Hit pause today, says Nancy.
Tide Report from Upwell
Hello friends. Social media is a stormy sea today as Boston shelters in place during the search for a bombing suspect.
To all of you in Boston and West, Texas, we send a great big hug from San Francisco.  Be safe, be well. Anyone else who needs hugs, we hug you too.
As you think about how you’ll participate in online conversations in the U.S. today, consider this advice from Nancy Schwartz of Getting Attention:
That’s my #1 recommendation for your nonprofit right now, as responders chase down the second bombing suspect.
We’re all too tense to absorb anything much right now. And if you try to spark engagement on non-related or non-essential issues right now, you’ll fail.
In fact, if you do so you’re likely to alienate folks who may otherwise support your org’s work—irrelevant messages make people feel you don’t get them at all. That’s the quickest way to chase a prospect or supporter away.
So just pause till the manhunt is over.”
Got questions? Already pause your outreach today? Go leave a comment on Nancy’s blog post now.
The team at Upwell recognizes that the story coming out of Boston is one that has many parallel stories around the world. If you’re running campaigns outside the U.S., use your judgement. We’re happy to help talk options through with you, email
Need more help? Check out Nancy’s great 9-point checklist for communicating in the midst of the unexpected published earlier this week, and get prepared for the future. 

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