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Ahoy mateys! Welcome to midweek. We have a beautiful video for you to share, a jawsome opportunity to collaborate with shark-minded peeps, and a gentle reminder that the Southern Ocean needs you tomorrow. There's plenty more, too. This Tide Report's stuffed to the gills. Read on!

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  1. The Ocean: Bigger Than You Think
  2. Shark Week Fast Approaches. Are You Ready?
  3. Tomorrow, All Eyes on Bremerhaven
  4. SOCAP Oceans - Event Tomorrow in SF
  5. Beth Kanter Remembers Her Father Through a Virtual Paddle Out
  6. Too Many Lionfish!

The Ocean: Bigger Than You Think

We’re a big fan of pithy, beautiful, animated videos over here at Upwell. Why? Because they can help transform a complex or unsexy topic into something people want to share. Case in point, this beautiful video from NOAA about krill, of all things, that we shared with you last December. So we were superduper excited when TED-Ed published this video about the size of the ocean.

We love it because it answers one of the questions that nearly every human on this planet has asked, and it does it with visuals that make you go “whoa.”

Amplify This: Here’s a couple tweets that will spark people’s interest.

Tweet This: What’s the highest mountain on Earth? The tallest waterfall? The deepest trench? They aren’t where you think.

Tweet This: 99% of Earth’s biosphere is hidden from view. Really.


Shark Week Fast Approaches. Are You Ready?

We have nearly 40 people (from Greenpeace to the National Aquarium to Pew to NOAA) signed up to join us next Tuesday for this year’s Sharkinar, and the RSVPs are still rolling in. Have you signed up yet? Here’s a glimpse of some of what you’ll be getting on July 16 at 11 am Pacific/2 pm Eastern:

  • Data to explode myths about this Discovery Channel phenomenon
  • Conversation with your peers about how to collaborate and amplify conservation content during Shark Week
  • Tips for hacking #SharkWeek to get your message across
  • Cool graphs, copious pictures of sharks
  • The ability to say you attended a sharkinar.

For more about the Sharkinar, check out our email from last week.


Tomorrow, All Eyes on Bremerhaven

We emailed you earlier this week to tell you all about the CCAMLR meeting that’s starting tomorrow in Bremerhaven, Germany. This is your friendly reminder that the Antarctic Ocean Alliance is planning a twitterstorm tomorrow to draw attention to the proposals to protect the Southern Ocean - one of the last true wildernesses on this planet.

Amplify This: Encourage your Twitter followers to participate in the twitterstorm, by pointing them to Greenpeace’s excellent list of suggested tweets: Think we should save one of the last pristine places on earth? Tell world leaders on July 11 to protect the #AntarcticOcean. Be part of history.

SOCAP Oceans - Event Tomorrow in SF

Tomorrow, our very own Rachel Weidinger and Friends-of-Upwell Maria Finn and Martin Reed will be speaking at Sea Change Entrepreneurship, an event to “highlight entrepreneurs who are increasing ocean sustainability through business.” This is the launch event for the SOCAP:Oceans initiative, an effort to “reframe and energize the current conversation around healthy oceans.” Tickets are still available for the event. Register now! 

Sea Change Entrepreneurship
HUB San Francisco, 925 Mission Street
July 11, 6:30 pm

Can’t make it? Follow along on Twitter with #SOCAPoceans.

Amplify This: Share the event with your friends by retweeting this:

Watch this
Beth Kanter Remembers Her Father Through a Virtual Paddle Out After a long battle with Parkinsons, Earl Kanter passed away about two weeks ago. Our dear friend Beth Kanter, a well-known social media expert and his daughter, hosted an online memorial to celebrate her father’s deep love and respect for the ocean. The virtual paddle out (a ceremony practiced by surfers when one of their own passes away) sparked hundreds of tweets from people who shared their personal stories about the ocean. It was an inspiring, heartfelt, innovative ocean-loving use of social media. We send great hugs and ocean love to you, Beth!

Photo shared by Jenn Howard (Jenn4good)

We respectfully request, and heartily do wish, that you do your best to eat all of these fish. Many of us have heard tale of ballooning lionfish populations in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico. The Lionfish Project is asking you to eat up, and is serving up some recipes for inspiration.


July 11
Sea Change Entrepreneurship, HUB San Francisco. #SOCAPoceans

July 11 - 15
CCAMLR Special Meeting, Bremerhaven, Germany.

August 4 - 10
Shark Week, Discovery Channel, Your TV and the Internet, everywhere. #SharkWeek

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