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November 2013

FWCC Philippines Appeal

Support for the long term

The Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) has launched an appeal for funds in the wake of the earthquake and typhoon that have struck the Philippines in recent days. The epicentre of the earthquake was on the island of Bohol where there is a small group of unprogrammed Quakers.  The typhoon has made their recovery even more difficult.  Many members of the Friends Evangelical Yearly Meeting, which is affiliated with Evangelical Friends Church-Eastern Region, live in the direct path of Typhoon Haiyan and we have all seen the devastation they suffered.
There are already many resources being deployed to help in the immediate relief work. The intention of this appeal is to raise funds that Friends on the ground can use for the humanitarian relief and rebuilding work that will be needed in the long term. As Boni Quirog, a member of the Quaker group in Bohol, writes:
Our provincial and national governments did work together quickly and vigorously (and still continue to do so) to respond to the situation and have provided enough relief goods for all who needed them. Many private groups have also done their share of helping, along with hundreds of other civil society organizations, government agencies, business entities, generous families and individuals. But the road to a sustainable recovery is yet to begin.
It is clear that it will take a long time for the Philippines to recover. The scale of the rebuilding work is almost unimaginable, and people will need food and shelter for a long time, as well as help rebuilding.
In some areas the work will be very challenging. Crisanto Dela Cruz, Senior Pastor at the Philippines Friends Church, writes:
Please pray for the safety of our brethren in these areas, especially in Danao II high up the mountain where most members of Higher Ground Friends Church reside. Most of the houses of our members there are made of light materials mostly nipa or bamboo huts. There are no motorized vehicles that reach the area and it is accessible only by foot.
Friends need our prayers but also our practical support as they face a difficult period. As Marj Angelot, a member of the Bohol group, writes:
We are trying to be strong as new faults are being discovered, sink holes have been seen, caves have been found, shorelines have been stretched.  We can’t help but feel frightened at times but are still thankful for each day. I know it will take time to recover and to heal but we will get there, I'm hopeful. Your thoughts and prayers mean a lot to us, especially in times like these.
The World Office of FWCC is collecting funds which will be distributed directly to Quakers in the Philippines. Money donated to this appeal will be used by Friends on the ground to help those in their community and others face the enormous challenges ahead.
Please give as generously as you can. You can donate online at or by post to FWCC, 173 Euston Road, NW1 2AX, marked for the Philippines (UK donors can include a a Gift Aid declaration). Donors in the USA who wish their donations to be tax-deductible can visit or send donations, marked for the Philippines, to FWCC, 1506 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102.
We are very grateful for your contribution.
Gretchen Castle                                                         
FWCC General Secretary                                            

Ronis Chapman
FWCC Asia-West Pacific Secretary

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