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Your Well-Being Summer 2020 Newsletter
from Paul Ciske, Ph.D.
Online Movement classes: 
Neurologic Warm-up – Keep the body and neurologic system tuned up with this dynamic series of movements to stimulate both the sensory and motor systems.
Tuesdays, July 7, 14, 21, 28; August 4, 11, 18, 25 12-1pm. 
(UPDATED LINK with embedded password)
Meeting ID: 611 670 201 Password: 923982

T’ai Chi Chih – Accessible Moving Meditation.  T’ai Chi followed by meditation.
Wednesdays through August 10:30–11:30am. 
(UPDATED LINK with embedded password)
Meeting ID: 725 809 294 Password: 455484

Awakening Body Awareness – Keep your joints lubricated with gentle movements that explore full ranges of motion of all the joints with curiosity and kindness.

ThursdaysJuly 9, 16, 23, 30; August 6,13, 20, 27  8-9am.
(UPDATED LINK with embedded password) 
Meeting ID: 982 463 860 Password: 991962

“Embodying Resilience / Embodying Possibilities” 
Introducing the Leadership Embodiment work of Wendy Palmer which offers techniques for accessing the presence, confidence and compassion of a centered state of being in the midst of uncertainty.

2 different options

Tuesday July 7th 8:30-9:45am
(Europe and South Africa time-friendly)

Meeting ID: 825 8295 7869

Thursday July 30th 6-7:15pm
(Asia time-friendly)

Meeting ID: 844 3874 6367     Password: 699000

Leadership Embodiment
(formerly Conscious Embodiment)

Through simple physical interactive partner exercises that are derived from the revolutionary non-aggressive martial art of Aikido and which represent life interactions, we are able to recognize our bodily patterns that arise when we are under stress. Once we are familiar with our patterns, we apply centering practices to help us shift to a state that accesses more creativity, compassion, and wise action. 

Registration: email to get the charts and handouts ahead of time. 
Cost: All online classes are offered on generosity. The generosity of sharing and the generosity of gratitude. Gratitude offerings can be sent through Venmo (@Paul-Ciske,, PayPal friends & family (
Pay Paul Ciske using PayPal.Me),  or Zelle (mobile number 510-912-5775,
Suggested: $5 - $30 sliding scale depending on the class. Offer what you can or complimentary for unemployed or financially struggling. No excuses, just join in for the health of your body and mind.
In this Newsletter:

Summer Movement Classes
Embodying Resilience/Embodying Possibilities
Article: Keep Moving
BONUS: Exploring a joint

Call 510-832-5725 for your Body Tune-up
“We have a brain for one reason and one reason only ― that’s to produce adaptable and complex movements.
Damiel Wolpert
Professor of Neuroscience
Keep Moving
All of your joints
through their full ranges.

As our lifestyles have changed rapidly over the past few months, most likely so have our movement patterns. We may still be getting in activity but possibly not the same variety of movements that utilize all of our joints through their full ranges of motion. And as the saying goes 'if you don't use it you lose it'. These full ranges of motion are not only important for the health of the joints but also for maintaining the motor and sensory areas in our brain that create maps for predicting our capacity for movements.To maintain good mapping we need to move the joints using their full capacity, at varying speeds and with some conscious awareness. 

To help with this I am offering two online movement classes that work with conscious, full range motion of all the joints: "Neurologic Warm-up" and "Awakening Body Awareness" (See online movement classes in the first column). Alternatively you can make an effort to explore the ranges of motion in each joint on your own to discover imbalances between the two sides, areas of tightness, and less coordinated motion. In the "Bonus" section I offer an example of how to do this. Wishing you happy moving!
BONUS - Focused movement of a joint.
Pick any joint to explore its movement. Does it bend and extend? Does it rotate? How many directions of motion does it have? Is there discomfort or stiffness in moving the joint? If so, with what movements?

If it is a joint that exists on both the right and left sides of the body, compare how the two sides move. Is one tighter, have less motion, feel less coordinated? Is there discomfort on one side and not the other?

I suggest concluding with an appreciation and gratitude for how amazing the functioning of the joint is, as it works without any conscious effort.

These are a few ways you can start to explore any joint in your body through movement. Some times it takes slowing down and paying attention to pick up  the deficiencies. Once you become aware though you can start to make a change because of the plasticity of the body and the brain.
I am continually grateful to all of my clients that support my work. I am also grateful for your generosity in paying in accordance to the relative value for healing based on your means which allows me to offer my services to a wide range of people with a diverse array of socio-economic status. 
Thank you! 
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