Brain Classes: October 21 & November 18
Zoom Link Correction

Sorry for another email but I discovered the zoom link for the Wednesday "Embodying Resilience/Embodying Possibilities" was corrupted. It is now corrected below.
“Embodying Resilience/Embodying Possibilities” Introduction to the Leadership Embodiment work of Wendy Palmer which offers methods for accessing a centered state of being in the midst of uncertainty.
Wednesday April 8th 6-7 pm Meeting ID: 662 721 169 Password: 842792.

OR, Thursday April 9th 9:30-10:30 am  Meeting ID: 612 420 929 Password: 916463

Embodying Resilience/Embodying Possibilities - The Leadership Embodiment model
OVERVIEW: The Leadership Embodiment model is based on the idea that even if we “know” all of the right things to do, when we are stressed, our bodies revert to fight, flight or freeze. Under stress our thinking is impaired and we lose access to the broader view, creativity and innovation. Leadership Embodiment (LE) offers a methodology for assessing how our bodies organize under pressure and teaches simple and powerful practices that help us recover to a more open, uplifted and skillful state. LE is the HOW of cultivating resilience, presence, confidence and compassion.
WHAT HAPPENS: Exercises are used to simulate the stressors of life interactions in order to illicit and recognize our reactive patterns. Once we recognize these patterns, a method for centering is used to quickly shift our state of being to one that is more open, relaxed, and balanced. We then contrast our relationship to the stressor, and the way the interaction is being handled, before and after centering. Further training builds our capacity for accessing this centered state under increasing intensities of challenging situations. 

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