Brain Classes: October 21 & November 18

Hello Everyone,
What is there to say in this unchartered territory of life. I hope you are all taking good care of yourselves and staying healthy. As part of that care, I wanted to offer some opportunities for guided movement of the body and the mind. Movement is of great benefit to the health of not only the body, but also the brain and mental states. The health of all of these is challenged when our activities are being restricted with our current situation. The following sessions will be offered virtually through the conference technology of Zoom (I will offer some tips for setting up Zoom at the bottom if you are not familiar with it). If you have suggestions for other offerings and scheduled times please let me know.
OFFERINGS (more detailed descriptions included below)
Dynamic Mobility drills for the Body and Brain – Mondays March 23 & 30. As previously scheduled in the Winter newsletter from 7:30-8:30pm. (Will be continued with enough interest). Meeting ID: 277 700 947
Balance Training targeting the Vestibular, Vision & Proprioceptive Systems – Mondays
April 6, 13, 20 from 7:30 – 8:30pm. (Will be continued with enough interest). Meeting ID: 782 556 121
Neurologic Warm-up – Keep the body and neurologic system tuned up with this dynamic series of movements. Tuesdays 12-1pm. Meeting ID: 611 670 201
T’ai Chi Chih – Accessible Moving Meditation. Every Wednesday 10:30 – 11:30am. T’ai Chi followed by meditation. Meeting ID: 725 809 294
Introduction to “Embodying Resilience/Embodying Possibilities” based on the Leadership Embodiment work of Wendy Palmer which draws from the revolutionary martial art of Aikido and Mindfulness practices. Wednesday March 25th 7-8pm. Meeting ID: 927 320 835 OR, Friday March 27th 12-1pm. Meeting ID: 857 614 064
Awakening Body Awareness – Keep your joints lubricated with gentle movements that explore full joint ranges of motion with curiosity and kindness. Thursdays 8-9am. Meeting ID: 982 463 860

Registration: email to get the charts and handouts ahead of time.
Cost: All online classes are offered on generosity. The generosity of sharing and the generosity of gratitude. Gratitude offerings can be sent through Venmo (@Paul-Ciske,, PayPal friends & family (,  or Zelle (mobile number 510-912-5775).
Dynamic Mobility Drills
The clearer the mapping of the body is in our brain, the greater the force, flexibility and coordination our brain is going to allow in our body. Why? Because the brain can then make better predictions of what is going to happen which means there is less threat to its survival. How can we get better body mapping? By moving all the joints in the body through their full ranges of available motion using dynamic mobility drills. Learn a mobility drill routine for the whole body in this series.  March 23, 30, 7:30 - 8:30 pm. Register ahead of time to receive the list of drills that we will be doing.
Balance Training
Balance is a skill that can be trained without the need for any fancy equipment. Experience a training progression that improves balancing capacity in a very short time. We will discover our "Stance Challenge for Balance" with the variables of open or closed eyes, and different head and eye motions that challenge all 3 of the systems that play a role in balance (vestibular/inner ear, vision & proprioception [body position sensors]). All the drills can be easily practiced at home. April 6, 13, 20 from 7:30 – 8:30pm. Register ahead of time to receive the charts we will be using.
Z-Health Neurologic warm-up
Don’t let the name fool you, this is a neurologic workout. This stripped-down effective series of movements is designed to stimulate all of your body’s major systems quickly and efficiently with the purpose of regaining joint health, coordination, agility and efficient movement. There will be 2 sections in the warm-up, sensory and motor (movement), which can be done separately or together. Join in on creating a new relationship with the amazing vehicle of life, your body. Tuesdays 12-1 until we are free to gather again. Register to get the list of movements.
T’ai Chi Chih – Accessible Moving Meditation
T'ai Chi Chih is a modern form of chi gong which has the sole purpose of activating, circulating, and balancing the life force or chi. It consists of 19 movements and one pose that are done in a repetitive fashion alternated with stillness. The movements are very easy to learn and very accessible. They can be done in both standing and sitting positions.  Wednesdays 10:30-11:30am. Meditation follows the T’ai Chi practice. Register to get the list of movements.
Embodying Resilience/Embodying Possibilities - The Leadership Embodiment model
OVERVIEW: The Leadership Embodiment model is based on the idea that even if we “know” all of the right things to do, when we are confronted with stress, our bodies revert to fight, flight or freeze. Under stress our thinking is impaired and we lose access to the broader view, creativity and innovation. Leadership Embodiment (LE) offers a methodology for assessing how our bodies organize under pressure and teaches simple and powerful practices that help us recover to a more open, uplifted and skillful state. LE is the HOW of cultivating resilience, presence, confidence and compassion.
WHAT HAPPENS: Exercises are used to simulate the stressors of life interactions in order to illicit and recognize our reactive patterns. Once we recognize these patterns, a method for centering is used to quickly shift our state of being to one that is more open, relaxed, and balanced. We then contrast our relationship to the stressor, and the way the interaction is being handled, before and after centering. Further training builds our capacity for accessing this centered state under increasing intensities of challenging situations. 
Awakening Body Awareness
With an attitude of kindness, compassion, and curiosity, we will be using active range of motion to bring awareness to our body & joints. We will begin with self-explorative movements to awaken the body, followed by directed movement to progressively explore the available and unavailable motions of the joints. All the while we will have the intention of noticing the feeling tones of pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral that are present along with the thoughts and emotions that are arising. These explorations can be done standing, seated, or lying down. Thursdays from 8-9am until we are free to gather again. Let me know if you will be joining in.
ZOOM Instructions
I suggest “googling” “zoom app download” or follow this LINK and download the application in advance. The other option is that the web browser client will download automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting. I had some people have problems with this and found it confusing so that is why I suggest downloading it in advance. You will also need to allow Zoom to access your microphone and camera. In opening Zoom it may direct you to this but if not you need to go to System Preferences under Security and Privacy. Go to camera and also microphone and check the box allowing Zoom to access them. At the time, you can open Zoom directly and enter the meeting ID or click on the link to take you to the meeting . Let me know if you have questions.

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