors the exceptional contributions of individuals, organizations and businesses with its yearly hosted event called Horizon Awards. This much awaited event started in 1984 to provide recognition to the Fresno community dedicated in the excellence in the arts.

Do you know someone that you would like to nominate?

Nominations are now open for our 2017 Awards. If you know of someone in Fresno that contributes greatly to our artistic community whether as an artist, teacher, business, youth, or citizen please take the time to fill out our nomination form and give them a chance to be recognized for their hard work and effort contributing to Fresno’s artistic excellence.
Nomination Form
To submit work for the Art at the Airport exhibition…
Please do the following:
1. If on facebook, JOIN my Art in the Airport group so you can stay in the loop with my social media pushes
2. Register here to submit pictures of your work
3. Marc Blake will be in touch
Submissions for our first ever Arthop Logo Contest will be accepted starting July 1st!! Full information including submission guidelines will be available next week! Keep an eye on our site or give us a call 559-237-9734 for more information.

Art and Soul is a one day Symposium for artists to meet and collaborate, performers to be showcased, and instructors to share their knowledge of art related business practices.

The symposium will be comprised of workshops instructed by experts in each of their specialties. The breakout sessions provide writers, actors, musicians, dancers, and visual artists with an opportunity to network, share ideas and plan for the future.

Our workshops will include How to Get Your Work Published, Digital Marketing, Preparing Your work for Exhibition, Making Local Murals, How to be a Teaching Artist, Grants, how to get them and Discipline Specific Roundtables.

Our goal is to create a vision for the arts in Fresno County. 
Tickets are now available! Be sure to reserve your spot! There are also booth options for organizations or businesses wanting to participate. For more information please call 559-237-9734


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