2020 Winter Newsletter
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Happy New Year!
May this year bring you much clarity & vision!

Your Well-Being Winter 2020 Newsletter
from Paul Ciske, Ph.D.
Three NEW Class series: 

Vision training
Vision is much more than just clear seeing while standing still. Just like training muscles, the vision centers in the brain can be trained along with the muscles that control movement of the eyes. The results can be improved eyesight, less threat to the nervous system resulting in less pain and improved performance and overall more enjoyment of life activities. Drills will include gaze stabilization, tracking, saccades, near/far, peripheral vision. and more.  3 Mondays, February 10, 17, 24, 7:30 - 8:30. Sign up for all 3 or drop-in based on space availability. Call to reserve your spot. $60 for all 3 or $25 for a single session based on availability. Let me know if the cost is an issue.

Mobility training
The clearer the mapping of the body is in our brain, the greater the force, flexibility and coordination our brain is going to allow in our body. Why? Because the brain can then make better predictions of what is going to happen which means there is less threat to its survival. How can we get better body mapping? By moving all the joints in the body through their full ranges of available motion using dynamic mobility drills. Learn a mobility drill routine for the whole body in this series. 3 Mondays, March  9, 16, 23, 7:30 - 8:30 pm. Sign up for all 3 or drop-in based on space availability. Call to reserve your spot. $60 for all 3 or $25 for a single session based on availability. Let me know if the cost is an issue.

Balance training
Balance is a skill that can be trained without the need for any fancy equipment. Experience a training progression that improves balancing capacity in a very short time. We will discover our "Stance Challenge for Balance" with the variables of open or closed eyes, and different head and eye motions that can be easily practiced at home. 3 Mondays, April 6, 13, 20, 7:30 - 8:30pm. Sign up for all 3 or drop-in based on space availability. Call to reserve your spot. $60 for all 3 or $25 for a single session based on availability. Let me know if the cost is an issue.

Leadership Embodiment
Level 1
(formerly Conscious Embodiment)
Through simple physical interactive partner exercises that are derived from the revolutionary non-aggressive martial art of Aikido and which represent life interactions, we are able to recognize our bodily patterns that arise when we are under stress. Once we are familiar with our patterns, we apply centering practices to help us shift to a state that accesses more creativity, compassion, and wise action. 

February 1-2, 9:30 - 5 (information)

Value: Priceless, Investment $500

Ongoing classes:

The Practice of Leadership Embodiment / Conscious Embodiment / Embodying Resilience 
A Practice for Presence, Confidence and Compassion

This work creates a context for observing our habitual reactive patterns of behavior in relation to self and others especially when under pressure or stress, and then investigates and develops our capacity to access a more skillful, integrated, wise, and compassionate state of being from which to act in the world.

Drop-In: No prior experience needed. Offered by donation.
First Thursdays of the month (February 5, March 5, April 2, May 7, June 4)

6-8pm, Your Well-Being Studio, 351 Santa Clara Ave

Call 510-832-5725 to let Paul know you are coming!



Weekly Practice Sessions on Wednesdays from 10:30 - 11am followed by a  sitting meditation. Location near the Grand Lake Theater. No prior experience necessary. 

Call 510-832-5725 for details.
In this Newsletter:

Winter/Spring Classes
Article: Embodiment
BONUS: Intuitive Inquiry:      Cultivating a Quality

Call 510-832-5725 for your Body Tune-up

Energy follows attention.

Energy organizes around what we are most articulate. 

Changing the way we organize our energy changes the way we think.
Wendy Palmer
Originator of Leadership Embodiment
As a child did you ever pretend to be one of your super heroes? Or as an adult have you ever started acting like one of the characters you saw in a movie or play? Or started belting out a song like the artist that performs it? Those are examples of embodiment. Embodiment offers us a shortcut to accessing resourceful aspects of our being without having to sort through the doubt, fear, guilt, shame, etc., that may get in the way. It also offers ways to shift our attention to new ways of being in our body and in our life.

A way to access these aspects of our being is to tap into the resources that are always available to us. Say I need to give a speech in front of a large crowd and that makes me very nervous. I could say "Paul gets very nervous giving a speech but what if I had a little more Martin Luther King energy coming through me to do the speech?". What happens is that, through the question, the body can start to organize differently even if only for a very short period of time. It gives our system the possibility of a new way of being. I used an example of someone famous but they do not need to be. Any person you know, archetype, character, inspiration, nature, that evokes the quality of the resource needed can work.

Not only can this work with performance, it can also work with pain. By using what I call "intuitive inquiry", the wisdom of the body can also be accessed. Say I have a twinge of pain in my knee when I walk. I can ask my body "what would it be like to walk without the pain?". Then I become curious about how my body organizes to create that. It may not create any change but often I find that there can be a shift in the symptoms and there are times when it does go away. The hard part is to rest in that state of 'not knowing' without grasping for a certain outcome. That curious state of not knowing is trained out of us at a young age because 'not knowing' resulted in us getting "F's" in school.

Whether for performance or pain these simple techniques can help us access possibilities and options that are not often readily available because of our habitual patterns for dealing with the stresses and pressures in our lives.
BONUS - Shifting attention through inquiry to a chosen quality

Choose a quality you would like to cultivate more of. I say "more  of" because you already have "some of" this quaiity. Be careful not to choose something that you think you "should" have more of. Some examples are: ease, peace, joy, etc.
To embody this new quality you can use a technique I call "intuitive inquiry". Ask yourself the question: "What would it be like to have a little more  (chosen quality in my being right now. Then wait with curiosity to see how the body organizes to have a little more of that quality. So the head becomes the student asking the question and the body becomes the teacher. A little role reversal from the usual head telling the body what to do.    
I am continually grateful to all of my clients that support my work. I am also grateful for your generosity in paying in accordance to the relative value for healing based on your means which allows me to offer my services to a wide range of people with a diverse array of socio-economic status. 
Thank you! 
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